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Title Format Published
Gendered violence and citizenship : the long term effects of domestic violence on mental health, housing, work and social activity Preliminary report - Australia 2015
A high price to pay : the economic case for preventing violence against women Report - Australia 2015
"We want to learn about good love" : findings from a qualitative study assessing the links between comprehensive sexuality education and violence against women and girls Plan International UK report 2015
Review of practice for sexual exploitation of vulnerable adolescents in Auckland Report 2015
"Media advocacy project" : project summary Report 2010
Brief on violence against sexual and gender minority women : Violence Against Women and Girls Resource guide 2015
The world's women 2015 : trends and statistics UN Report 2015
Embodied harms : gender, shame, and technology-facilitated sexual violence Journal article 2015
Being child-centred : elevating children's interests in the work of your organisation Report 2015
Developing intimate partner violence intervention services for youth from migrant communities of colour : a technical report for Shakit Community Council, Inc. based on interviews with youth from Asian and Middle Eastern communities in Auckland, New Zealand Report 2015
Hospital responsiveness to family violence : 120 month follow-up evaluation Report 2015
Media representations of violence against women and their children : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
Advocacy for safety and empowerment : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
Promoting community-led responses to violence against immigrant and refugee women in metropolitan and regional Australia: The ASPIRE Project : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
Implementing trauma-informed systems of care in health settings: The WITH study : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
The PATRICIA Project: PAThways and Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women : state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes 2015
For every child, a fair chance : the promise of equity Unicef report 2015
Systematic review of structural interventions for intimate partner violence in low- and middle-income countries : organizing evidence for prevention Journal article 2015
Change the story : a shared framework for the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia Report --Australia 2015
The teaching of sexuality education in Years 7 to 13 : good practice : June 2007 Report 2007
The teaching of sexuality education in Years 7 to 13 : June 2007 Report 2007
Out of the darkness : arresting the spiral of family violence Journal article 2015
What is the potential for interventions designed to prevent violence against women to reduce children's exposure to violence? Findings from the SASA! study, Kampala, Uganda Journal article 2015
Intersections of culture, migration and intimate partner violence as told by migrant youth Journal article 2015
Teenpower violence prevention project : 2011 evaluation Report 2011
Victims of family violence who commit homicide Law Commission issues paper 2015
Families with complex needs : international approaches Superu In Focus paper 2015
Integrated social services for vulnerable people Superu What works paper 2015
Enabling women's potential : the social, economic and ethical imperative Report 2015
Domestic violence and private Family Court proceedings : promoting child welfare or promoting contact?   2015
Enhancing police responses to domestic violence incidents : reports from client advocates in New South Wales Journla article 2015
Can work be safe when home isn't? : initial findings of a pan-Canadian survey on domestic violence and the workplace Report 2014
Navigating homelessness and navigating abuse : how homeless mothers find transitional housing while managing intimate partner violence Journal article 2015
Soul pain : the hidden toll of working with survivors of physical and sexual violence Journal article 2015
Men’s violence against women and men are inter-related : recommendations for simultaneous intervention Journal article 2015
The impact of domestic violence in the workplace : results from a pan-Candian survey Journal article 2014
Positioning historical trauma theory within Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2014
He Mokopuna He Tupuna : investigating Māori views of childrearing amongst iwi in Tarana Report 2013
Primary prevention programme Report 2015
Beyond prevalence : an explanatory approach to reframing child maltreatment in the United Kingdom Journal article 2014
"It's hard to wrap your head around" : mapping the gaps between expert and public understandings of child maltreatment and child sexual abuse in Alberta Report 2015
Is mandatory reporting of child abuse an appropriate child protection tool for adolescents? PhD Thesis 2009
  Journal article 2015
