Ministry of Health seeking feedback on health strategies

Fri 17 Feb 2023

The Ministry of Health has begun work to develop 5 population-specific health strategies. Public consultation has begun for some of these health strategies including the strategies for women, disabled people and Hauora Māori. Some closing dates for feedback are in March 2023.

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Consultation on health strategies

Update: Manatū Hauora | the Ministry of Health published the Government’s Pae Ora, Healthy Futures Strategies in July 2023.

Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health in partnership with Te Aka Whai Ora | Māori Health Authority and Te Whatu Ora | Te Whatu Ora is developing a series of health strategies.

There will be six health strategies in total – a Workforce Strategy and five population-specific strategies:

  • Hauora Māori Strategy
  • Pacific Health Strategy
  • Health of Disabled People Strategy
  • Women’s Health Strategy
  • Rural Health Strategy.

The Women’s Health Strategy, Rural Health Strategy and Health Workforce Strategy are new strategies for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Hauora Māori Strategy, Pacific Health Strategy and Health of Disabled People Strategy will be informed by existing strategies and action plans.

Manatū Hauora described the purpose of the health strategies:

"The strategies will set the direction across the health system and will inform decision-making and priority setting by Government and the health system.

The purpose of the strategies is to provide the roadmap for change – they won’t commit us to particular actions needed to get there. This will be the role of the New Zealand Health Plan and the next Government Policy Statement."

The strategies are currently being developed. There are different ways to give feedback and participate in the development.

Currently submissions are open on the Health of Disabled People Strategy and the Women’s Health Strategy.

The closing date for both of these submissions is 17 March 2023.

For submissions on the Health of Disabled People Strategy, there are specific Questions for engagement and submissions.

For submissions on the Women's Health Strategy, there are no specific feedback questions, but there are suggested topics that include wellbeing, wellbeing needs, patterns and trends, the health system’s performance for women, priorities for system change and health workforce.

For information on development of the other strategies see the following:

This is part of the government's work to develop a new health system. Manatū Hauora has set up, Tātou, an online discussion platform for people to participate in this process. You can visit Tātou anytime you like, as many times as you like, to have your say. For more information see Contributing to the mahi or contact

Update: The Backbone Collective has published their submission to the consultation, Submission on Women’s Health Strategy from The Backbone Collective (March 2023).

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