ACC invest $44.9 million in sexual violence primary prevention, tender open, report on cost of sexual violence

Mon 11 Oct 2021

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is investing $44.9 million over four years to establish a fit-for-purpose sexual violence primary prevention system.

Minister for ACC Carmel Sepuloni announced the funding investment noting that the sexual violence primary prevention system would focus on more than just violence, including the whole community and addressing the social drivers that allow sexual violence to occur.

She said the system would focus on communities most impacted by violence and gaps in the current response, including Māori, Pasifika, disabled, rainbow, ethnic and migrant communities, and older New Zealanders. The system would include a range of initiatives, including education, workforce development, community mobilisation and behaviour change.

Minister Sepuloni said "The new Te-Tiriti-informed primary prevention system announced today, will provide long-term, sustained investment and enhance our Government’s effort to prevent sexual violence. The package includes $11.715 million of targeted investment for kaupapa Māori approaches."

Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence Marama Davidson said "The approach being taken by ACC, aligns with the wider kaupapa of the Joint Venture and soon to be released National Strategy, which recognises that we cannot eliminate violence if we focus solely on response. This is why we are working with communities to develop prevention and healing components to stop violence from happening in the first place.”

Tender for Strategic Programme Design consultancy

ACC is seeking a Strategic Programme Design consultancy (or consortium/collective) to help develop the foundations for implementation of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi-centred investment in building a sexual violence primary prevention system.

The tender for Request for Proposals closes on 28 October 2021.

More information is available on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS), see RFx ID: 24902801.

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A new report identifies the economic cost of sexual violence in New Zealand is equivalent to $6.9 billion in 2020. ACC commissioned Business and Economic Research Ltd (BERL) to produce the report, Estimate of the total economic costs of sexual violence in New Zealand (2021). The BERL media release notes that the $6.9 billion in 2020 is made up "...of $600 million to the Crown, $5.2 billion to individuals, and $1.1 billion to wider society. This represents 6.3 percent of Core-Crown expenses in 2020 ($108 billion)."

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