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Title Format Published
Connect & kōrero : innovating to amplify refugee and ethnic migrant youth voice in Aotearoa New Zealand policy Report 2023
Restorative justice review : findings report Report 2023
Good practice guide : supporting individuals affected by sex sport - a guide for sport organizations Report - Europe 2023
Tackling violence against women and girls in sport : highlights short paper - UNESCO 2023
Mandatory reporting : 'a policy without reason' Journal article 2022
Decriminalisation of sex work in the post-truth era? : strategic storytelling in neo-abolitionist accounts of the New Zealand model Journal article 2021
One step forward, two steps back : the struggle for child protection in Canadian sport Journal article 2020
The “Boys’ Club”, sexual harassment, and discriminatory resourcing : an exploration of the barriers faced by women sport officials in Australian basketball Journal article 2022
Sporting women and social media : sexualization, misogyny, and gender-based violence in online spaces Journal article 2019
Body shaming and associated practices as abuse : athlete entourage as perpetrators of abuse Journal article 2022
Gender-based violence in girls' sports Journal article 2023
Psychological, physical, and sexual violence against children in Australian community sport : frequency, perpetrator and victim characteristics Journal article 2023
Elite athletes’ experiences of interpersonal violence in organized sport in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium Journal article 2021
Prevalence of interpersonal violence against athletes in the sport context Journal article 2017
Prevalence of maltreatment among Canadian national team athletes Journal article 2022
Domestic violence disclosure schemes : the opportunities and limits of technology and information sharing Book chapter 2023
Criminology and the violence(s) of Northern theorizing : a critical examination of policy transfer in relation to violence against women from the global North to the global South Book chapter 2018
Domestic violence disclosure schemes : policy overview Short paper - Australia 2023
The state of evidence and data collection on technology-facilitated violence against women Short paper - UN Women 2023
Kaupapa rangahau: a reader : a collection readings from the Kaupapa rangahau workshop Report 2015
Kei Tua o Te Pae hui proceedings : the challenges of kaupapa Māori research in the 21st century. Proceedings of the hui held at Pipitea Marae, Wellington, 5-6 May 2011 Report 2011
Indigenous domestic and family violence, mental health and suicide Report - Australiae 2023
A fair chance for all : breaking the cycle of persistent disadvantage. Final report Report 2023
Pasifika peoples perceptions of health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2022
Youth : Briefing to the Incoming Minister, 2023 Short paper 2023
Pasifika protective factors for family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2023
Motherhood, moral authority and the charismatic matriarch in the aftermath of lethal violence Journal article 2021
Navigating family involvement in domestic violence fatality review : conceptualising prospects for systems and relational repair Journal article 2022
Intimate partner violence, suicidality, and self-harm : a probability sample survey of the general population in England Journal article 2022
What is femicide? : the United Nations and the measurement of progress in complex epistemic systems Journal article 2023
Re-imagining what counts as femicide Journal article 2023
Toward an understanding of Aotearoa New Zealand’s adult gang environment : full report. A report from the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Kaitohutohu Mātanga Pūtaiao Matua ki te Pirimia Journal article 2023
Parallels in practice : applying principles of research integrity and ethics in domestic violence fatality review (DVFR) Report 2023
Infant and pre-birth involvement with child protection across Australia Journal article 2023
Caring Dads programme : helping dads value their children. Three site independent evaluation 2017-2020. Final report Report - Australia 2020
New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey : Key findings Cycle 5 report. Descriptive statistics June 2023 Report 2023
Establishing the Children and Young People’s Commission : the investment case Journal article 2022
The Children and Young People’s Commission Organisational Model : Endorsement of the organisational model for the new Children and Young People’s Commission (the Commission) was required, with the Commission being established on 1 July 2023 under the Children and Young People’s Commission Act 2022 Cabinet papers 2023
