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Title Format Published
The murmuration of information disorders : Aotearoa New Zealand mis- and disinformation ecologies and the Parliament Protest. Working paper 2022
Abortion care guideline WHO guidelines 2022
Budget 2022 : Investing in collective action to eliminate family violence and sexual violence Short paper 2022
Physical conflict during pregnancy : a socioeconomicological, cross-cultural examination of risk and protective factors for New Zealand women Journal article 2021
Physical punishment of children in New Zealand – six years after law reform Short paper 2013
11th review of the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007 Report 2013
Adult and adolescent disclosures of child sexual abuse : a comparative analysis Journal article 2022
Impact, ramifications and taking back control : a qualitative study of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse Journal article 2022
“Hinenui Te Pō is a light in the darkness” : performing pūrākau in research on incest and childhood sexual abuse Journal article 2021
'A shadow of me old self’ : The impact of image-based sexual abuse in a digital society Journal article 2022
Intimate partner violence during infancy and cognitive outcomes in middle childhood : results from an Australian community-based mother and child cohort study Journal article 2022
Ahurutia te rito | It takes a village Report 2022
Measuring violence against children : a COSMIN systematic review of the psychometric properties of child and adolescent self-report measures Journal article 2022
Self-care for gender-based violence researchers – Beyond bubble baths and chocolate pralines Journal article 2022
How people with disabilities experience programs to prevent intimate partner violence across four countries Journal article 2020
Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy : annual report for the year ending 30 June 2021 Report 2022
Girls' sexuality and child, early and forced marriages and unions : a conceptual framework Short paper - International 2022
Ola manuia mo alo ma fanau Pasefika : a blessed wellbeing for our Pacific children, young people and families Report 2022
Talanoa mai tamaiki : the voices of Pacific children and young people Report 2022
“Someone who has been in my shoes” : the effectiveness of a peer support model for providing support to partners, family and friends of child sexual abuse material offenders Journal article 2022
Child welfare, indigenous parents and judicial mediation Journal article 2022
Sexism, harassment, and violence against women parliamentarians in New Zealand Report 2018
Leading in the wake of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter Report - US 2022
Mis- and disinformation in Aotearoa New Zealand from 17 August to 5 November 2021 Working paper 2022
Methamphetamine in New Zealand : what is currently known about the harm it causes? Report 2021
Stronger together : strengthening families to improve outcomes for children Report - Australia 2022
Researchers or practitioners’ opinion of the possibilities for creating virtual safe social spaces for violence prevention interventions for young people Journal article 2022
Supporting children experiencing family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic : IPV and CPS provider perspectives Journal article 2022
How we fail children who offend and what to do about it : 'a breakdown across the whole system'. Research and recommendations Report 2022
Evaluation report on the procurement and co-design of the Whānau Resilience programme Report 2022
Journal article 2020
Is there an association between controlling behaviour and intimate partner violence revictimization : Presented at the New Zealand Evidence Based Policing Centre Conference Poster 2021
Reflections from the field : teaching about sexual violence in digital learning environments Journal article 2021
Youth safe and healthy relationships : a literature review Report 2020
Report on the Banishing Bullying Together projects in McLaren Park / Henderson South Report 2015
Evaluation of the Family Violence Courts Report 2021
Shattering lives and myths : a report on image-based sexual abuse Short paper 2019
Family violence : effects on children Video 2020
Adverse childhood experiences : understanding their effects Short paper 2021
Adverse childhood experiences : a quick snapshot Fact sheet 2021
Report on s78 custody orders for unborn and new-born pēpi Report 2021
The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) : 2016/2017 report on stalking Report - US 2022
Caregivers raising children with the Orphan's Benefit and the Unsupported Child's Benefit : a follow-up survey of caregivers Report 2022
Raising the age of care : a technical analysis Report 2022
Victim-survivor feedback on the government's National Strategy and Action Plan to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence : summary of engagement processes Report 2022
