NZ Police videos on process of reporting a sexual assault

Image: Pexels

New Zealand Police have developed a series of videos on the process of reporting a sexual assault.

The six videos explain the process including how to make a report, the first interview, emotional support, the medical check up and a formal interview.

Other videos address consent, myths about sexual violence and why victims may not report sexual assaults to Police.

Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson, National Crime Manager said "We know that sexual assault is grossly underreported for a variety of reasons, including not knowing what happens after you report an assault or fear of the process. These videos show what’s actually involved in the reporting process."

Related information

NZ Police have recently published their final report summarising how the Police have responded to recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct (2017). The inquiry and recommendations focused on changing Police culture and procedures to better respond to victims of sexual assault, particularly with allegations of sexual assault by police officers and their associates.

On the NZ Police website you can complete a survey to provide feedback about your experience with NZ Police as a victim of sexual assault.

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