Meeting the needs of people affected by family violence and sexual violence : presented to the House of Representatives under section 20 of the Public Audit Act 2001 Report 2023
Key findings and policy implications from He Koiora Matatapore | The 2019 Family Violence Study Journal article 2023
Violence against women who are older short paper - Canada 2016
Don't look away : neglect of older people Report 2022
Hidden harm : psychological abuse of older people Resource 2023
Survivors in the margins : the invisibility of violence against older women Journal article 2015
Violence against older women : a systematic review of qualitative literature Journal article 2020
Hapori whānui me te tangata mōrea nui | Public safety and serious offenders : he arotake o te mauhere ārai hē me ngā ōta nō muri whakawhiu | a review of preventive detention and post-sentence orders Issues paper 2023
Te arotake tuatoru i te Evidence Act 2006 | The third review of the Evidence Act 2006 Report 2023
Safer online services and media platforms Discussion document 2022
"Making ourselves visible" : the experiences of takatāpui and rainbow rangatahi in care Report 2023
Four initiatives supporting improved outcomes for Māori Report 2023
A safe and respectful New Zealand Defence Force : first monitoring report Report 2023
New Zealand Defence Force : resetting efforts to reduce harmful behaviour Report 2023
Enabling disabled people to live good lives : embedding supported decision-making into disability law in Aotearoa, New Zealand Masters thesis 2022
U. S. National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence : strategies for action National plan -US 2023
Neuroscience evidence counters rape myth Journal article 2023
Trauma-informed sentencing in South Australian courts : how South Australian sentencing judges use information about defendants’ child sexual abuse victimization and subsequent trauma Journal article 2023
Identifying and responding to elder abuse in intergenerational households Resource - Australia n.d.
Elder abuse in Australia: sexual abuse : findings from the National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study Short paper - Australia 2022
Older Māori and aged residential care in Aotearoa | Ngā kaumātua me te mahi tauwhiro i Aotearoa : report prepared for Heath Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand | He Pūrongo i tuhia mā Kupu Taurangi Hauora o Aotearoa Report 2021
World report on ageing and health WHO report 2015
Tips and tools to reframe the conversation on aging and elder abuse Resource - US 2023
Prevalence estimates and correlates of elder abuse in the United States : the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey Journal article 2017
The experiences of intimate partner violence among older women : a narrative review Journal article 2019
Developing the Geriatric Injury Documentation Tool (Geri-IDT) to improve documentation of physical findings in injured older adults Journal article 2019
Association of health conditions and health service utilization with intimate partner violence identified via routine screening among middle-aged and older women Journal article 2020
Breaking the taboo : sexual assault in late life as a multifaceted phenomenon—toward an integrative theoretical framework Journal article 2021
Initiatives to support older women who experience intimate partner violence Journal article 2021
Development and validation of REAGERA-P, a new questionnaire to evaluate health care provider preparedness to identify and manage elder abuse Journal article 2021
Impacts of male intimate partner violence on women : a life course perspective Journal article 2021
Intimate partner violence and risk for mortality and incident dementia in older women Journal article 2022
Sexual violence against older people : a review of the empirical literature Journal article 2018
The revictimization of older Mexican women : understanding the accumulation of multiple victimizations throughout a lifetime Journal article 2022
Testing an educational intervention to improve health care providers’ preparedness to care for victims of elder abuse : a mixed method pilot study Journal article 2022
Intimate partner violence linked to gambling : cohort and period effects on the past experiences of older women Journal article 2023
Adverse health correlates of intimate partner violence against older women : mining electronic health records Journal article 2023
Guidance for Privacy and Official Information (POI) requests Resource 2023
Reducing risk and harm when going to Family Court : an information guide for victim-survivors Resource 2023
Employing art in the fight for gender equality in Aotearoa New Zealand's legal profession Journal article 2022