Engaging on the National Strategy and Action Plan for Family Violence and Sexual Violence : summary of engagement processes Short paper 2022
Analysis: Tangata whenua : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Family violence and sexual violence sectors engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: People who use, or have used, violence : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: People impacted by family violence and sexual violence : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: LGBTQIA+ communities : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Pacific peoples : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Older people and kaumātua : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Ethnic, migrant and former refugee communities : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Disabled people : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
Analysis: Children and young people : engagement for Te Aorerekura Short paper 2022
In the absence of a jury : examining judge-alone rape trials Book 2022
A systematic review exploring variables related to bystander intervention in sexual violence contexts Journal article 2022
‘Offending doesn't happen in a vacuum’ : the backgrounds and experiences of children under the age of 14 years who offend Journal article 2022
Police statistics on homicide victims in New Zealand 2007 - 2018 : a summary of statistics about victims of murder, manslaughter, and infanticide Report 2022
Safety of children in care : annual report July 2020 to June 2021 Report 2022
Giving voice to the silenced victims : a qualitative study of intimate partner femicide Short paper - Australia 2022
Spaceless violence : women's experiences of technology-facilitated domestic violence in regional, rural and remote areas Short paper - Australia 2022
Do violent teens become violent adults? Links between juvenile and adult domestic and family violence Short paper - Australia 2021
How does domestic violence escalate over time? Short paper - Australia 2021
The criminal career trajectories of domestic violence offenders Short paper - Australia 2021
Criminal justice responses to child sexual abuse material offending : a systematic review and evidence and gap map Short paper - Australia 2021
Adolescent family and dating violence and the criminal law response Journal article 2022
The causes and consequences of misidentification on women from migrant and refugee communities experiencing family violence Position paper - Australia 2022
Women in the spotlight : women's experiences of online abuse in their working lives Repoort - Australia 2022
RECOVER – reconnecting mothers and children after family violence : the child-parent psychotherapy pilot ANROWS report 2022
National Student Safety Survey : report on the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual assault among university students in 2021 Report - Australia 2022
'No more excuses' : primary prevention of violence against women with disability Report - Australia 2021
The intersection of intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury : findings from an Emergency Summit addressing system-level changes to better support women survivors Journal article 2022
The shadow pandemic : a qualitative exploration of the impacts of COVID-19 on service providers and women survivors of intimate partner violence and brain injury Journal article 2022
Shared roots, different branches : deepening knowledge of child marriage in diverse settings Short paper - International 2022
Mapping the field of child marriage : evidence, gaps, and future directions from a large-scale systematic scoping review, 2000–2019 Journal article 2022
Child-focused practice in social work : beginning the naming journey when family and domestic violence is present Short paper - Australia 2021
He Waka Eke Noa Survey : brief report of data on State violence Report 2022
Criminalisation of gender-based violence against women in European States, including ICT-facilitated violence : a special report Report - Europe 2021
When staying home isn’t safe : Australian practitioner experiences of responding to intimate partner violence during COVID-19 restrictions Journal article 2022
Sexual violence against women with disabilities : experiences with force and lifetime risk Journal article 2022
Weapon use increases the severity of domestic violence but neither weapon use nor firearm access increases the risk or severity of recidivism Journal article 2013
Domestic violence and firearms : research on statutory interventions Report - US 2018
Children, domestic violence and guns Report - US 2018
Nonfatal gun use in intimate partner violence : a systematic review of the literature Journal article 2018
Firearms, domestic violence, and dating violence : abusers’ use of firearms violence to exert coercive control and commit intimate partner homicides Journal article 2022
