UN Women toolkit supports Pacific region to end violence against women and girls

Tue 08 Sep 2015

UN Women have published a toolkit which seeks to support Pacific Island countries in creating and implementing effective projects to end violence ...

UN Women have published a toolkit which seeks to support Pacific Island countries in creating and implementing effective projects to end violence against women and girls.

Prevalence studies in the Pacific region report up to two in three women experience violence in their lifetime, twice the global average. The toolkit, How to design projects to end violence against women and girls: a step-by-step guide to taking action is the first of its kind in the Pacific, designed in response to stakeholder requests for practical user-friendly materials and resources to support projects.

The toolkit uses an evolving case study to guide readers through the project cycle steps, from basic concepts such as gender and human rights through to more technical aspects such as needs assessments, workplans, data collection, media outreach, stakeholder relationships and monitoring and evaluation techniques. It includes group activities, tips, templates and online resources as well as potential funding sources.

Aleta Miller, UN Women's representative at the Fiji Multi-Country Office in Suva, said "This toolkit is designed to help transform that passion and knowledge into realistic and effective projects that a donor can be excited about and confident to fund. All of which will take us that much closer to our ultimate goal of ensuring that every women and girl in the Pacific can live a life free from violence."

The toolkit is designed to work for organisations of all sizes and levels. Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Margaret Twomey, said "Pacific Island governments and civil society organisations find it difficult to access funding, resources and the capacity to design and carry out projects that address violence against women. This toolkit contains hands-on user-friendly content that can help organisations develop and carry out projects effectively in the various contexts they work in."

The toolkit was developed by the UN Women Pacific Regional Ending Violence against Women Facility Fund (Pacific Fund). The Fund provides grants and capacity building support to government departments and civil society organisations specifically working to end violence against women and girls in the region. The toolkit was funded by the Australian Government.

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