The clothes on our backs, the skin off theirs : the gendered dimensions of human rights violations in the garment industry, and possible protective mechanisms in New Zealand’s supply chains Journal article 2022
Cossey v R : misgendering and the sentencing of gender diverse individuals in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2022
Serious, exploitative sexual misconduct : the disciplinary proceedings against James Gardner-Hopkins Journal article 2022
Responding to abusive litigation : Short v Short Journal article 2022
Preliminary reflections on the Sexual Violence Legislation Act 2021 Journal article 2022
"I am misunderstood" : young women in the youth justice system Journal article 2022
ndigenous women and intimate partner homicide in Australia : confronting the impunity of policing failures Journal article 2023
“She didn’t want to…and I’d obviously insist” : Canadian University Men’s normalization of their sexual violence against intimate partners Journal article 2019
Is consent enough? What the research on normative heterosexuality and sexual violence tells us Journal article 2022
What does faking orgasms have to do with sexual consent? Journal article 2018
Defining and identifying femicide : a literature review EIGE report 2021
Impact of historical intimate partner violence on wellbeing and risk for elder abuse in older women Journal article 2021
ife course violence: child maltreatment, IPV, and elder abuse phenotypes in a US Chinese population Journal article 2019
How do representatives from sporting organisations understand primary prevention of violence against women? Journal article 2023
Mobilising evidence to enhance the effectiveness of child well-being policies : the role of knowledge brokers OECD report 2023
Exploring the protective factors of children and families identified at highest risk of adverse childhood experiences by a predictive risk model an analysis of the growing up in New Zealand cohort Journal article 2020
Injury and mortality among children identified as at high risk of maltreatment Journal article 2018
Children in the public benefit system at risk of maltreatment identification via predictive modeling Journal article 2013
A systematic review of sophisticated predictive and prescriptive analytics in child welfare : accuracy, equity and bias Journal article 2023
The mental health needs of children in care or at risk of entering care : position statement Short paper 2021
Family violence and mental health : position statement Short paper 2021
Perinatal mental health services : position statement Short paper 2021
A political history of child protection : lessons for reform from Aotearoa New Zealand Book 2022
Petition of Save the Children New Zealand : Retain the role of a named Children’s Commissioner. Report of the Social Services and Community Committee Report 2023
Abuse and older lesbian, gay bisexual, and trans (LGBT) people : a commentary and research agenda Journal article 2019
Raising awareness and addressing elder abuse in the LGBT community : an intergenerational arts project Journal article 2018
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender older adults' experiences with elder abuse and neglect Journal article 2019
Elder abuse & financial abuse : context and considerations for 2SLGBTQI communities Short paper - Canada 2022
Mainstreaming gender in terrorism prevention projects : gender brief for UNODC staff UNODC report 2023
The professional quality of life of domestic and sexual violence advocates : a systematic review of possible risk and protective factors Journal article 2023
Public perceptions toward community management policies for individuals convicted of sexual offenses: a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2023
Partner effects of childhood maltreatment : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2023
Tonic immobility as a defensive trauma response to rape : bridging public health and law Journal article 2023
“Your skin crawled every time he touched you” : a secondary qualitative analysis exploring Bagwell-Gray's taxonomy of intimate partner sexual violence Journal article 2023
Women's experiences accessing mental health care in Australia after sexual violence in adulthood Journal article 2023
Pae Whakatupuranga | FFT-CG : Impact evaluation report - Wave 4 Report 2023
Consensual sexual activity before a sexual violation is not mitigating Journal article 2023
“When I decided to leave, I had nothing” : the resilience of rural women experiencing economic abuse in the context of gender-based violence Journal article 2023
Police failed to respond to alleged sexual assaults against recruits Report 2023
A follow-up evaluation of a coordinated police-social services response to recidivist family violence Journal article 2023
Sexual misconduct by New Zealand lawyers Journal article 2023
