Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women - Garth Baker

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This seminar was held on 5 December 2013 at Tāmaki Innovation Campus, University of Auckland.

The seminar is about how we can involve men in preventing domestic and sexual violence. This involves making a welcoming approach to men, harnessing their motivation and providing them with real opportunities to make a difference.

Involving men is an international development in violence prevention that can make a real difference in New Zealand. Men can provide the positive influence other men need. By concentrating on men’s social norms there is a real opportunity to undermine the social environment that supports violence. And by transforming the links between masculinity and violence there can be real pressure to stop violence. This presentation will give you an understanding of the benefits of involving men, the theoretical basis of this work, motivation that can be used, what engages men, the challenges to be managed and future developments you could use effectively.

This presentation is based on NZFVC Issues Paper 5, Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women. The paper was published on White Ribbon Day in 2013.


Garth Baker, BA (Social Anthropology), PGDipBusAdmin (Dispute Resolution). Violence prevention researcher and programme designer.

Garth is a violence prevention researcher and programme designer. He established RAP, the youth violence prevention project, and has been involved in numerous violence prevention research projects. He’s designed several new programmes for men to learn how to live without violence, including a programme for Tongan men. He has advised on gender education resources for young men, trained men in Papua New Guinea and is currently designing an approach to address restrictive gender attitudes.