Safe & Together™ Model Overview Training by Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support


Thursday 25 July 2024




Te Waipuna Puawai - 12a Umere Crescent Ellerslie - Auckland 1051 New Zealand

Organised by

Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support



This experiential training provides participants with an introduction to, and overview of, the Safe & Together™ Model.

This overview training, delivered by Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support, gives the foundation for domestic violence-informed practice by focusing on cross-cutting themes, a pattern-based approach and survivor strengths. The presentation includes:

  • Information about creating a domestic violence-informed child welfare system.

  • Principles and components of the Safe & Together Model.

  • Information about the framework behind competency-building in child welfare around domestic violence.


  • Introduce a perpetrator pattern framework.

  • Introduce and understand the Safe & Together Model principles and components and how those guide practice in various roles.

  • Introduce how to use the Safe & Together Model as a way to enhance good practice in various roles.

  • Share information about the range of activities and offerings from the Safe & Together Institute.

Key Topics

  • Cross-cutting themes

  • Perpetrator pattern-based approach

  • Domestic violence-informed documentation

  • Holistic assessment of survivor strengths.

Target Audience

  • Child welfare professionals

  • Domestic violence liaisons

  • Domestic violence advocates and counsellors

  • Law enforcement

  • Attorneys

  • Guardians ad litem

  • Community service providers

  • Mental health providers

  • Batterer intervention providers

  • Substance abuse providers and others are welcome to attend.

For all questions, contact the organiser, Aisha Bellamy:

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