Intervention by sector

Recommended reading on family and whānau violence


Intervention by sector



Aotearoa New Zealand

Fanslow, J. L., & Kelly, P. (2016)
Family violence assessment and intervention guideline: Child abuse and intimate partner violence
(2nd ed.). Wellington: Ministry of Health.

Glasgow, K., & Fanslow, J. L. (2007)
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Wellington: Ministry of Health.

National Institute for Public Health & Mental Health Research, Auckland University of Technology
Violence Intervention Programme (VIP) evaluations (webpage)


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The health-systems response to violence against women
The Lancet, 385(9977), 1567-1579.


Family law

Naughton, C.M., O'Donnell, A.T., Greenwood, R.M., & Muldoon, O.T. (2015)
‘Ordinary decent domestic violence’: A discursive analysis of family law judges’ interviews
Discourse & Society, 26(3), 349-365.

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Indirect abuse involving children during the separation process
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Family law and family violence: Research to practice
Research & practice brief 2
Sydney, NSW: Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse

Elizabeth, V., Gavey, N., & Tolmie, J. (2012)
He's just swapped his fists for the system: The governance of gender through custody law
Gender & Society, 26(2), 239-260.
See also other publications from this study on women’s experiences of the Family Court

Hester, M. (2011)
The three planet model: Towards an understanding of contradictions in approaches to women and children’s safety in contexts of domestic violence
British Journal of Social Work, 41(5), 837-853.

Protection orders

Robertson, N., Busch, R., D’Souza, R., Sheung, F. L., Anand, R., Balzer, R., Simpson, A., & Paina, D. (2007)
Living at the cutting edge: Women's experiences of protection orders: Volume 1: The women's stories
Hamilton: University of Waikato.

Robertson, N., Busch, R., D’Souza, R., Sheung, F. L., Anand, R., Balzer, R., Simpson, A., & Paina, D. (2007)
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Hamilton: University of Waikato.

Criminal justice

Family Violence Death Review Committee (2016)
Family Violence Death Review Committee: Fifth report: January 2014 to December 2015
Wellington: Health Quality and Safety Commission.
See pages 91-99 and previous annual reports  

Centre for Innovative Justice (2015)
Opportunities for Early Intervention: Bringing Perpetrators of Family Violence into View
Melbourne, Vic: RMIT University.

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"Meet me at the hill where we used to park": Interpersonal processes associated with victim recantation
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Restorative justice

Heilman and others (2016)
Whose Justice, Whose Alternative? Locating Women’s Voice and Agency in Alternative DisputeResolution Responses to Intimate Partner Violence
Washington, DC: International Center for Research on Women, Center for Domestic Violence Prevention & Beyond Borders.

Busch, R. (2002)
Domestic violence and restorative justice initiatives: Who pays if we get it wrong?
In: Strang and Braithwaite (Eds.), Restorative justice and family violence
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

For further reading see Intimate partner violence intervention - perpetrators


Ministry of Education
Vulnerable Children Act 2014 – requirements for schools and kura (webpage)

Ministry of Education (2015)
Relationship education programmes: Guide for schools
Wellington: Ministry of Education.

Ministry of Education. (2015)
Sexuality education: A guide for principals, boards of trustees and teachers Wellington: Ministry of Education.

Flood, M., Fergus, L., & Heenan, M. (2009)
Respectful relationships education: Violence prevention and respectful relationships education in Victorian secondary schools
Melbourne, Vic: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

For further reading see Young people - relationship violence


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