Population-based research

Population-based research provides the most reliable source of prevalence data available and provides information about victims and perpetrators of family violence.

You will find population-based data on family and sexual violence in New Zealand in these surveys and longitudinal studies.


New Zealand Violence Against Women Study

This is the largest study of violence against women ever undertaken in New Zealand. It provides robust data on the prevalence and health consequences of violence. Conducted in 2003, the survey involved face-to-face interviews with 2,855 women from a random sample in the community. 

Findings published in these journal articles

Crime and Victims Survey (NZCVS)

The New Zealand Crime & Victims Survey (NZCVS) has replaced the the previous New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS) series.

Resources and results

Previous surveys: 

2014 New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey

Earlier New Zealand crime and safety surveys 

Youth2000 Survey series

The first National Survey of the Health and Wellbeing of New Zealand Secondary School Students was conducted in 2001 by the Adolescent Health Research Group (AHRG),  University of Auckland. The survey covered a wide range of health-related areas including witnessing violence in the home, experience of physical violence, antisocial behaviours, antisocial messaging and sexual abuse and coercion. The survey was repeated in 2007 and 2012. Findings on violence are included in these reports.

Latest survey results:

Youth '12 prevalence tables: The health and wellbeing of New Zealand secondary school students in 2012. (Clark, T.C., et al. AHRG, 2013).

Reports with a focus on violence (including sexual violence): 

Sexual and reproductive health and sexual violence among New Zealand secondary school students: Findings from the Youth `12 national youth health and wellbeing survey. (Clark, T.C. et al. AHRG, 2016).

Young people and violence: Youth '07. The health and wellbeing of secondary school students in New Zealand. (Fleming, T., et al. AHRG, 2009).

More Youth2000 project publications

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Longitudinal studies

These New Zealand longitudinal studies which follow birth cohorts include data on child abuse and intimate partner violence.

Christchurch Health and Development Study (CHDS)

Selected articles from the CHDS.

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Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study (DMHDS)

Selected articles and reports from the DMHDS.

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Pacific Islands Families Study (PIF Study)

Selected articles from the PIF Study