Pasefika Proud - building violence free families

Image: iStock

The Pasefika Proud campaign was launched in Manukau on 30 August 2013. The campaign seeks to address violence within Pacific families and communities by drawing on the strengths of the people and Pacific cultures. It aims to promote 'Pasefika Proud - Our Families, Our People Our Responsibility' as a message people around New Zealand can relate to.

At the launch, Associate Social Development Minister Tariana Turia said, "The campaign is built on the hope that out of the challenge and despair of domestic violence, Pasefika cultures will be the key to liberation. It is a campaign drawn out of the dream, that families will be violence-free, that homes will be sites of safety, that Pasefika peoples will be strong, nurturing and proud".

Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira, Chair of the Pacific Advisory Group to the Taskforce for Action on Violence Within Families says "Pasefika Proud is a strengths-based approach using our culture as a way of exploring positive solutions ... It will allow our Pacific communities to truly engage on all of the challenges that face us in our efforts to address family violence".

The campaign is part of the Pacific Peoples Programme of Work in addressing family violence and is led by the Pacific Advisory Group. Pasefika Proud is set to run for a minimum of two years, driven by the Pacific Media Network, Police and the Pacific Island Safety and Prevention Project. Research and evaluation are to guide and measure the campaign.

Find out more about the campaign on the Minstry of Social Development website.


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