Kiribati Leaders meet to progress family violence prevention plan

Image: Pexels

Leaders from the Kiribati community have met in Auckland to host a maungatabu (forum) to progress the Maneaba Strategic Action Plan (MSAP).

The MSAP is a three-year action plan for the prevention of family violence in Kiribati communities in New Zealand. It covers May 2016 to December 2019. The MSAP builds on and implements Boutokan te mweraoi - A Conceptual Framework for enhancing I-Kiribati wellbeing.

The I-Kiribati project team established by the Ministry of Social Development Pacific Unit developed the three year action plan in May 2016. It was initially titled the Kiribati Prevention Strategic Action Plan, but was renamed the Maneaba Strategic Action Plan (MSAP).

The MSAP states "Maneaba represents the whole of society: the kainga (extended family), the kaawa (village), and the abwamakoro (island). In the Maneaba, the unimane (elders) make decisions resulting in making peace and resolving conflicts." 

The strategic goals outlined in the plan include:

  • "Promote positive, strength-based messaging to support healthy relationships and behaviour
  • Harness strong cultural identity to create a positive environment
  • Build community connectedness and ownership."

Facilitator and Project Lead Rose Sinclair said the maungatabu in May enabled agreement on a number of further actions to be implemented from the action plan.