New funding model for Whānau Ora

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A new funding model for Whānau Ora has been announced by Minister Tariana Turia. From 2014, responsibility for awarding contracts will be held by three non-governmental commissioning agencies, to be set up from within the community sector.

Minister Turia said,

“The Government will establish a Crown-Iwi Whanau Ora Partnership Group comprising senior ministers, iwi chairs and experts on Whanau Ora.”

“Three Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) commissioning agencies will be established, one based in the North Island, one in the South Island and a Pacific agency. These agencies will be required to have their own regional networks and capabilities to support their commissioning plans and decision-making.”

“This new commissioning model signals the wind down of the Regional Leadership Groups at the end of December. The governance group will also be wound down with its final task being the overseeing of the RFP process for the three NGO commissioning agencies. Te Puni Kokiri will remain the administering department for Whanau Ora at this point.”

The Labour Party said if elected to Government, it would bring the commissioning of Whānau Ora funding back to Te Puni Kōkiri.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said Whānau Ora needed more time to bed in before responsibility for allocating contracts is transferred.

"I think it needs to be running effectively, it needs to be well monitored, it needs to have widespread support amongst Maori before changing the model to something different.

Whānau Ora receives an average of $40 million of government funding per year.

Further detail on the changes is available on the Te Puni Kōkiri website.


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