New report and 10-year action plan on Pacific child wellbeing

Wed 10 May 2023

A report looking at the strengths and needs of Pacific peoples within the context of Pacific child wellbeing was launched in March 2023.

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New report and action plan on Pacific child wellbeing

Moana Connect launched a new report and action plan addressing Pacific child wellbeing at the Pacific Child Wellbeing Conference in March 2023.

The report, Tamaiti ole Moana 2033: Towards 2033 – a 10-year action plan, focuses on 4 areas:

  • "Healthy, secure, and appropriate housing for families
  • Sufficient family income to provide for the children
  • Access to affordable and appropriate healthcare for the children
  • Access to education that connects to the children’s cultures."

The authors drew on decades of research, community provider experience and existing strategy development and policies to look at opportunities to improve Pacific child wellbeing. The authors took a strengths-based approach, highlighting Pacific people are young and increasingly skilled and the Pacific community has strong families and communities. Key findings include:

  • "Housing is key"
  • "Pacific people-led solutions are best"
  • "We have the policies and tools we need but they need to be expanded"
  • "Government needs to invest in Pacific people providers."

The report outlines 15 recommendations to work towards by 2023. They include:

  • "Empower Pacific providers and support Pacific models of care throughout health, social development and Oranga Tamariki/ state care services"
  • "Support growth in the Pacific care and health workforce."

Other recommendations address growth and development in Pacific early childhood education, access to health care, pay equity and transparency, and a range of actions related to financial security and housing.

Moana Connect Chief Executive Jacinta Fa’alili-Fidow encouraged the government to commit to the action plan and said:

"Most importantly, we need to empower Pacific communities to deliver the solutions. We have an existing range of amazing providers deeply embedded in our communities. We know our people best, so our message to the Government is simple; trust us and work with us."

Paediatrician and Director of Moana Connect Dr Teuila Percival spoke to 531pi about the conference and to 95bFM about the action plan. For more information see the related media below.

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Minister for Pacific Peoples Barbara Edmonds has announced the 2023 Pacific Language week series, saying:

“Pacific languages are a cornerstone of our health, wellbeing and identity as Pacific peoples. When our languages are spoken, heard and celebrated, our communities thrive.”

Pacific Language Week Dates for 2023:

  • Rotuman: Sunday 7 May – Saturday 13 May
  • Samoa: Sunday 28 May – Saturday 03 June
  • Kiribati: Sunday 09 July – Saturday 15 July
  • Cook Islands: Sunday 30 July – Saturday 05 August
  • Tonga: Sunday 03 September – Saturday 09 September
  • Tuvalu: Sunday 01 October – Saturday 07 October
  • Fijian: Sunday 08 October – Saturday 14 October
  • Niue: Sunday 15 October – Saturday 21 October
  • Tokelau: Sunday 22 October – Saturday 28 October.

Find more information on Pacific Language Weeks 2023 from the Ministry for Pacific Peoples.

The Pacific Mental Health Commissioner was launched at the Pasifika Futures Whānau Ora Conference in March 2023. The initiative will be delivered through Pasifika Futures' Ngalu Fānifo mental health service. The purpose of the initiative is to improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific people, families, and communities. Pasifika Medical Association and Pasifika Futures Chief Executive Officer Debbie Sorensen said "The priorities for the Pacific Mental Health Commissioner are to invest in people, in services, in gathering evidence, and in our most vulnerable and partnerships."

The Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy Annual Report (2021/2022) was published in April 2023. This is the second voluntary statutory report. It details progress towards achieving the outcomes in the Strategy. It includes specific information on outcomes for Māori and Pacific children and young people, and for other population groups where data is available. For more information see the media release from Minister for Child Poverty Reduction Jan Tinetti. Find related reports and information on the official website for the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

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