ACC seeks new members for sexual violence advisory panel

Tue 11 Jul 2023

ACC is inviting expressions of interest for ACC’s Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel. Applications close on 20 July 2023.

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ACC seeks new members for sexual violence advisory panel 

ACC is inviting people to submit an expression of interest to join the ACC Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel.

Applications are due by 20 July 2023.

ACC has Customer Advisory Panels that support ACC to improve access, experiences, and outcomes for injured people and their families/whānau. One of those panels is the Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel.

The Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel connects ACC to the voices and needs of survivors of sexual violence and the people who support survivors. The Panel provides strategic, experiential and technical advice to support ACC to strengthen prevention, equity, and services to improve outcomes for survivors and families/whānau. 

ACC is seeking new members for the Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel who:

  • "Are passionate about prevention of and response to sexual violence in Aotearoa.
  • Experience working with, or alongside, survivors of sexual violence, iwi, hapū and whānau.
  • A sound understanding of the sexual violence sector.
  • A sound understanding of the Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims.
  • Demonstrate the ability to share a variety of views, concerns, and feedback of others, including those of clients, providers, and suppliers of ACC’s services.
  • Have the confidence to actively join in helpful and open dialogue in a group setting."

The call for panellists notes that

"All panellists will have wide knowledge and experience as a leader in the broader sexual violence sector.

This knowledge, experience, and leadership may be through their own experience as a survivor of sexual violence, as a family/whānau member of, or advocate for, survivors of sexual violence, or as an appointed leader and representative of a specific organization related to sexual violence.

Panellists will also be selected to reflect cultural, age, gender, and geographic diversity, with intentional recruitment of members who represent Tangata Whenua, Pasifika, rainbow and takatāpui, and disabled communities."

You can apply online, contact ACC to apply over the phone or submit a video application. 

For more information or to apply, see the ACC news story Keeping ACC connected to the communities we serve. Contact ACC with questions at

See information about the current Sexual Violence Customer Advisory Panel members and Terms of Reference.

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ACC is evolving and strengthening the way they support survivors of sexual abuse and assault through the Integrated Service for Sensitive Claims (ISSC). This work involves ongoing engagement with stakeholder groups to identify challenges and opportunities to improve outcomes for survivors of sexual violence and to seek input on potential changes to the ISSC. ACC hosts quarterly sessions to share updates and hear from key stakeholders. The next sessions are scheduled for July and November. The July e-update from Te Puna Aonui has an update on this work. See the ACC website to learn more about this work and the quarterly sessions.

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