Police release summary of report on Livingstone filicides-suicide

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In December 2016, the Otago Daily times (ODT) received a summary of the NZ Police report on the employment investigations into the Police officers who dealt with Edward Livingstone.

The Otago Daily Times wrote that the report, The Livingstone Family Violence Investigation Report: Adequacy of Dunedin police service delivery, states that at the time Edward Livingstone killed his two children and himself:

  • "One person within Dunedin police was assigned 200 to 300 family violence files without administrative support.
  • National policy on intimate partner rape was lacking.
  • Greater leadership in cases of adult sexual assault and family violence in Dunedin was required.
  • Officers involved in the case breached the police code of conduct."

The ODT also reported that the summary report outlines changes to how Dunedin Police respond to family violence. The ODT quoted the report saying "... the new FV team model has a case loading of between approximately 15-40 files across the team and a clear case-management practice that identifies risk and ensures appropriate action is taken."

The summary report was released to the ODT after an 18 month process involving the Official Information Act and then the Ombudsman. The summary report does not appear to be available publically online.

The report was written by then Detective Inspector Virginia Le Bas, now national manager, organised crime.

See the previous NZFVC story Coroner releases report on Livingstone filicides-suicide (2015) for more information and related media updates.

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