Announcement of the Vulnerable Children Bill

Tue 20 Aug 2013

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced that legislative changes around vulnerable children will be introduced shortly in an ...

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced that legislative changes around vulnerable children will be introduced shortly in an omnibus Bill.

Briefly, the legislation holds Police, Justice, and the Ministries of Health, Education and Social Development Chief Executive Officers accountable for protecting and improving the lives of vulnerable children. Child protection policies will be adopted by those five departments as well as Te Puni Kōkiri, the Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (Housing), District Health Boards and school Board of Trustees.

The Vulnerable Children Bill will also introduce standard screening and vetting of the 'children's workforce', Child Harm Prevention Orders and measures targeting 'subsequent children', potentially including limiting the guardianship rights of birth parents. The Bill will be introduced, have its first reading and be referred to Select Committee in August or September 2013.

Read Paula Bennett's announcement and media release and visit the Children's Action Plan website for further information. Responses to the announcement from various NGOs, political parties and a range of other organisations are collated in the media below.

UPDATE: Read the Vulnerable Children Bill, introduced to Parliament on 2 September 2013.


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