An evaluation of the impacts of changing firearms legislation on Australian female firearm homicide victimization rates Journal article 2018
Chief Victims Advisor to Government : Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Justice, November 2020 BIM 2020
Prevention of family and sexual violence : Briefing to the Incoming Minister, 3 November 2020 BIM 2020
The Victims Code : an exploration of how it is being used and options for the future Report 2020
Victims Rights Act 2002 : how was the Act implemented and has is compliance with the Act monitored? Report 2020
Independent bodies and complaint mechanisms for victims of crime Report 2020
Data collected about victims of serious crime Report 2017
Kaupapa Māori responses to violence suffered by wāhine Māori Report (/td> 2019
Professional responses to ‘parental alienation’ : research-informed practice Journal article 2022
Can men be victims of coercive control? Making sense of men's experiences of coercive control Short paper - Australia 2022
Gender attitudes survey 2021 Report 2021
Missing stories : women with physical disabilities' navigation and responses to domestic and family violence Journal article 2022
“I guess that’s part of life” : the sexual victimisation of Aotearoa university students PhD thesis 2021
Handbook on gender mainstreaming for gender equality results UN handbook 2022
Brain injury and intimate partner violence Journal article 2022
Associations between traumatic brain injury from intimate partner violence and future psychosocial health risks in women Journal article 2019
Psychometric evaluation of the mental health continuum-short form (MHC-SF) in a New Zealand context – a confirmatory factor analysis Journal article 2021
Responding to domestic abuse : the shadow pandemic REport - UK 2022
Examining technology-facilitated intimate partner violence : a systematic review of journal articles Journal article 2022
A scoping review of measurement of violence against women and disability Journal article 2022
The inter-agency minimum standards for gender-based violence in emergency programming UN report 2019
Evaluation of a healthy relationship smartphone app with Indigenous young people : protocol for a co-designed stepped wedge randomized trial Journal article 2021
Intimate partner violence homicides 2010 - 2018 : Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network report Report - Australia 2022
The "Pathways to intimate partner homicide" project : key stages and events in male-perpetrated intimate partner homicide in Australia ANROWS report 2022
Women’s stories of non-fatal strangulation : informing the criminal justice response Journal article 2022
Factors influencing help-seeking by those who have experienced intimate partner violence : results from a New Zealand population-based study Journal article 2021
What should be changed to support young people? : The voices of young people involved with Oranga Tamariki Report 2021
Young people who have been involved with Oranga Tamariki : community and contexts Report 2021
Young people who have been involved with Oranga Tamariki : home and housing Report 2021
Information Gathering Project (IGP) fact sheet Fact sheet 2022
Mental health & maltreatment risk of children with special educational needs during COVID-19 Journal article 2022
Global, regional, and national prevalence estimates of physical or sexual, or both, intimate partner violence against women in 2018 Journal article 2022
Patterns of victimisation by family members and help-seeking by victims. February 2022 : results drawn from Cycle 1 (2018) and Cycle 3 (2019/20) of the New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey. Report 2022
Victim satisfaction survey 2021 : Ministry of Justice - Restorative justice survey Report 2021
Together alone : a review of joined-up social services Report 2022
Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals : the gender snapshot 2021 UN report 2021
Child maltreatment during school and childcare closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article 2022
Intimate partner violence and barriers to help-seeking among Black, Asian, minority ethnic and immigrant women : a qualitative metasynthesis of global research Journal article 2022
Prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities : background paper Report - Australia 2022
Changing the landscape : a national resource to prevent violence against women and girls with disabilities Report - Australia 2022
Gender patterns in the use of physical violence against a violent partner : results of a cross-sectional population-based study in New Zealand Journal article 2022
A multi-level, multi-method investigation of the psycho-social life histories of mass shooters Report - US 2021
A business a-gender : building gender equality in the North East business sector in the wake of Covid-19 Report - UK 2021
'A different way of doing it' : providing domestic violence during COVID Report - International 2021