Confidence and connectedness : indigenous Māori women's views on personal safety in the context of intimate partner violence Journal article 2015
Crime, Violence & Victimization Research Division's compendium of research on violence against women : 2003-2014 Report 2014
Risk assessment : what is it and how can it be applied in family violence? NZFVC Issues Paper 2015
Consumer perspectives of New Zealand community treatment programmes for sexually abusive youth Journal article 2011
Sexually abusive youth : a review of recidivism studies and methodological issues for future research Journal article 2006
Early intervention and prevention programme : with children who display concerning sexualised behaviour. Report for the Ministry of Justice. Executive summary Executive summary 2011
Sexual assault and domestic violence in the context of co-occurrence and re-victimisation : state of knowledge paper ANROWS paper 2015
Work with men to end violence against women : a critical stocktake Journal article 2015
“I didn’t know whether I was right or wrong or just bewildered” : ambiguity, responsibility, and silencing women’s talk of men’s domestic violence Journal article 2015
Boutokaan te mweeraoi : a conceptual framework for enhancing I-Kiribati wellbeing Report 2015
Chidren's contact services : key issuesCFCA paper2015
2014 New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey : main findings Report 2015
Young Australians' attitudes to violence against women : findings from the 2013 National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey for respondents 16 - 24 years Report - Australia 2015
Understanding whānau-centred approaches : analysis of Phase One Whānau Ora research and monitoring results Report 2015
“Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” catch hegemony by the toe : validating cultural protective constructs for indigenous children in Aotearoa Book chapter 2015
Engendering men : a collaborative review of evidence on men and boys in social change and gender equity Report - International 2015
From domestic violence to coercive control : towards the recognition of oppressive intimacy in the family court Journal article 2015
Reasoning and bias : heuristics in safety assessment and placement decisions for children at risk Journal article 2015
I-DECIDE: an online intervention drawing on the psychosocial readiness model for women experiencing domestic violence Journal article 2015
Primary prevention is? A global perspective on how organizations engaging men in preventing gender-based violence conceptualize and operationalize their work Journal article 2015
Better systems, better chances : a review of research and practice for prevention and early intervention Report - Australia 2015
Understanding Agency and Resistance Strategies (UNARS) : children's experiences of domestic violence Report - UK 2015
Intimate partner violence and family planning : opportunities for action Short paper - US 2015
A link in the chain : the role of family and friends in tackling domestic abuse Report - UK 2015
Victims Code Booklet 2015
Modernising Child, Youth and Family : Expert Panel Interim report 2015
Association between substance use and the perpetration of family violence : a systematic review Journal article 2015
Using administrative data to understand children at risk of poor outcomes as young adults Short paper 2015
More effective social services Report 2015
A formative evaluation of the Waikato Family Safe Network pilot Report 2015
Mates & Dates : Focus groups Summary report 2015
Evaluation of ACC's Mates and Dates : school-based healthy relationships primary prevention programme pilot Summary report 2015
Information sharing agreement for improving public services to vulnerable children : authorised by Part 9A of the Privacy Act 1993 Inter-agency agreement 2015
Petition 2011/124 of Ann Hodgetts and 744 others : Report of the Law and Oder Committee Report 2015
Social work recruitment and retention Report - UK 2015
Does New Zealand need a specific criminal offence for strangulation? Short paper 2015
Deliver us from evil Magazine article 2015
Preparing core members for Circles of Support & Accountability in New Zealand Journal article 2014
The dawn of Circles of Support & Accountability in New Zealand Journal article 2012
Measuring elder abuse in New Zealand : findings from the New Zealand Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA) Report 2015
The impact of migration on the health status of Iranians: an integrative literature review Journal article 2015
State of care 2015 : what we learnt from monitoring Child, Youth and Family Report 2015
Pacific peoples, violence, and the Power and Control Wheel Journal article 2015
A review of the Healthy Relationships programme : does it work for people with learning disabilities? Report 2015
‘His home is his castle. And mine is a cage’ : a new partial defence for primary victims who kill Journal artlcle 2015