Taiohi insights 22 : data-driven perspectives to support rangatahi to thrive Report 2023
Safe and Equal's commitment to intersectionality in primary prevention Short paper - Australia 2023
Intersectionality and primary prevention of violence against women Short paper - Australia 2020
Pride in prevention partnership guide : a guide for partnerships that support the primary prevention of family violence experienced by LGBTIQ communities Short paper - Australia 2022
Changing the picture : a national resource to support the prevention of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children Short paper - Australia 2018
Changing the picture : background paper : Understanding violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children Short paper - Australai 2018
Is an end to child marriage within reach? Latest trends and future proposals. 2023 update Unicef report 2023
A summary of literature reflecting the perspectives of young people in Aotearoa on systemic factors affecting their wellbeing Report 2023
Detinue and replevin : arresting children to enforce private parenting orders in New Zealand Family Court Journal article 2023
Young people speak out about wellbeing : an insights report into the wellbeing of rangatahi Māori and other young people in Aotearoa Report 2023
Fifteenth annual report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee | Te Pūrongo ā-Tau Tekau mā Rima o te Komiti Arotake Mate Pēpi, Mate Whaea Hoki : reporting mortality and morbidity 2020 | Te Tuku Pūrongo mō te Mate me te Whakamate 2020 Report 2022
WWDA submission on sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls with disability to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability WWDA submission 2022
Turning the tide together : final report of the Mass Casualty Commission. Volume 3: Violence Report - Canada 2023
How to use statistics in primary prevention : understanding their importance, uses and limitations Report - Australia 2023
Kōrero mai e te whānau : whānau stories of integration, innovation and engagement Report 2013
I feel really good when ... strengthening youth mental health and wellbeing in Murihiku Southland : research insights from rangatahi Report 2023
Child exploitation literature scan : extended review Report 2022
Rainbow youth in care : understanding how Oranga Tamariki can better support rainbow children and youth Report 2023
Transgressive transmissions : transphobia, community building, bridging, and bonding within Aotearoa New Zealand’s disinformation ecologies March April 2023 Report 2023
Tamaiti ole Moana 2033 : towards 2033 - a 10 year action plan Report 2023
Love shouldn’t hurt – E le sauā le alofa : co-designing a theory of change for preventing violence against women in Samoa Journal article 2023
Risk factors for violence against women in high-prevalence settings : a mixed-methods systematic review and meta-synthesis Journal article 2022
'Hāpai te hauora' - 'it's like breathing your ancestors into life' : navigating journeys of Rangatahi wellbeing Journal article 2022
‘You can’t really define it can you?’ : Rangatahi perspectives on hauora and wellbeing Journal article 2022
Mako Mama - Mangopare | Single Parents Project : final report Report 2023
Rangatahi perspectives on hauora and wellbeing : a qualitative report from Aotearoa Report 2023
Health at what risk : the role of health practitioners in treating family violence Short paper 2023
WRAP around families experiencing AVITH : towards a collaborative service response Report - Australia 2023
Attitudes matter : the 2021 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS). Findings for Australia Report - Australia 2023
They don’t listen : a qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis of children’s sexual abuse Journal article 2019
Child abuse knowledge and attitudes among dental and oral health therapists in Aotearoa New Zealand : a cross-sectional study Journal article 2022
The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment in Australia : findings from the Australian Child Maltreatment Study. Brief Report Short paper - Australia 2023
He kaupapa waka : Māori Expert Advisory Group Report to the Ministry of Health Report 2022
“If you dress like a whore you have to accept being treated like one” : an interview study about women’s experiences of misogynistic hate crime Journal article 2023
From ignorance to knowledge : sexual consent and queer strories Journal article 2021
https://doi.org/10.1111/fcre.12712 Journal article 2023
Narratives of embedded oppression and the Covid-19 pandemic response : voices from marginalised sexual violence survivors in Aotearoa New Zealand PhD thesis 2023
The chilling : a global study of online violence against women journalists Report - US 2022
Ora : healing ourselves - indigenous knowledge, healing and wellbeing Book 2023