COVID-19 guidance on remote GBV services focusing on home-based case management and hotlines Report - Internatinal 2021
Masculinities and COVID-19 : making the connections Report - US 2020
Responding to violence against women and children during COVID-19 : impact on service provision, strategies and actions in the WHO European Region WHO report 2021
‘Living a life by permission’ : the experiences of male victims of domestic abuse during Covid-19 Report - UK 2020
The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on work with men and boys in Europe Report - Europe 2020
Dahlia-19 mapping in - country report : Ireland Report - Ireland 2021
Innovation, collaboration and adaptation : the UK response to domestic abuse under Covid-19 Report - UK 2021
“Never waste a crisis” : domestic and family violence policy and practice initiatives in response to COVID-19 Report - Australia 2021
Locked down with the perpetrator : the hidden impacts of COVID-19 and domestic and family violence in Australia Journal article 2021
Victorians' experiences of sexism and sexual harassment while working remotely during the coronavirus : report findings, January 2021 Report - Australia 2021
Family, domestic and sexual violence service responses in the time of COVID-19 Short paper - Australia 2021
Gendered pandemics : suicide, femicide and COVID-19 Journal article 2021
Impact of coronavirus disease on different manifestations of sale and sexual exploitation of children UN report 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on women and girls with disabilities : a global assessment and case studies on sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence and related rights UN Report 2021
Emerging responses implemented to prevent and respond to violence against women and children in WHO European member states during the COVID-19 pandemic : a scoping review of online media reports Journal article 2021
Feminicide violence before and during the COVID-19 health emergency Journal article 2021
Serving with a purpose : domestic and family violence, CALD communities and COVID19. Preliminary report Report - Australia 2021
Migrant and refugee women in the COVID-19 pandemic : impact, resilience and the way forward Report - Australia 2021
Sexual assault : women’s voices on the health impacts of not being believed by police Journal article 2021
Early childhood maltreatment and profiles of resilience among child welfare-involved children Journal article 2022
What about the men? A critical review of men's experiences of intimate partner violence Journal article 2022
Human rights of older women : the intersection between ageing and gender UN Report 2021
A fight for legitimacy : reflections on child protection reform, the reduction of baby removals, and child protection decision-making in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2022
The perspectives of community-based practitioners on preventing baby removals : addressing legitimate and illegitimate factors Journal article 2021
Experiences of baby removal prevention : a collective case study of mothers and community-based workers Journal article 2022
An evaluation of the question types used by criminal justice professionals with complainants in child sexual assault trials Journal article 2022
Safe, seen, supported : how to reach and help children and young people experiencing abuse in their households Report - UK n.d.
2020 syndemic : convergence of COVID-19, gender-based violence, and racism pandemics Journal article 2021
Economic insecurity and Intimate partner violence in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic ANROWS report 2022
Trust-building and social support in the online social movement among victims of sexual violence Journal article 2021
Follow my lead Resource 2021
Empowering women to be safe online Resource - International 2017
'An eight-day working week : LGBT+ domestic abuse sector snapshot'. Final report Report - UK 2020
Men's activism to end violence against women : voices from Spain, Sweden and the UK Report - Europe 2021
Access to justice : evaluation of the experiences of people with learning disabilities who report rape or sexual assault Report - UK 2020
Life in lockdown : children and young people's views on the nationwide COVID-19 Level 3 and 4 lockdown between March and May 2020 Report 2020
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on violence against women and girls Report - International 2020
Pandemic meets pandemic : understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on gender-based violence services and survivors in Canada Report - Canada 2020
On the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic : occupational experiences of the intimate partner violence and sexual assault workforce Journal article 2020
Responding to the challenges of Covid-19 : guidance for domestic abuse & safeguarding practitioners working with domestic abuse perpetrators Short paper - UK 2021
