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Title Format Published
Women in prison with traumatic brain injury : prevalence, mechanism, and impact on mental health Journal article 2018
Agency compliance with Regulations 69 and 85 of the Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations Report 2020
Putting coercive control into practice : problems and possibilities Journal article 2020
Child witnesses in NZ criminal courts : issues, responses, opportunities Report 2019
Te tangi o te manawanui: Recommendations for reform : strengthening the criminal justice system for victims Report 2019
Turuki! Turuki! Move together transforming our criminal justice system Report 2019
Purea nei : changing the culture of the legal profession Report 2019
Children's rights in Aotearoa New Zealand : reflections on the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Conference report 2019
What were they thinking? A discussion paper on brain and behaviour in relation to the justice system in New Zealand Report 2020
Limiting our livelihoods : the cumulative impact of sexual harassment on women's careers Report - US 2019
Comprehensive sexuality education as a strategy for preventing intimate partner violence among adolescents Policy brief - US 2019
Preventing intimate partner violence among young people : a qualitative study examining the role of comprehensive sexuality education Journal article 2019
Preventing intimate partner violence among young people : the role of comprehensive sexuality education Briefing report - UK 2019
The Hague principles on sexual violence Report - The Netherlands 2019
Strategies to support culturally safe health and wellbeing evaluations in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand : a concept mapping study Journal article 2019
Aroha and manaakitanga — That’s what it is about : indigenous women, “love,” and interpersonal violence Journal article 2019
A tradition in transition : factors perpetuating and hindering the continuance of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) summarized in a systematic review Journal article 2013
Minority migrant men's attitudes toward female genital mutilation : developing strategies to engage men Journal article 2019
Reflecting and learning : a grounded theory on reframing deficit views of young indigenous women and safety Journal article 2019
Fourth Action Plan 2019 - 2022 of the National plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010 - 2022 Action plan - Australia 2019
ComVoices state of the sector survey Report 2019
What will it take? promoting cultural change to end sexual harassment UN report 2019
Constituting and responding to domestic and sexual violence Journal article 2019
Disclosing violence in calls for help Journal article 2019
Identity and help in calls to Victim Support PhD thesis 2019
Male adolescents’ gender attitudes and violence : implications for youth violence prevention Journal article 2020
Specialist sexual violence social work : ensuring good practice Journal articlt 2019
Harm, care and babies : an inequalities and policy discourse perspective on recent child protection trends in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2019
A Treaty-based framework for mainstream social work education in Aotearoa New Zealand : educators talk about their practice Journal article 2019
Gender stereotyping in early childhood : a literature review Report - UK 2019
Shifting the lens : an implementation study of a community-based and social network intervention to gender-based violence Journal article 2020
Parents' and caregivers' views of relationship and sexuality education Report 2020
Gay, bisexual, and queer men’s attitudes and understandings of intimate partner violence and sexual assault Journal article 2020
Pēpi Māori 0-3 months and the care and protection system : statistical snapshot Report 2020
Relentless not romantic : intimate partner stalking in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2019
Harmonised : the usefulness for whānau. Presented at Making a difference mental health symposium, Auckland, 1 December 2017 Conference presentation 2017
Ano te pai te āhuareka, a te ira tāne me te ira wāhine : Harmonised Youth Conference 2019 Online video 2019
Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity : a literature review and recommended definition Journal article 2019
Caring Dads Safer Children : families’ perspectives on an intervention for maltreating fathers Journal article 2017
A meta-analysis of childhood maltreatment and intimate partner violence perpetration Journal article 2020
What is known about effective recovery services for men who have been sexually abused? an evidence review Report 2019
The association between gender inequality and sexual violence in the U.S. Journal article 2020
Engagement report : sexual harm crisis support services Report 2019
U.S. child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations : what do the data show? Journal article 2020
The affective burden of separated mothers in PA(S) inflected custody law systems : a New Zealand case study Journal article 2020
‘It’s Not OK’, but ‘It’ never happened : parental alienation accusations undermine children’s safety in the New Zealand Family Court Journal article 2020
Mana Wahine reader : a collection of writings 1999-2019. Volume II Reader 2018
Mana Wahine reader : a collection of writings 1987-1998. Volume I Reader 2018
Nga Vaka o Kaiga Tapu Journal article 2018
Keeping the promise : ending violence against children by 2030 UN report 2019