Some memories never fade : Final report of the Confidential Listening and Assistance Service :2015 Report 2015
Reconviction rates of sex offenders : five year follow-up. Sex offenders against children vs offenders against adultsReport2011
Family resilience Short paper 2015
Increasing VIP programmes' responsiveness to Māori : a whānau-centred approach for the VIP programme Report 2014
The abuse of technology in domestic violence and stalking Journal article 2015
Stigma from professional helpers toward survivors of intimate partner violence Journal article 2015
How can we end the stigma surrounding domestic and sexual violence? : a modified Delphi study with national advocacy leaders Journal article 2015
Safe, healthy and ready to learn : policy recommendations to ensure children thrive in supportive communities free from violence and trauma Report - US 2015
Paraprofessional-delivered home-visiting intervention for American Indian teen mothers and their children : 3 year outcomes from a randomized controlled trial Journal article 2015
BSafe pilot project 2007-2010 Report - Australia 2012
BSafe from family violence : business case and 2012 evaluation findings Report - Australia 2012
Experiencing women’s advocacy ; connections with and departures from a feminist socio-political movement to end violence against women Short paper 2015
"Family violence, the law and restorative justice" Conference summary 2015
Hospital-treated assault injury among Victorian women aged 15 years and over due to intimate partner violence (IPV), Victoria 2009/10 to 2013/14 Short paper 2015
Tāmaki Makaurau - E Tu : working together to end violence in Auckland Action plan 2015
Homophobia, transphobia and men's behaviour change work Short paper 2015
SASA!: A film about women, violence and HIV/AIDS DVD 2007
'SASA! is the medicine that treats violence': Qualitative findings on how a community mobilisation intervention to prevent violence against women created change in Kampala, Uganda Journal article 2014
SASA! Mobilising communities to inspire social change Booklet 2011
Through the voice of faith : learnings to inspire domestic violence prevention through faith institutions Booklet 2011
Seeking help for domestic violence: Exploring rural women’s coping experiences ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
Building effective policies and services to promote women’s economic security following domestic violence ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
Establishing the connection [between alcohol and other drug use and sexual victimisation] ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
What does it take? Developing informed and effective tertiary responses to violence and abuse of women and girls with disabilities in Australia ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
National mapping and meta-evaluation outlining key features of effective "safe at home" programs that enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence ANROWS state of knowledge paper 2015
Child sexual abuse and adult sexual violence - perpetration by gender Short paper 2015
Strengthening New Zealand's legislative response to family violence Discussion document 2015
Reading guide for legislative responses to family violence NZFVC selected bibliography 2015
Legal responses to violence in the home in New Zealand Journal article 2011
Progress on the work programme for the Ministerial Group on Family Violence and Sexual Violence Cabinet paper 2015
It's not OK Campaign community evaluation report Report 2015
Case study 1: Counties Manukau Rugby League Report 2015
Case study 2: Gisborne Report 2015
Case study 3: Levin Report 2015
Case study 4: New Plymouth Report 2015
Case study 5: Ohakune Report 2015
Case study 6: Paeroa Report 2015
Case study 7: Taupō Report 2015
Prosecutors' perceptions of how to improve the quality of evidence in domestic violence cases Journal article 2015
Does training and documentation improve emergency department assessments of victims of domestic violence? Journal article 2013
Harmful connections : examining the relationship between violence against women and violence against children in the South Pacific Report 2015
Preventing and reducing violence against women : innovation in community-led studies Journal article 2014
Findings from the SASA! study: Cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of a community mobilization intervention to prevent violence against women and reduce HIV risk in Kampala, Uganda Journal article 2014
Toolkit on eliminating violence against women and girls with disabilities in Fiji Toolkit 2015
FVDRC Activities report July 2014 to June 2015 Report 2015
Alternative pre-trial and trial processes : possible reforms Law Commission issues paper 2012
Families and whānau status report 2015 Report 2015
A systematic review of interventions for preventing adolescent intimate partner violence Journal article 2014
Youth with serious mental health disorders: Wraparound as a promising intervention in New Zealand Journal article 2013
