Call for proposals for Te Tāmata Tipu, national sexual violence conference 2024

Wed 12 Jun 2024

TOAH-NNEST is calling for proposals for their bi-annual conference. Proposals are due by 20 June 2024.

logo for the Te Tāmata Tipu national conference with the words call for proposals under it

Call for proposals for TOAH-NNEST conference

Te Ōhaakii ā Hine – National Network for Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST) is inviting proposals for presentations and workshops for the bi-annual National Sexual Violence Conference.

Proposals are due by 20 June 2024. This date has been extended from the original date in the call for proposals.

The conference will be held in Christchurch from 19-20 November 2024. The theme of the conference “Te Tāmata Tipu” is about restoring growth and vitality. The TOAH-NNEST call for proposals explains:

"Tāmata is to cultivate and work the soil and tipu is the seedling. Te Tāmata Tipu is about creating the conditions for the seedlings to grow again and prosper. There have been some challenging conditions, and it is imperative to ensure the soils are right for them to grow and thrive. This theme was gifted to us by Dr Eruera Tarena (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Porou, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui)."

The conference aims to bring together people working in mahi tūkino | sexual violence to build relationships, workshop, share knowledge and learn. People working in sexual violence, academics, researchers, practitioners, educators, activists, and policy makers are invited to submit proposals.

The call for proposals notes that TOAH-NNEST is seeking "...proposals that include an understanding of Te Ao Māori and reflect the diversity of those impacted by mahi tūkino. We are looking for exciting and inspiring ideas, collaborative approaches, and responses to ending mahi tūkino, prevention, healing, justice, and community leadership among Māori and Tauiwi."

For questions contact TOAH-NNEST at

Symposium on rough sex, choking and strangulation

Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Aotearoa (MEDSAC) are facilitating and hosting a national, cross-sector, ‘Rough Sex’/'Choking'/Strangulation Symposium in Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara | Wellington on 29 November 2024. MEDSAC is facilitating the symposium with a rōpū including Nikki Denholm, Samantha Keene, Nicola Gavey and Melanie Beres. Details for the symposium are still be finalised. For questions or to stay up to date on the symposium, contact


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