Safety of children in care : annual report July 2018 to June 2019 Report 2019
From hoping to help : identifying and responding to suicidality amongst victims of domestic abuse Journal article 2020
Topical report : highly victimised people. New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey, March - September 2018 (Cycle 1) Report 2019
LGBTQI experiences of seeking help and justice in the wake of sexual harm Journal article 2019
Fostering the family, not just the child : exploring the value of a residential family preservation programme from the perspectives of service users and staff Journal article 2020
Respect women : preventing violence against women WHO report 2019
What works to prevent sexual violence against children : evidence review Together for Girls report 2019
Making feminism count : integrating feminist research principles in large-scale quantitative research on violence against women and girls Journal article 2019
Wāhine Māori : keeping safe in unsafe relationships Report 2019
The associations between cultural identity and mental health outcomes for indigenous Māori youth in New Zealand Journal article 2018
Hōkai Rangi : Ara Poutama Aotearoa Strategy 2019 - 2024 Strategy 2019
The man box : a study on being a young man in Australia Report - Australia 2019
Men in focus : unpacking masculinities and engaging men in the prevention of violence against women Report - Australia 2019
Pacific prosperity : our people, our solutions, our future Strategy and action plan 2019
Attrition and progression : reported sexual violence victimisations in the criminal justice system Report 2019
Talking about family violence Video clips 2019
New Zealand Property Relationship survey 2019 Report 2019
Professional Practice Group practice review into the Hastings case Report 2019
Addressing sexual violence for ethnic communities : principles and practices for a new service Discussion document 2019
Addressing sexual violence for ethnic communities : responding when harm has occurred Discussion document 2019
Addressing sexual violence for ethnic communities : prevention - responses from specific communities Discussion document 2019
Addressing sexual violence for ethnic communities : prevention - general Discussion document 2019
Expert and public narratives on crime in New Zealand : gaps and opportunities Short guide 2019
Expert and public narratives on crime in New Zealand : gaps and opportunities to communicate reform Short paper 2019
Domestic violence offenders, prior offending and reoffending in Australia Report - Australia 2019
Predicting repeat domestic violence : improving police risk assessment Report - Australia 2019
Family Group Conferences : still New Zealand's gift to the world? Short paper 2017
Qualitative process evaluation of Mokopuna Ora : summary Report 2018
Enhancing tamariki and whānau participation in decision-making : external evaluation summary report Report 2019
Summary report : formative evaluation of the iwi-led family group conference pilot Report 2018
Iwi-led care and protection Family Group Conference evaluation summary report Report 2019
Specialist Māori Roles (SMR) : synthesis of recent evidence and insights Report 2019
The role of alcohol in mortality and morbidity from interpersonal violence Journal article 1989
Indigeneity matters : portrayal of women offenders in New Zealand newspapers Journal article 2019
International Consensus Statement on Women's Mental Health and the WPA Consensus Statement on Interpersonal Violence against Women WPA statement 2006
Royal New Zealand Plunket Society : child protection policy Policy document 2001
An evaluation of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and loveisrespect : report from the Accomplishments of the Domestic Violence Hotline, Online Connections, and Text Project Report - US 2018
An evaluation of the National Domestic Violence Hotline operations Report - US 1998
Working with adolescents to prevent domestic violence : indigenous rural model Report - Australia 1999
Evaluation of the National Domestic Violence Hotline : staff training Report - US 1998
Breaking the cycle research : quantitative report Report 1995
Victims with disabilities : collaborative, multidisciplinary first response. Techniques for first responders called to help crime victims who have disabilities Trainer's guide 2009
Alternatives to smacking campaign : findings of quantitative research. Final report 4/9/00 Report 2000
Overview of the Hamilton Abuse Intervention Pilot Project (HAIPP) evaluation Report 1995
An evaluation of the Hamilton Abuse Intervention Pilot Project (HAIPP) : analysis of Department of Justice statistics Report 1995
Opening Pandora's box : the health sector's response to male partner violence Short paper 1997
Dignity, diversity, and resistance : a bicultural, community-led approach to transforming social responses to domestic violence in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2018
Putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice system Journal article 2019
Te Pae Tata - Te Rautaki Māori me te Mahere Mahi : Māori Strategy and Action Plan Strategy 2019
Engaging all New Zealanders survey report : children in New Zealand communities, 2019 Report 2019
Justice needs and satisfaction in Fiji Report - Fiji 2019
20 facts for domestic violence awareness month Fact sheet 2019
Weaving together knowledge for wellbeing : trauma informed approaches Resource 2019
Historical trauma and whānau violence NZFVC issues paper 2019
Transforming legal understandings of intimate partner violence ANROWS report 2019
Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia : continuing the national story 2019 Report 2019
Āta : growing respectful relationships Journal article 2004
Custody stalking : a mechanism for coercively controlling mothers following separation Journal article 2017
Preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) : leveraging the best available evidence Resource - US 2019
Te Taonga o taku Ngākau : ancestral knowledge and the wellbeing of tamariki Māori Report 2019
February 2019 process evaluation of specialist services to respond to sexual harm (summary) Report 2019
What's working for Māori : a Kaupapa Māori perspective on the responsiveness of the Integrated Safety Response to Māori. Synthesis evaluation report Report 2019
Evaluation of the family violence Integrated Safety Response pilot : Phase II - years 2 & 3: Final report Report 2019
Health response to family violence : 2018 Violence Intervention Programme evaluation Report 2019
A hard place to be : voices of children and young people in care and protection residences Report 2019
Continuing the dialogue : learning from the past and looking to the future of intimate partner violence and sexual violence prevention Resource - US 2019
Sexual violence prevention : beginning the dialogue Resource - US 2004
Supporting Aotearoa's rainbow people : a practical guide for mental health professionals Resource 2019
Counting ourselves : the health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2019
Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy 2019 Strategy 2019
Every life matters - He Tapu te Oranga o ia tangata : Suicide Prevention Strategy 2019–2029 and Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2019–2024 for Aotearoa New Zealand Strategy 2019
To smack or not to smack, is that the question? : the social perspectives on the issue of child discipline held by a cohort of mothers in Aotearoa New Zealand and what they indicate PhD thesis 2015
Breaking down the barriers : findings of the National Commission on Domestic Violence and Multiple Disadvantage Report - UK 2019
What is the future for NGO governance? : research report Report 2019
How to integrate the Good Lives Model Into treatment programs for sexual offending : an introduction and overview Journal article 2012
Why call someone by what we don't want them to be? The ethics of labeling in forensic/correctional psychology Journal article 2018
Abusers gaining custody in family courts : a case series of over turned decisions Journal article 2019
Properly accounting for domestic violence in child custody cases : an evidence-based analysis and reform proposal Journal article 2019
Child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations Journal article 2019
Whānau ora and imprisonment Te Arotahi paper 2019
To report or not to report? : That is the question Journal article 2017
Domestic property violence : a distinct and damaging form of parent abuse Journal article 2018
‘Love is not a passport to Sweden’ : intimate partner violence against migrant women and the proliferation of rights’ statuses UN Women discussion paper 2019
Gender equality and women's rights in the context of child custody and child maintenance : an international comparative analysis UN Women discussion paper 2019
What are ACEs : and how do they relate to toxic stress Infographic 2018
Information sharing guidance for health professionals from 1 July 2019 Guidelines 2019
The public health harms of pornography Report - US 2019
Social service system : the funding gap and how to bridge it Report 2019
Thinking differently : re-framing family violence responsiveness in the mental health and addictions health care context Journal article 2019
Victims' voices : the justice needs and experiences of New Zealand serious crime victims Report 2019
Workshop playback report : Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims Report 2019
Survey report : Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims Report 2019
What men can do to prevent sexual violence and how to promote this effectively TOAH-NNEST webinar 2018
Strategies for applying te Tiriti o Waitangi within your health practice TOAH-NNEST webinar 2018
LGBTQI+ inclusive practice TOAH-NNEST webinar 2018
Preventing violence for Pasifika young people TOAH-NNEST webinar 2019
Beliefs and recommendations regarding child custody and visitation in cases involving domestic violence : a comparison of professionals in different roles Journal article 2016
“The system had choked me too” : abused mothers' perceptions of the custody determination process that resulted in negative custody outcomes Journal article 2018
Binge drinking and alcohol-related behaviours amongst Pacific youth : a national survey of secondary school students Report 2012
Pacific young people : findings from the Youth '12 national youth health and wellbeing survey Report 2016
Evaluation of the Sexual Violence Court Pilot Report 2019
Our data - you asked us NZ Police report 2019
Intimate partner violence : a case study of Samoan male perceptions of IPV in New Zealand Masters thesis 2019
Domestic violence, social security and the couple rule ANROWS report 2019
Whanau whakapakari : a Māori-centred approach to child rearing and parent-training programmes PhD thesis 2001
Unseen, unsafe : the underinvestment in ending violence against children in the Pacific and Timor-Leste. In-depth country case studies Report - Australia 2019
Unseen, unsafe : the underinvestment in ending violence against children in the Pacific and Timor-Leste Report - Australia 2019