Data summary: Snapshot NZFVC data summary 2015
Data summary: Family violence deaths NZFVC data summary 2015
Data summary: Violence against women NZFVC data summary 2015
Data summary: Children and young people affected by family violence NZFVC data summary 2015
Data summary: Adult sexual violence NZFVC data summary 2015
Data summary: Child sexual abuse NZFVC data summary 2015
Measuring the toll : the family violence index Short - paper - Australia 2015
Best practice framework for the delivery of sexual health promotion services to Pacific communities in New Zealand Report 2013
Literature review on the key components of appropriate models and approaches to deliver sexual and reproductive health promotion to Pacific peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand Literature review 2013
Relationship education programmes : guide for schools Guide 2015
Promoting student health and wellbeing : Relationship Education: Guidance for schools addressing relationship violence and promoting positive gender relations Report 2013
Sexuality education : a guide for principals, boards of trustees and teachers Guide 2015
Guidelines for the prevention and management of vicarious trauma among researchers of sexual and intimate partner violence Guidelines - South Africa 2015
Towards gaining a greater understanding of elder abuse and neglect in New Zealand Report 2015
Conceptualising the prevention of child sexual abuse : final report Report - Australia 2015
Protecting children in research : safer ways to research with children who may be experiencing violence or abuse Journal article 2015
The Database of Victimisation Experiences Short paper - Australia 2015
Identifying first-time family violence perpetrators : the usefulness and utility of categorisations based on police offence records Short paper - Australia 2015
Prior offending among family violence perpetrators : a Tasmanian sample Short paper - Australia 2015
School-based interventions to prevent violence against women & girls : evidence brief Short paper - US 2015
Domestic violence typologies : what value to practice? Short paper - Australia 2015
Judicial education for domestic and family violence : state of knowledge paper Short paper - Australia 2015
Maternal and child health nurse screening and care for mothers experiencing domestic violence (MOVE) : a cluster randomised trial Journal article 2015
Caregivers’ voices : the experiences of caregivers of children who sustained serious accidental and non-accidental head injury in early childhood Journal article 2015
Global strategies to reduce violence by 50% in 30 years : findings from the WHO and University of Cambridge Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014 Report - UK 2015
A systematic review of childhood maltreatment assessments in population-representative surveys since 1990 Journal article 2015
Projected outcomes of Nurse-Family Partnership home visitation during 1996–2013, USA Journal article 2015
The Johnson typologies of intimate partner violence : an investigation of their representation in a general population of New Zealand women Journal article 2015
Creating change : mobilising New Zealand communities to prevent family violence NZFVC Issues Paper 2015
You, me / us Resource 2015
The link between community-based violence and intimate partner violence : the effect of crime and male aggression on intimate partner violence against women Journal article 2015
'Just say goodbye' : parents who kill their children in the context of separation Discussion paper - Australia 2012
Survivor-led ethics in multi-agency work Journal article 2015
Achieving gender equality to reduce intimate partner violence against women Journal article 2015
Cross-national and multilevel correlates of partner violence : an analysis of data from population-based surveys Journal article 2015
Sexual and reproductive health indicators and intimate partner violence victimization among female family planning clinic patients who have sex with women and men Journal article 2015
Is anybody listening? : The literature on the dialogical process of child sexual abuse disclosure reviewed Journal article 2015
Childhood maltreatment and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders : a systematic review Journal article 2015
‘Real men don't hit women’ : constructing masculinity in the prevention of violence against women Journal article 2015
Pathways to help : adolescent sexual assault victims’ disclosure and help-seeking experiences Journal article 2015
Providers’ perspectives about helpful information for evaluating domestic violence and sexual assault services : a practice note Journal article 2015
Women's experience of violence in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires PhD thesis 2014
Strangulation assessment, evidence collection, and documentation guidelines for forensic nurse examiners : a pilot project Short paper 2015
