Survey to inform new Expert Advisory Group - extended until Wednesday 16 October

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A survey of community agencies is being conducted by the Family Violence Unit, Ministry of Social Development. This is to inform the work of the recently announced Expert Advisory Group. Update: The survey closing date has been extended to Wednesday 16 October at 5pm. The following information was provided by the Family Violence Unit:

"The Government’s Family Violence Ministerial Group has asked that an Expert Advisory Group on Family Violence be established to produce a short, succinct piece of action orientated advice that provides an independent perspective on achieving an effective, well-integrated, accessible, high quality Family Violence services for all New Zealanders.

To assist in the preparation of this report, the Expert Advisory Group will:

  • Identify opportunities to build and apply knowledge of what works nationally and internationally to address and prevent family violence
  • Encourage an evidence-based and practice informed perspective to influencing behavioural change
  • Consider work undertaken to date    

As part of informing the work of the Expert Advice Advisory Group on Family Violence we are asking community agencies to complete a short, quick turnaround survey. The survey identifies the communities organisations are working with, the three biggest challenges these communities face in regards to addressing and preventing family violence and the three priority actions that would make the greatest difference and why?

Please follow this link to complete the survey:

The completion date for the survey is 5pm Friday the 11th of October."


The Ministry of Social Development has been criticised by sector groups for providing only 48 hours to respond to the survey.


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