MOJ call for proposals to develop training package for justice workforce

Wed 15 Dec 2021

The Ministry of Justice has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

The RFP 25240272, Family Violence and Sexual Violence Response Training Package, is inviting proposals to develop a training package for the justice workforce on responding to family violence and sexual violence.

The closing date to submit a proposal is 21 January 2022.

A detailed RFP document provides background information about the request. We highlight key points from the RFP document below.

The scope outlined in the RFP document states:

"The scope of this Request for Proposal (RFP) includes the development of a high quality, comprehensive training package (the Training Package) for the justice workforce on family violence and sexual violence response. Kaupapa Māori understanding and approaches to family violence and sexual violence must be included in the Training Package."

It also notes that the delivery of the training is not in scope for this RFP.

The overview in the detailed RFP states:

"The Ministry requires a high-quality Training Package on best practice response to people that are impacted by family violence and sexual violence. The Training Package will be used to improve the quality of the Ministry’s response to court participants who are impacted by family violence or sexual violence.

While delivery of the Training Package to the justice workforce is not within scope of this RFP the Ministry anticipates that, in future, the Training Package will be delivered across a full day in a face-to-face group learning environment. The Training Package that is delivered to the Ministry at the completion of the contract must be fully developed and ready for use by trainers and trainees. Our preference is that the Training Package includes both foundational and advanced components and that it is structured in a way that means the foundational and advanced components can be completed by the trainees at different times."

The RFP document highlights two learning objectives that must be met by the training package:

"• each trainee understands the dynamics and impacts of family violence and sexual violence and knows how to respond safely and appropriately to court participants who are impacted by either family violence or sexual violence;

• each trainee can use a neutral and non-judgmental approach to people who disclose family violence and sexual violence whether they are a victim or a perpetrator."

The RFP document also notes the training should be suitable for a diverse range of adult learners and states:

"The groups from within the justice workforce that the Training Package is initially intended to be delivered to includes:

• Frontline Ministry of Justice employees e.g. Court Security Officers, Registrars and others who interact with the public;

• Tribunal chairs and members;

• Professionals contracted to deliver services to court participants or advice to judges e.g. Communication Assistants;

• The legal profession that interacts with the court system;

• Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver services and programmes in the community; and

• Community magistrates and judicial officers."

For more information see the RFP 25240272, Family Violence and Sexual Violence Response Training Package. The detailed RFP document is available once signed in to the GETS website as a supplier. For questions, contact the Procurement Team at

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