Police and prosecutors’ perceptions of adult sexual assault evidence associated with case authorisation and conviction Journal article 2015
Predictive modeling: potential application in prevention services Journal article 2014
Ethical issues for Māori in predictive risk modelling to identify new-born children who are at high risk of future maltreatment Report 2014
Predictive risk modelling and child maltreatment : an ethical review Report 2013
The feasibility of using predictive risk modelling to identify new-born children who are high priority for prevention services Report 2014
The ripple effect : Abuse prevention Magazine article 2015
Intimate partner sexual violence : a review of terms, definitions and prevalence Journal article 2015
Care in collaboration : preventing secondary victimisation through a holistic approach to pre-court sexual violence interventions PhD Thesis 2007
Knowing how to protect : using research evidence to prevent harm to children Short paper 2015
Improving efforts to prevent children’s exposure to violence : a handbook for defining program theory and planning for evaluation in the new evidence-based culture WHO Report 2014
Whānau ora: the first four years Report 2015
Primary prevention of sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand : a survey of prevention activities Journal article 2015
Sexual assaults on gay and bisexual men : barriers to reporting to the police MSc Thesis 2013
Transgender people, intimate partner abuse and the legal system Journal article 2013
Domestic / family homicide in Australia Short paper 2015
Toolkit on mapping legal, health and social services responses to child maltreatment WHO report 2015
School-based education programmes for the prevention of child sexual abuse Systematic review 2015
An outcome evaluation of Police Safety Orders Report 2015
Stopping violence : perpetrators' voices: summary of former perpetrators of family violence narratives of change Report 2014
Stories of change : moving beyond violence Report 2014
Understanding overrepresentation of indigenous children in child welfare data : an application of the Drake risk and bias models Journal article 2015
"It's about having control back, freedom from fear." : An evaluation of Shine safe@home programme for victims/survivors of domestic violence Report 2014
Parenting practices among fathers of a cohort of Pacific infants in New Zealand Journal article 2011
Improving the safety of women on college campuses : state of the scientific literature on the problem and response, Part 2 Journal special issue 2014
Improving the safety of women on college campuses : state of the scientific literature on the problem and response, Part 1 Journal special issue 2014
Safeguarding people's right to be free from abuse : key considerations for preventing and responding to alleged staff to client abuse in disability services Occasional paper - Australia 2012
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorders in young adulthood : Part II: Psychiatric outcomes of childhood sexual abuse Journal article 1996
Childhood sexual abuse and psychiatric disorders in young adulthood : Part I: The prevalence of sexual abuse and he factors associated with sexual abuse Journal article 1996
Responding to children and young people’s disclosures of abuse AIFS Practitioner resource 2015
Children affected by domestic and family violence : a review of domestic and family violence prevention, early intervention and response services Report - Australia 2014
Mothering and domestic violence : situating maternal protectiveness in gender Journal article 2015
Meta-Analysis of the prevalence of unacknowledged rape Journal article 2015
Reducing the impact of alcohol on family violence Superu What works series 2015
Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field: state of knowledge paper ANROWS Landscapes series 2015
Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field: key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass series 2015
Risky residences : an exploratory study of sexual violence in university halls of residence Masters thesis 2015
Moving on : structural violence and age(ncy) in young South Asian women's lifeworlds post-family violence in Aotearoa / New Zealand Masters thesis 2014
Effective parenting programmes Superu What works series 2015
Evaluation standards for Aotearoa New Zealand Guidelines 2015
Not now, not ever : putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland Report - Australia 2015
Innovative justice responses to sexual offending : pathways to better outcomes for victims, offenders and the community Report - Australia 2014
Opportunities for early intervention : bringing perpetrators of family violence into view Report - Australia 2015
Domestic violence : the impact on business Journal article 2012
Manufacturing egalitarian injustice : a discursive analysis of the rhetorical strategies used in fathers’ rights websites in Aotearoa/New Zealand Journal article 2014
Fault lines : human rights in New Zealand Report 2015