SafeLives’ survey of survivors of domestic abuse June 2020 Short paper - UK 2020
COVID-19 revision of practice toolkit - Europe Toolkit 2021
Prevalence of interpersonal violence against women and men in New Zealand : results of a cross-sectional study Journal article 2022
Te Aorerekura : The National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence Cabinet paper 2021
Transforming the family violence and sexual violence system : National strategy and action plans Cabinet paper 2021
We care: Evidence review : Exploring research into how wellness and care can be institutionalised in the violence against women field in low- and middle-income countries Report - SVRI 2021
A qualitative exploration of researcher trauma and researchers’ responses to investigating sexual violence Journal article 2014
Measuring femicide in the EU and internationally : an assessment Report - Europe 2021
Painful lives : understanding self-harm amongst care-experienced women in prison Journal article 2022
Pay equity in the funded sector Cabinet paper 2021
The potential introduction of police-issued family violence intervention orders in Victoria, Australia : considering the unintended consequences Journal article 2022
Proving non-fatal strangulation in family violence cases : a case study on the criminalisation of family violence Journal article 2021
Communicating reproductive coercion in the context of domestic and family violence : perspectives of service providers supporting migrant and refugee women Journal article 2022
A global silence : a critical interpretive synthesis of Aboriginal mothering through domestic and family violence Journal article 2021
Bringing dignity to the assessment of safety for children who live with violence Journal article 2022
Experiences of COVID-19 for takatāpui, queer, gender diverse, and intersex young people aged 16-24 Report 2021
Addressing the shadow pandemic : COVID-19 related impacts, barriers, needs, and priorities to healthcare and support for women survivors of intimate partner violence and brain injury Journal article 2022
Community mobilisation in the framework of supportive social environment to prevent family violence in Solomon Islands Journal article 2022
Growing together : a guide to collective care and why self-care isn't enough Comic online 2021
Addressing violence against women in health and multisectoral policies : a global status report Report - WHO 2021
Improving outcomes for women in the criminal justice system Report - UK 2022
Why focus on reducing women's imprisonment? England and Wales July 2021 Report - UK 2021
Community mobilization for preventing violence against women and children : lessons from civil society organisations funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women on prevention Report - UN Women 2021
Engaging faith-based and traditional actors in preventing violence against women and girls : lessons from civil society organisations funded by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women on prevention Report - UN Women 2021
UN Women strategic plan 2022 - 2025 : building a gender-equal world UN Women strategy 2022
The ignored pandemic : the dual crises of gender-based violence and COVID-19 Report - Oxfam 2021
Monitoring State compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child : an analysis of attributes Book 2022
COVID-19 lockdowns, intimate partner violence and coercive control Journal article 2021
Gender norms in the Chinese community in Melbourne, Australia : family and community roles Journal article 2020
Gender norms in the Indian migrant community in Australia : family, community and work roles Journal article 2021
‘If someone’s freaky, everyone loves it. It’s all about the drama’ : young women’s responses and reactions to image based sexual abuse of other young women Journal article 2022
If we can imagine it, we can build it : developing Complexity Theory-Informed Methodologies Journal article 2022
GREVIO General Recommendation No. 1 on the digital dimension of violence against women adopted on 20 October 2021 Report - Europe 2021
Intimate image abuse, an evolving landscape Report - UK 2021
National Elder Abuse Prevalence Study Report - Australia 2021
Drawing upon the evidence to develop a multiagency risk assessment and risk management framework for domestic violence Journal article 2022
Gender-responsive law-making Report - UN Women 2022
Who cares for the future? Finance gender responsive public services! Report - International 2020
Quantifying domestic violence in times of crisis : an internet search activity-based measure for the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article 2021
Technology-facilitated gender-based violence : making all spaces safe Report - UNFPA 2021
Fostering behaviour change to prevent violence against women Brief - International 2021
Awareness raising to prevent violence against women and girls Brief - International 2021
