Shine RESPOND Level 2 - Foundational skills training

Date and time

  • Thursday 8 August 2024, 9am-4pm.


Shine Training Centre, Ground Floor, 409 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

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Building on attendees' existing understanding and experience, this training explores the complexity of risk, how one can make accurate assessments, and to understand client-led and client-centered interventions.

Using case-based learning, attendees will learn how to make in-depth risk assessments and develop safe strategies and plans to provide effective and useful support mechanisms to people experiencing family violence. Attendees will expand their understanding of safety, dignity and wellbeing when working with people impacted by family violence. This 1-day training can be tailored to provide a bespoke session aligned with your organisational processes and specific context.

Prerequisite: Level 1 Introductory Training or relevant on the job knowledge or experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Response-based practice (RBP) as an approach to engagement with clients

  • Explore the complexity of risk and how to make accurate assessments

  • Develop ways of tailored safety strategising that provide effective and useful support to people experiencing violence.

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