Owen Glenn pledges $80m to prevent family violence, child abuse

Owen Glenn today pledged a total of $80 million towards ending child abuse and other forms of family violence in New Zealand. This could include a commission of inquiry "to get to the bottom of why domestic violence and child abuse still remains such a major issue in New Zealand and to solve this issue."

The first initiave will be $8 million to reduce family violence and build community in Otara, South Auckland (where he once lived). This will be spent on projects including the following:

  • Support Otara Health to develop a Families Centre and to provide and coordinate a range of positive programmes and services for young people, parents and families;
  • Support Eastern Women’s Refuge and its associated Men’s Caucus to establish a Men’s House and programmes for violent men;
  • Introduce a “Coaching Boys into Men” programme for coaches and trainers in Otara to help boys understand that violence on or off the field is not OK.

He said, "People don’t realise that the cost of domestic violence and child abuse to the New Zealand economy is the equivalent of rebuilding Christchurch every four years – forever. It’s a national embarrassment."

Read 'Owen Glenn to Support Children and Families and Take Action against New Zealand’s Family Violence and Child Abuse Statistics', Media Release, 17/7/12


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