Men who use violence

This webinar was presented by the Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC) on 5 May 2020.

A version of this webinar with NZSL interpreting is also available to view.

The FVDRC presented the findings of their Sixth Report, ‘Men who use violence | Ngā tāne ka whakamahi i te whakarekereke.'

This report follows on from key findings and recommendations of previous reports, in that, to ensure victims’ safety, a significant focus on men who use violence is required. The report takes a life-course approach, seeking to understand the men’s life trajectory from birth to the family violence death event. It intentionally focuses on missed opportunities to change men’s development trajectory and the impact of their violent behaviour.

In this webinar, members of the Committee provided an overview of the findings of the report. In addition, contributions were provided from a lived experience perspective, and from NGO service providers to reflect on the implications of the report for service delivery, funding and capacity building within the sector. The recommendations of the report were also placed within the context of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Professor Jane Koziol-McLain, Chair of the Family Violence Death Review Committee
  • Dr Fiona Cram, Chair of Ngā Pou Arawhenua, the Māori caucus to the mortality review committees
  • Denis Grennell, Ngā Pou Arawhenua
  • Patumoana Jeremy Eparaima, motivational speaker on the prevention of family violence
  • Tim Marshall, Tauawhi Men's Centre
  • Nicola Woodward, Be Company
  • Dr Michael Roguski, Family Violence Death Review Committee

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Professor Julia Tolmie has written a response to the Sixth Report Victims should be front and centre in the response to men using violence (2020), saying:

“Despite the many strengths of the report, however, I am concerned that it tackles only part of what is required to address men’s use of violence against their female partners and children. … The focus of the Sixth Report on restoration and rehabilitation in response to men’s help seeking provides little guidance to assist us to improve our responses to men who are using and are not currently committed to stopping using violence.”