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These pages are updated with new information. To check what's been added recently, see Latest updates. This page provides general wellbeing information and resources. Topics include:

Mental health

Supporting and nurturing children

Staying safe online

Working through COVID-19


Mental health


You can free call or text 1737 at any time to speak with a trained counsellor – it’s free and confidential.

Other helplines include:


Getting Through Together – Whāia E Tātou Te Pae Tawhiti is a national mental health and wellbeing campaign brought to you by the team at All Right? – Community and Public Health and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

The Mental Health Foundation has resources on looking after mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

Go to the ALL RIGHT? website for simple things you can do to look after yourself and others from the Canterbury District Health Board and Mental Health Foundation.

Alcohol Healthwatch lists a range of mental health and alcohol support services available at this time on this page:
Unite against COVID-19 - helping whānau & communities prevent alcohol issues.

PGF Services provide counselling services by phone or video calls for people affected by gambling harm. Call them on
0800 664 262.

The government has announced additional resources to support people looking after their mental wellbeing.

  • Mentemia is an app that coaches mental wellbeing (Co-founders Sir John Kirwan and Adam Clark)
  • Melon is a self-care and support website for NZers during Covid-19 (supported by Ministry of Health)
  • Staying on Track is a guide to support your wellbeing during COVID-19 (Wisegroup)  


Supporting and nurturing children

The Mental Health Foundation has compiled a list of The best-est free parenting apps & websites including:

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (ages 3-5)
    You know how much we love Sesame Street! This app shows how breathing can help us to relax and think more clearly when we’re frustrated.
  • Stop, breathe and think KIDS (ages 4-10)
    A good app to help with mindfulness and emotional literacy.
  • Headspace (ages 8 - 100!)
    This is a nice introduction to mindfulness and meditation.
  • SKIP Tips (ages 1 - 6) - NZ
    Great ideas for parents to manage challenging behaviour, from biting to tantrums.

S.K.I.P. has information and resources to keep kids safe and nurtured in tricky times.


Staying safe online

Netsafe has partnered with the government on the Keep It Real Online campaign to address children and tamariki safety online.

The Online Safety Parent Toolkit has information for parents about online safety including online bullying, grooming, social media, sexting and screen time. The toolkit has information, advice and tips to help parents, whānau and caregivers support young people. 

The Staying Safe Online Guide from NetSafe contains simple and practical tips related to popular digital platforms. 

Netsafe provided the best online safety tips for lockdown.

Netsafe has many other resources on staying safe and connected online, including how to stop bullying and abuse online. You can report an online incident using the form on the Netsafe website.


Working through COVID-19

Wellbeing on the frontline - tips for managers and staff working through the pandemic from the ALL RIGHT? campaign. 

Advocates may experience increased personal, community and professional responsibilities and pressures from the impacts of COVID-19. The US-based National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has published #Care4Advocates: COVID-19 Resources to Support Advocates’ Well-being. This resource has links to articles, toolkits and webinar recordings focused on supporting advocate wellbeing.


See the government's offical website on COVID-19 for more information on wellbeing.


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