Women’s experiences of safety apps for sexualized violence : a narrative scoping review Journal article 2021
Doing better by our rangatahi : Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury (SASSC) Youth Service Co-design Project Report 2021
Doing better by our rangatahi : Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury (SASSC) Youth Service Co-design Project Report 2021
Sexual harm crisis support service for young people : research to inform service design Report 2021
“Everyone is living in the same storm, but our boats are all different” : safety and safety planning for survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article 2021
Intergenerational impact of violence exposure : emotional-behavioural and school difficulties in children aged 5–17 Journal article 2022
“If it hadn’t been online I don’t think I would have applied” : applicant experiences of an online family violence intervention order process Journal article 2022
Child protection reform in Aotearoa New Zealand : devolution or revolution? Journal article 2021
The use and impact of repeated questions in diagnostic child abuse assessment interviews Journal article 2021
Gendered judicial discourse in the sentencing of sexual offenders : a new explanatory model Journal article 2021
Gender disparities in sentencing outcomes for sexual offenders Journal article 2021
“It’s not a great boulder, it’s just a piece of baggage” : older women's reflections on healing from childhood sexual abuse Journal article 2022
Sustaining a collaborative approach to support the whole-of-government response to eliminate family violence and sexual violence Cabinet paper 2021
The Istanbul Convention and the CEDAW framework : a comparison of measures to prevent and combat violence against women Report - Europe 2021
Measuring the impact of Whiria Te Muka : evaluation report Report 2021
Weaponizing COVID-19 : how the pandemic influenced the behavior of those who use violence in domestic and family relationships Journal article 2021
Relational mobility and other contributors to decline in intimate partner violence Journal article 2021
Generic personal safety applications : empowering victims of domestic violence and abuse? A practitioner lens Journal article 2021
The significance of technology as both a resource in enhancing safety, and a means of perpetrating violence : the implications for policy and practice Journal article 2021
Women’s experiences of the intersections of work and intimate partner violence : a review of qualitative research Journal article 2022
The dark side of the rainbow : queer women's experiences of intimate partner violence Journal article 2022
He purapura ora, he māra tipu : from redress to puretumu torowhānui. Volume Two Report 2021
He purapura ora, he māra tipu : from redress to puretumu torowhānui. Volume One Report 2021
Disclosure of sexual assault abuse and the role of the forensic examiner Journal article 2021
Witness familiarisation Short paper 2021
That's a lie : sexual violence misconceptions, accusations of lying, and other tactics in the cross-examination of child and adolescent sexual violence complainants Report 2021
Support for child victims of sexual crimes Evidence brief 2021
Te Aorerekura | The enduring spirit of affection : the National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence Strategy 2021
Te Aorerekura | Te wairua matatū o te aroha : Te Rautaki ā-Motu ki te Whakakore i te Whakarekereke ā-Whānau me te Taitōkai Strategy - Te reo Māori 2021
Te Aorerekura | The enduring spirit of affection : Action Plan for the National Strategy to Eliminate Family Violence and Sexual Violence, December 2021 – December 2023 Action plan 2021
Designing for equity and intergenerational wellbeing : Te Tokoturu Short paper 2021
Manaaki Tairāwhiti : a regional illustration of a connected and whānau-centred social sector Short paper 2021
Making sense of being in care, adopted, or whāngai : perspectives of rangatahi, young people, and those who are raising them. Qualitative study Report 2021
Making sense of being in care, adopted, or whāngai Literature review 2021
ommunity-led culture-centered prevention of family violence and sexual violence Report 2021
Working with men and boys for gender equality : state of play and future directions. UN policy brief 2021
Why would you give your children to something you don’t trust? ’ : Rangatahi health and social services and the pursuit of tino rangatiratanga Journal article 2021
Acting now for a violence and abuse free future | Whakamahia te tūkino kore ināianei, ā muri ake nei Violence and abuse of disabled people in Aotearoa New Zealand. Evidence and recommendations Report 2021
Whakamanahia te Tiriti, whahaumarutia te tangata | Honour the Treaty, protect the person : Violence and abuse of tāngata whaikaha Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand. Evidence and recommendations Report 2021
Global Shared Research Agenda for research on violence against women in low and middle-income countries Report - SVRI 2021