Trauma-informed interventions in early childhood education and care settings : a scoping review Journal article 2023
The trauma and mental health impacts of coercive control : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2023
NCIWR violent extremism submission Submission 2023
Victims of offending by children who had a family group conference in 2020/21 Short paper 2023
Supporting civil society and women’s rights organizations to end violence against women and girls in protracted, complex and overlapping crises : a scoping study commissioned by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Report - UN Women 2023
Claiming justice : an analysis of child sexual abuse complainants’ justice goals reported during investigative interviews Journal article 2023
Adverse impact of forced marriage on the full and effective enjoyment of all human rights by all women and girls : report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Report - UN 2023
Constraints on sexual offence complainants Journal article 2022
The 'any evidence' rule in New Zealand family law Journal article 2020
Reluctant consent Journal article 2022
The "classical" conception of rape and its partial reform in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2022
"I'll be okay" : survivors’ perspectives on participation in domestic violence research Journal article 2023
Exploring the landscape of relationships and sexuality education in primary schools in New Zealand Report 2023
Consent and the ‘rough sex’ defence in rape, murder, manslaughter and gross negligence Journal article 2020
Strangulation and false narratives of consent the rise of the “rough sex” defence in Anglo-American jurisdictions Journal article 2021
Sexualizing the killing of women : the rise of the “rough sex” defence in Anglo-American jurisdictions Journal article 2023
Letting in/“Coming out” : agency and relationship for young ethnic queers in Aotearoa New Zealand on disclosing queerness Journal article 2022
Silencing queerness : community and family relationships with young ethnic queers in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2022
Love, sex, and other dangers : intimate partner relationships of young ethnic queers in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2023
Affirming methodologies in two African diasporic contexts : the sharing of knowledge through liming and ole talk among Caribbean Islanders in Aotearoa New Zealand and the practice of sharing with Sydney-based Africans Journal article 2021
Why am I always being researched? a guidebook for community organizations, researchers, and funders to help us get from insufficient understanding to more authentic truth Report - US 2023
Optimizing the construction of outcome measures for impact evaluations of intimate partner violence prevention interventions Journal article 2023
Measuring technology-facilitated gender-based violence : a discussion paper Short paper - UNFPA 2023
Building a safe internet : so youth can connect, learn, love, and thrive Short paper - US 2023
Women higher education students’ experiences of sexual violence : a scoping review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies Journal article 2023
Medical evidence assisting non-fatal strangulation prosecution : a scoping review Journal article 2023
Technology-facilitated abuse in relationships : engaging those using harmful tech behaviours: A story completion approach Short paper - Australia 2023
Addressing violence against women through social protection : a review of the evidence Short paper - UN Women 2023
Addressing data gaps : implications for preventing domestic homicide Journal article 2023
Missing figures : the hidden role of domestic and family violence in youth suicide Report - Australia 2023
He tatau pounamu : an Indigenous approach to healing and reconciliation Short paper 2022
Physical restraint and de-escalation : best international practice as applicable to youth justice residences. Evidence brief Short paper 2023
International best practice and models for youth justice residences : evidence brief Short paper 2023
Training opportunities for Family Start kaimahi: Family violence and sexual violence : findings from the Family Start Kaimahi Survey 2022 Report 2023
Working together : re-focusing public accountability to achieve better lives Report 2023
Perpetration, victimhood, and blame : Australian newspaper representations of domestic violence, 2000–2020 Journal article 2023
“He tells people that I am going to kill my children” : post-separation coercive control in men who perpetrate IPV Journal article 2023
'Show us a kiss!' : the everyday sexual harassment experiences of female lesbian, bisexual, and queer Journal article 2023
