Impact of work testing on women escaping violent relationships

The Greens' Jan Logie speaks in Parliament about the impact of work testing for women on the DPB escaping family violence:

“The nature of domestic violence, which we know affects one in three women in this country, means that its female victims are often unable to work, or work in their chosen career, or stay in a job long-term, and international studies have shown that victims of domestic violence have 15% more chance of being jobless and 55% more chance of being on a benefit. International research indicates that over a third and up to a half of women on the DPB are likely to be in or more importantly, escaping violent relationships. That’s up to half of the women on the DPB leaving violent relationships. To institute mandatory work preparedness requirements and pressure women leaving these violent relationships to go into work flies in the face of generations of work in this country to enable women to leave these violent relationships.”

Click here to hear her speak.