Evaluation of the 2014 family law reforms: phase one : report to the New Zealand Law Foundation Report 2015
Alcohol and other drugs and family violence : a selected bibliography NZFVC bibliography 2015
Key findings from "Exploring alcohol policy approaches to prevent sexual violence perpetration" written by Caroline Lippy, and Sarah DeGue et al : research translation by NSVRC Short paper 2015
Late-life homicide-suicide : a national case series in New Zealand Journal article 2015
Safer recruitment, safer children : guidance for choosing safe people to work with children Guidelines 2015
Safer organisations, safer children : guidelines for child protection policies to build safer organisations Guidelines 2015
Charming or harming : case studies of emotional abuse in heterosexual intimate partner relationships Masters thesis 2013
Report on Police's handling of the alleged offending by 'Roastbusters' Report 2015
What to do if someone hurts you or does bad things to you : information about gender-based violence for people with disabilities Easy read booklet - US 2015
Preventing youth violence : opportunities for action Report - US 2014
Preventing domestic violence in young men : masculinity, intimacy and alcohol’s ‘man laws’ Journal article 2011
‘Ordinary decent domestic violence’ : a discursive analysis of family law judges’ interviews Journal article 2015
Sexuality education : emerging trends in evidence and practice Journal article 2015
Rethinking the concept of consent for anti-sexual violence activism and education Journal article 2014
Child custody evaluators’ beliefs about domestic abuse allegations : their relationship to evaluator demographics, background, domestic violence knowledge and custody-visitation recommendations. Final Technical Report Submitted to the National Institute of Justice Report - US 2011
Factors associated with child custody evaluators’ recommendations in cases of intimate partner violence Journal article 2013
Alcohol-related injury : an evidence-based literature review Report 2012
Portrayal of violence, weapons, antisocial behaviour and alcohol: study of televised music videos in New Zealand Report 2014
Portrayal of violence, weapons, antisocial behaviour and alcohol: study of televised music videos in New Zealand Journal article 2015
The hidden harm : alcohol's impact on children and families Report - Australia 2015
Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into police conduct : fourth monitoring report. Report 2015
Wāhine Māori, wāhine ora, wāhine kaha: preventing violence against Māori women Report 2015
Supportive relationships and active skill-building strengthen the foundations of resilience Working paper - US 2015
Becoming better helpers: Rethinking language to move beyond simplistic responses to women experiencing intimate partner violence Journal article 2015
Adolescent violence in the home : the missing link in family violence prevention and response ADFVC stakeholder paper 2011
Researching violence against women in Aotearoa / New Zealand Journal article 2014
Thinking about children : how does it influence policy and practice? Book chapter 2015
Estimating the effect of intimate partner violence on women’s use of contraception: A systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2014
Baby makes 3 : Project report Report - Australia 2011
A mountain all can climb : A state of the nation report from The Salvation Army Report 2015
An insight into the experience of sleeping rough in central Auckland Report 2015
“I couldn’t do it to a kid knowing what it did to me” : The narratives of male sexual abuse victims’ resiliency to sexually offending Journal article 2015
Beyond the 'sext' : Technology facilitated sexual violence and harassment against adult women Journal article 2015
An evaluation of Operation RESET : An initiative for addressing child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities Journal article 2015
Evaluation and applications of the Clinically Significant Change method with the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender version : Implications for risk-change communication Journal article 2015
The Manukau Family Violence Court : An evaluation of the Family Violence Court process Report 2008
The Waitakere and Manukau Family Violence Courts : An evaluation summary Report 2008
Responding together: An integrated report evaluating the aims of the Waitakere Family Violence Court protocols Report 2008
The Dyn project: Supporting men experiencing domestic abuse. Final evaluation report Report - UK 2006
Domestic violence in gay and lesbian relationships ADFVC topic paper 2005
Sexual violence surveillance : uniform definitions and recommended data elements. Version 2.0 Report - US 2014
A web-based intervention for abused women : the New Zealand isafe randomised controlled trial protocol Journal article 2015
Childhood physical punishment or maltreatment and partnership outcomes at age 30 Journal article 2014