Image-based sexual abuse as a means of coercive control : victim-survivor experiences Journal article 2023
Evidence of gender asymmetry in intimate partner violence experience at the population-level Journal article 2023
Stories of survival and resilience : an enquiry into what helps tamariki and rangatahi through whānau violence PhD thesis 2016
Te mana o te wāhine : Māori women's experiences of mental health services in New Zealand PhD thesis 2017
Performing pūrākau : liberating bodies, healing wairua, and reclaiming ancestral wisdom PhD thesis 2021
Nā te kōti i tatari : the inconsistent treatment of tikanga taurima (whāngai) in Ngāti Mutunga (1820 – 2019) PhD thesis 2019
Oranga Mokopuna : ethical do-designing for the pluriverse PhD thesis 2020
Say our beautiful names : a Māori indigene's autoethnography of women-self-mother PhD thesis 2013
reating space for meaningful evaluation : development of a kaupapa Māori evaluation framework for evaluating co-design projects with Māori PhD thesis 2022
An indigenous kaupapa Māori approach : how do young Māori mothers cope with parenthood? PhD thesis 2020
The principles of Māori directed practice and development PhD thesis 2019
Kua takoto te mānuka : cultural identity as a resilience factor to reduce Māori youth offending PhD thesis 2021
Ka tū te whare, ka ora : the constructed and constructive identities of the Māori adoptee. Identity construction in the context of Māori adoptees’ lived experiences PhD thesis 2020
A formative evaluation of an Aotearoa New Zealand family/whānau violence programme : examining facilitators’ perspectives of goodness of fit, efficacy, and fidelity Maters thesis 2021
Intentional injury among adults in Victoria Short paper 2017
Controlling evidence of sexual experience with the defendant Journal article 2022
Estimating child maltreatment cases that could be alcohol-attributable in New Zealand Journal article 2022
A guide to post-flooding community-level psychosocial response and recovery in Canada Report 2023
How well public organisations are supporting Whānau Ora and whānau-centred approaches Report 2023
Topical report: Controlling behaviours and help-seeking for family violence : key findings. Cycle 4 (November 2020 to November 2021) Report 2023
Fresh start : a practical guide for women wanting to be free from abuse Book 2018
Te awhi warrior Children's book 2022
Identify survey : community and advocacy report Report 2022
Same, violence new tools : how to work with violent men on cyberviolence Report - International 2020
The Lancet women and cardiovascular disease Commission : reducing the global burden by 2030 Journal article 2021
Safer now : rapid rise in violence against women and girls demands highest level of global commitment Report - International 2023
Measuring violence against children : a COSMIN systematic review of the psychometric and administrative properties of adult retrospective self-report instruments on child abuse and neglect Journal article 2023
I believe you : children and young people's experiences of seeking help, securing help and navigating the family violence system Report - Australia 2023
A shift in focus : mothers’ descriptions of sharing a child with a co-parent with unhealthy alcohol use after participating in a support program Journal article 2023
The impact of COVID-19 on the risk of online child sexual exploitation and the implications for child protection and policing Report - Australia 2021
Production and distribution of child sexual abuse material by parental figures Short paper - Australia 2021
International regulatory frameworks for online content : a research report commissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs (Te Tari Taiwhenua) Report 2022
Evidence brief : mental health and wellbeing needs of children and young people Evidene brief 2023
Gandhi Nivas : ImpactLab GoodMeasure report Report 2021
Gender ideology narratives : a threat to human rights Report - International 2022
The overrepresentation of white women's leadership in the movement to end gender-Based violence Report - US 2023
What is primary prevention? Connecting across the continuum from prevention to response Report 2023
Growing with change : developing an expert workforce to prevent violence against women Report - Australia 2023
Childhood adversity and midlife health : shining a light on the black box of psychosocial mechanisms Journal article 2022
Childhood sexual abuse and pervasive problems across multiple life domains : findings from a five-decade study Journal article 2023
Male survivors of sexual violence and abuse (SVA) : barriers and facilitators to reporting and accessing services Report 2023
COVID-19 and safety in the home Report 2023
Prosecuting family violence Police Manual chapter 2022
Te Huringa o Te Tai : a Whānau Ora Crime and Crash Prevention Strategy Strategy document 2022