Algorithmic justice in child protection : statistical fairness, social justice and the implications for practice Journal article 2019
Gender-based violence and environment linkages : the violence of inequality Report - IUCN 2021
Kids and gender : a toolbox for parents Toolbox 2021
The likelihood of early guilty pleas following digitally recorded victim statements for family violence Journal article 2021
The Emerald international handbook of technology-facilitated violence and abuse eBook 2021
Effectiveness of interventions designed to prevent or respond to female genital mutilation : a review of evidence Report - International 2021
Domestic violence and the world of work 16 Days Campaign guide 2021
A world without violence is possible : end femicide now 16 Days Campaign guide 2021
Homicide during pregnancy and the postpartum period in the United States, 2018–2019 Journal article 2021
Change the story : a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women in Australia Report - Australia 2021
ritical interpretive synthesis : child protection involvement for families with domestic and family violence, alcohol and other drug issues, and mental health issues ANROWS report 2021
Improving the justice system response to sexual offences Report - Australia 2021
Digital stalking in relationships Report - International 2021
The Pasifika Veilomani Project : a pilot online training programme for healthcare workers in managing gender-based violence and family violence and sharing experiences Journal article 2021
Be(com)ing men in another place : the migrant men of Gandhi Nivas and their violence stories PhD thesis 2021
Formative and short-term outcome evaluation of the Porirua District Court Young Adult List court initiative Report 2021
Human trafficking and violence : findings from the largest global dataset of trafficking survivors Journal article 2021
National primary prevention report : exploring collaboration, networks and techniques for effective practice Report - Australia 2021
National primary prevention report Report - Australia 2021
Access to justice research 2021 Report 2021
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on intimate partner violence advocates and agencies Journal article 2021
Sexual violence in disasters Report - US 2021
Monitoring perpetrator interventions in Australia Report - Australia 2021
Guidance on measuring the impact of the Covid -19 pandemic on women and men Report - UNECE 2021
Evaluation of PartnerSPEAK Report - Australia 2021
First synthesis evaluation report : Oranga Tamariki Transition Support Report 2021
Playing our part : a framework for workplace action on domestic and family violence Report - Australia 2021
'Chuck her on a lie detector' : investigating Australians' mistrust in women's reports of sexual assault ANROWS report 2021
Social-level factors related to positive mental health outcomes following intimate partner violence : results from a population-based Aotearoa New Zealand sample Journal article 2021
Young people who have been involved with Oranga Tamariki : identity and culture Report 2021
Young people who have been involved with Oranga Tamariki : home and housing Report 2021
Rates of therapy use following a disclosure of child sexual abuse Short paper - Australia 2021
Hāhā-uri, hāhā-tea : Māori involvement in State Care 1950 - 1999 Report 2021
'Once were gardeners' : evaluation of the 'My Fathers Barbers' barbers wānanga Report 2020
National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Child Sexual Abuse 2021–2030 : an initiative of the Australian state and territory governments Strategy - Australia 2021
Shama hui focus on trauma : sessions 1, 2 & 3 Webinars 2021
Sexual dignity in rape law Journal article 2021
Towards ending child marriage : global trends and profiles of progress Report - Unicef 2021
Intersections between violence against women and children : identifying evidence gaps and opportunities for collaboration Webinar - Unicef 2021
Violence against incarcerated women : predicting risk through the lens of childhood harm Journal article 2021
The transgender-specific intimate partner violence scale for research and practice : validation in a sample of transgender women Journal article 2021
From evidence to action : tackling gender-based violence against migrant women and girls UN policy brief 2021
Residual rape myth acceptance among young women who have recently completed a sexual violence prevention workshop Journal article 2021
Talking about early brain development in Aotearoa New Zealand : deepening understanding of bran development and how to support it Report 2021
Wahine - E rere ana ki te pae hou. Women rising above a new horizon : women's strategy 2021 - 2025 Strategy 2021
Thematic report : The lived experience of women in prison Report 2021
First, do no harm : segregation, restraint and pepper spray use in women's prisons in New Zealand Report 2021
