Social change toolkit support for community projects and ideas

Image: iStock

A new social change toolkit for community projects is available online. The toolkit was developed and funded by Think Differently, a social change campaign which encourages and supports a shift in attitudes towards disabled people. Many of the tools and resources available are also relevant for projects on a range of issues, including family violence.

The Social Change Toolkit helps "changemakers" work through the thinking behind projects, clarify the change desired, and provides the tools, templates and tips to help make that change happen.

The toolkit is broken into three sections: Creating Change, My Project, and Tools and Resources. "Creating Change" provides information on what social change is, including the newest developments, case studies from New Zealand and overseas, links to other useful information, and tips and advice. "My Project" allows users to save project development progress in one place. "Tools and Resources" are available to assist project planning from initial research to evaluation, including helpful links to other resources.

Registering on the website is free. It also connects you to a network of other changemakers by sharing your details and participating in the online forum. For more information, visit the Think Differently website, or follow on Facebook.