An ongoing duty to care | He tauwhiro haere te mahi : responding to survivors of family homicide | Hei urupare ki ngā toiora o te ririhau ā-whānau Report 2023
Prosecuting intimate partner rape : the impact of misconceptions on complainant experience and trial process Book 2023
Fighting or facilitating family violence? Immigration policy and family violence in New Zealand Report 2023
Whāia te ara ora : understanding and healing the impact of historical trauma and sexual violence for Māori Book 2021
“Living in the darkness”: technology-facilitated coercive control, disenfranchised grief, and institutional betrayal Journal article 2022
Engaging all New Zealanders survey report : children in New Zealand communities, 2022 Journal article 2023
Domestic violence as an aspect of 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention return proceedings Book chapter 2022
A structural analysis of gender-based violence and depression in the lives of sexual minority women and trans people Journal article 2023
Ethical challenges in participatory research with children and youth Journal article 2023
Impact of COVID-19 on the health response to family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand : a qualitative study Journal article 2023
Korikori Kōrero : a mobile method of inquiry for moving Māori women and their knowledges Journal article 2023
Poipoia te kākano, kia puawai : resilience and resistance in the lives of Māori adoptees Journal article 2023
I didn't consent : a global landscape report on image-based sexual abuse Report - International 2023
Academic perspectives on wellbeing Report 2021
Te Ao Māori perspectives of what works to support wellbeing in the first thousand days Report 2022
A compendium on comprehensive sexuality education UNOHCHR report 2023
More than a billion reasons: The urgent need to build universal social protection for children : second ILO–UNICEF joint report on social protection for children ILO & Unicef report 2023
Association between men’s exposure to intimate partner violence and self-reported health outcomes in New Zealand Journal article 2023
Association between women’s exposure to intimate partner violence and self-reported health outcomes in New Zealand Journal article 2023
Ngā Tau Mīharo o Aotearoa : Incredible Years Parenting Programme. Social impact report Report 2019
Risk assessment for family violence aggressors in Aotearoa New Zealand PhD thesis 2023
Tamariki refuge workbook Book 2022
Hear it from me and other tamariki Book 2022
Poipoia ngā tamariki : Māori proverbial sayings related to nurturing children Book 2022
Korihi te manu : stories of whāngai and adoption Book 2022
Tiakina te pā harakeke : ancestral knowledge and tamariki wellbeing Journal article 2022
Disposable women : abuse, violence and abandonment in transnational marriages. Issues for policy and practice in the UK and India Report - UK 2016
Recognising the embedded child in child protection : children’s participation, inequalities and cultural capital Journal article 2023
New Zealand secondary school teachers’ perspectives on teaching Relationships and Sexuality Education Report 2022
Ngā Wānanga o Hine Kōpū : evaluation summary report Report 2022
Diversity, dignity, equity and best practice : a framework for supported decision-making Report - Australia 2023
Gendered denials : vulnerability created by barriers to legal capacity for women and disabled women Journal article 2019
The effectiveness of parenting programs in preventing abusive head trauma : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2023
Timing of physical and emotional intimate partner violence exposure and women's health in an Australian longitudinal cohort study Journal article 2023
The impact of rurality on women's 'space for action' in domestic violence : findings from a meta-synthesis Journal article 2020
Examining a rural Victorian community's knowledge and help seeking behaviour for family violence and the role of the local public health service : an overview of key issues Journal article 2022
Domestic and family violence in regional, rural and remote communities : an overview of key issues Short paper - Australia 2015
‘It is important that my kids see us all spending time together and that we do spend time together’ : Pacific mothers and fathers displaying post-separation family connections Journal article 2022
2023 Norton cyber safety insights report ; global results Report - International 2023
A stalking law for New Zealand : why it is necessary and what it should look like Short paper 2022
Who uses domestic, family and sexual violence, how and why? The state of knowledge report on violence perpetration Report - Australia 2022
Monitoring SDG 16 : a gender perspective UNODC short paper 2022