Four urgent changes for the youth justice system Short paper 2021
Development of the mana-enhancing paradigm for practice Short paper 2021
Te Toka Tūmoana : tangata whenua and bicultural principled wellbeing framework for working effectively with Māori Report 2021
Te Ao Kohatu – Principled framing of best practice with mokopuna Māori : a literature review of Indigenous theoretical and practice frameworks for mokopuna and whānau wellbeing. Report 2021
Youth19: Safety & violence brief Short paper 2021
Exploring the health burden of cumulative and specific adverse childhood experiences in New Zealand : results from a population-based study Journal article 2021
INSPIRE indicator guidance and results framework : ending violence against children: how to define and meaure change Report - Unicef 2018
INSPIRE guide to adaptation and scale up Report - International 2021
Time for action : the way to a binding international treaty on violence against women Report - GRW 2020
Time for a change : the need for a binding international treaty on violence against women Report - GRW 2021
'For my safety' : Experiences of technology-facilitated abuse among women with intellectual disability or cognitive disability Report - Australia 2021
Violence against children during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article 2021
Estimate of the total economic costs of sexual violence in New Zealand Report 2021
Understanding the cycle of housing insecurity for domestic violence survivors from marginalized communities Report - US 2021
Experiences of the forensic medical exam after sexual assault : qualitative thematic synthesis Report 2021
Guidelines regarding the implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography* UN report 2021
Sexual exploitation of boys : a global review of existing literature on the sexual exploitation of boys Report - International 2021
Technology-facilitated abuse : a survey of the support services stakeholders Report - Australia 2021
Man enough? Measuring masculine norms to promote women’s empowerment Report - OECD 2021
Social networks of adolescent sexual violence perpetrators : peer friendship and trusted adult characteristics Journal article 2021
Beyond COVID-19 : a feminist plan for sustainability and social justice Report - UN Women 2021
Equality means business : WEPs brochure Report - UN Women 2021
Towards ethical international research partnerships in gender-based violence research : insights from research partners in Kenya Journal article 2021
Creating an inclusion action plan Resource - Australia 2021
30 ways to make your service more accessible Resource - Australia 2021
Women with disability and domestic and family violence : a guide for policy and practice Report - Australia 2021
Perinatal e-screening and clinical decision support: the Maternity Case-finding Help Assessment Tool (MatCHAT) Journal article 2021
Parent & family advocacy in international jurisdictions : evidence brief Report 2021
Evaluating the voluntary information sharing provisions of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 : final report Report 2021
What makes a good life for disabled children and young people? : A summary report in the What makes a good life? Children and young people’s views on wellbeing series Report 2021
The global prevalence of sexual assault : a systematic review of international research since 2010 Journal article 2021
Global perspectives on sexual violence : elucidating the role of sociocultural factors in sexual violence Journal article 2021
Sociocultural correlates of sexual and physical intimate partner violence across 98 countries : a hierarchical assessment based on economic development Journal article 2021
Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Dubravka Šimonović : taking stock of the femicide watch initiative UN report 2021
Literature review : Pae Whakatupuranga | Functional Family Therapy: Cross Generations Programme Report 2021
The effectiveness of college dating violence prevention programs : a meta-analysis Journal article 2021
Kinship care practice framework : using a life course approach Journal artcile 2017
# Me Too: Global progress in tackling continued custodial violence against women : the 10-year anniversary of the Bangkok Rules Journal article 2021
Kinship care and child protection in high-income countries : a scoping review Journal article 2021
Youth attitudes to domestic and family violence : a scoping review of young people’s attitudes and perceptions in Australia Journal article 2021
Family violence in the news : an analysis of media reporting of family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2021
Exploring the use of hotels as alternative housing by domestic violence shelters during COVID-19 Journal article 2021
Adapting service delivery during COVID-19 : experiences of domestic violence practitioners Journal article 2021
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