New special collection on serving trans and non-binary survivors

Mon 05 Feb 2018

The US-based National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women (VAWnet) has published a new special collection on meeting the needs of ...

The US-based National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women (VAWnet) has published a new special collection on meeting the needs of transgender and non-binary survivors.

The collection is designed to help service providers and advocates to offer more inclusive and accessible services to trans and non-binary survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The Serving Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence (2017) provides both background information and guidance for delivering services. This includes:

  • terms and key concepts relating to gender identity including transgender, intersex and non-binary definitions, pronouns, questions that may not be appropriate and more
  • recent research about rates and range of violence experienced by transgender people and communities
  • understanding of the experiences of transgender and non-binary people who belong to other marginalised groups which experience significant rates of violence and discrimination including immigrants, older people, youth, people of colour and people with disabilities
  • overview of the failure of systems and services to meet the needs and in some cases further victimise transgender and non-binary people
  • guidance for domestic and sexual violence provides to offer inclusive, culturally responsive and affirming services to trans and non-binary survivors
  • resources for victims and survivors including safety planning, identifying experiences of abuse and healing and safe relationships.

Also see the Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusive Language Guide from Australia-based ACON.

Aotearoa New Zealand resources

Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence conducted research about partner and sexual violence in Rainbow communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. A number of reports, fact sheets and a power and control wheel specific to Rainbow communities were published from this research in 2017. See a list of all publications in the NZFVC library.

Also see information and links to resources from the Human Rights Commission

Find more information and resources in these previous stories:

New resource for whānau and takatāpui rangatahi (sexuality and gender diverse youth), March 2017

Updated and expanded guidelines for sexual violence crisis support services, November 2016 (see Good Practice Guidelines for ‘Mainstream’ Sexual Violence Crisis Services - Doing our best for LGBTIQ Survivors)

ACC launches web-based toolkit on primary prevention of sexual violence, October 2016 (see the section on what works for rainbow communities)

New resource and new project for sexuality and gender diverse communities, May 2015

Related news

The NZ Herald recently ran in depth article about limited progress in the 10 years since the report published from the Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People (He Purongo mō te Uiuitanga mō Aukatitanga e Pāngia ana e ngā Tāngata Whakawhitiira).

Other special collections from VAWnet

VAWnet special collections provide organised lists of online resources that are peer reviewed on key topics. VAWnet has recently published two new collections: Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence (2018) and Safety & Privacy in a Digital World (2018). Also see the recently published online Runaway and Homesless Youth Relationship Violence Toolkit from the US-based National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

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