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  • Telethon on violence prevention held, managed by the Home & Neighbourhood Trust
  • Men of Aotearoa formed – a national grouping of men’s groups working on domestic violence. Became Te Kupenga Whakaoti Mahi Patenga National Network of Stopping Violence Services.
  • Reach Out public education campaign launched, co-ordinated by FVPCC
  • Hutt Family Violence Network established – first community-based inter-agency co-ordinating body
  • Mental Health Foundation conference on family violence held
  • Te Whare Rokiroki in Wellington, the second Māori Women's Refuge established (Women's Refuge, 2015)

  • Victims Task Force set up for five-year period
  • Police Family Violence Policy adopted
  • Review of the Children and Young Persons Bill (Report of the Working Party. Department of Social Welfare 1987) Legislation
  • Launch of Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme for primary schools (developed by the Police’s Law-Related Education Programme)
  • FVPCC Statement on Family Violence issued; Tūkino Tangata (Māori caucus) established Māori
  • Victims of Offences Act 1987 passed. Repealed by Victims' Rights Act 2002 Legislation
  • Report of the Ministerial Committee of Inquiry into Violence (Roper. Ministerial Committee, 1987) published
  • Puao-Te-Ata-Tu (Ministerial Advisory Committee on a Māori Perspective for the Department of Social Welfare, 1986 published Māori
  • Family Violence Conference organised by Police and National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges (NCIWR) (see Carswell, 2006, Ch.2) held

  • First edition of Fresh Start: A Self Help Book for New Zealand Women in Abusive Relationships published (NCIWR, 1985)
  • National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups of Aotearoa formed Sexual violence
  • Te Kākano o Te Whānau groups established, offering sexual abuse counselling services to Māori

    MāoriSexual violence
  • Pacific Island Women’s Project established, focusing on rape and sexual abuse of Pacific Island women PasifikaSexual violence
  • Whakamaru Tinana, Māori women’s self-defence groups formed Māori
  • First national gathering of men’s anger management groups
  • Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) NZ founded. Became Jigsaw in 2006.
  • Department of Social Welfare provides some funding for Women’s Refuges (see Garlick, 2012, p.107)
  • Maatua Whangai programme (see Garlick, 2012 p.103) established Māori
  • Domestic Protection Act 1982 passed. Repealed by Domestic Violence Act 1995 Legislation
  • National Advisory Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse (NACPCA) established bringing together representatives from government and non-government agencies, including the Department of Social Welfare (see Garlick, 2012, p. 102)
  • Family Courts Act 1980 passed Legislation