Safe & Together online training discount available

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The Safe & Together Institute is offering a 25% discount on their e-learning courses for orders placed before 31 October 2018. 

The work of the US-based Safe & Together Institute focuses on the intersection of child welfare, child maltreatment and domestic violence.

In their Fifth Report, the Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC) highlighted the Safe & Together model as promising practice, noting that "The Safe and Together model supports a shift from a ‘failure to protect’ approach to a perpetrator pattern, child-centred and survivor strengths-based approach" (Family Violence Death Review Committee: fifth report: January 2014 to December 2015, page 102).

The e-learning courses currently available include:

Safe & Together: An Introduction to the Model

The Model provides a framework for partnering with domestic violence survivors and intervening with domestic violence perpetrators in order to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children. The course covers the principles and components of the model, the perpetrator-pattern based approach, partnering with the survivor, how perpetrator behaviour impacts the child and applying the model to your work.

Multiple Pathways to Harm: A Comprehensive Assessment Framework

This course provides an introduction to the Safe & Together Model of Multiple Pathways to Harm assessment and critical thinking framework. It provides tools to apply a comprehensive assessment lens to the impact of domestic violence perpetrator behaviours on child and family functioning.

Working with Men as Parents: Fathers’ Parenting Choices Matter

This course provides an understanding of male parental development and how men’s choices and behaviours impact child and family functioning. It addresses using a father-inclusive, domestic violence-informed framework to engage men and to development meaningful child and family focused interventions.

To get the 25% discount use the Discount Code: DVAWARE when purchasing the e-learning courses

The discount is available for international orders. Bulk orders can be placed by the end of October but paid for later. 

More information

In 2017, FVDRC published a position brief on the need to address intimate partner violence and child abuse and neglect together. See our news story for more information about the brief and related resources and research.