The paradoxes of closed stranger adoption in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2023
Invisibilised colonial norms and the occlusion of mātauranga Māori in the care and protection of tamaiti atawhai Journal article 2022
Developing a kaupapa whānau framework to explore social, cultural and health benefits of a whānau-inspired initiative Journal article 2022
Aotearoa New Zealand adolescents with harmful sexual behaviours : the importance of a holistic approach when working with Rangatahi Māori Journal article 2023
Te Rito o Te Harakeke : decolonising child protection law in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2022
Extreme events and gender-based violence : a mixed-methods systematic review Journal article 2022
Gender analysis in technical areas : climate and disaster risk finance and insurance UN Women report 2022
Safety of children in care : annual report July 2021 to June 2022 Report 2023
Unpacking multiagency structured professional judgment risk assessments for family violence Journal article 2023
Domestic and family violence perpetrator screening and risk assessment : current practice and future opportunities Report - Australia 2023
He arotake ngā tūraru | Reviewing risk : he kohinga kōrero | a discussion paper Short paper 2022
Female political leadership and legislation against gender-based violence : What is the link? Report 2022
Family violence wraparound housing : for people using violence. Service guidelines Provider guidelines 2023
Reviewing the child protection system’s response to violence within families : findings from an analysis of child death reviews involving domestic and family violence Report - Australia 2021
Issues paper : Sudden unexpected death in infancy among vulnerable families in Queensland Report - Australia 2021
Highly vulnerable infants, children and young people : a joint child protection mental health response to prevent suicide. A review of recent research and discussion of priority areas to reduce the risk of suicide in this vulnerable group Report - Australia 2021
Report on trafficking in persons 2022 UNODC report 2022
Whakamānawatia tōku taiao! He hononga rangatira! | Honour my world – my noble connections : rangatahi experiences of leaving care in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2022
Line of sight : refocussing Victoria's adult safeguarding laws and practices Report - Australia 2022
Experiences of care in Aotearoa : agency compliance with the National Care Standards and Related Matters Regulations. Reporting period 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022 Report 2023
ldentifying strategies to better support foster, kinship and permanent carers : final report Report - Australia 2022
Epidemiology of homicide in community-dwelling older adults : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2021
The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) : 2016/2017 report on sexual violence Report - US 2022
The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) : 2016/2017 report on intimate partner violence Report - US 2022
Do interventions to prevent or stop abuse and neglect among older adults work? A systematic review of reviews Journal article 2020
Neglect, abuse and violence against older women : definitions and research frameworks Journal article 2014
Abuse of older people : fact sheet WHO fact sheet 2022
revalence and correlates of emotional, physical, sexual, and financial abuse and potential neglect in the United States : The National Elder Mistreatment Study Journal article 2010
High prevalence of elder abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic : risk and resilience factors Journal article 2021
Elder abuse prevalence in institutional settings : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2019
Sexual victimization of men with disabilities and Deaf men : a national snapshot Report - US 2017
Eleventh annual report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee. Seventh Report to the Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand : reporting mortality and morbidity 2015 Report 2017
The stories of Kathryn and her daughters : intergenerational harm due to the investigation and imprisonment of a parent for alleged “relationship fraud” Report 2021
How to integrate intersectionality theory in quantitative health equity analysis? : a rapid review and checklist of promising practices Report - Canada 2022
10 essentials for gender and age-sensitive media reporting of violence against girls UN Women brief 2022
Mapping the nexus between media reporting of violence against girls : the normalization of violence, and the perpetuation of harmful gender norms and stereotypes UN Women evidence brief 2022
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