Recommended reading on family and whānau violence




Ministry of Women's Affairs (2013)
Current thinking on primary prevention of violence against women
Wellington: Ministry of Women's Affairs.
Provides a list of commonly used definitions of different kinds of violence
(page 15 onwards).

For definitions from a Māori worldview, see Conceptual models: Tangata whenua, in particular:
Kruger, T., and others (2004)
Transforming whānau violence: A conceptual framework
Wellington Second Māori Taskforce on Whānau Violence.
An updated version of the report from the former Second Māori Taskforce on Whānau Violence.

Pihama, L., Te Nana, R., Cameron, N., Smith, C., Reid, J., & Southey, K. (2016)
Māori cultural definitions of sexual violence
Sexual Abuse in Australia and New Zealand, 7(1), 43-51.


Image: Pixabay