Auckland public forum 'Safe at Home, Safe at Work: Domestic violence and the workplace'

Auckland public forum: Tuesday 6 November, 6-8pm
Auckland Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

At this public forum, Ludo McFerran will speak about her experience developing the very successful 'Safe at Work, Safe at Home' project based at the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse.

A shorter presentation will then look at some of the work done on domestic violence and the workplace in New Zealand:

Holly Carrington, SHINE (Safer Homes in NZ Everyday)

For a number of years Shine ran a project called DVFREE, which aimed to create workplaces that are safe and supportive for employees who are victims of domestic abuse. Shine is a national charity, based in Auckland, that works to make homes violence free. Many of Shine’s clients were employed and at some point were unable to keep a job because of missing work, needing to relocate etc, and many never told their employer about the abuse they were experiencing. Shine developed this programme to work with employers to help them create an environment in which victims would feel safe to disclose and would be supported by management to stay safe and keep their jobs. The project had government funding for a number of years, and achieved some notable successes, but it never took off as envisioned. Holly will talk about lessons that Shine learned from setting up and delivering the DVFREE project for a number of years, and on similar lessons learned in the USA and the UK.

Holly has worked for Shine, in a number of different roles, since 2000.  She was on the senior management team from 2003 – 2008; during this time she managed Shine’s services, including the DVFREE project, which worked with employers to make workplaces safe and supportive for employees who become victims of domestic abuse. After a year of maternity leave in 2010, Holly has continued to work for Shine doing special projects. One relevant project was to write an article for Employment Today earlier this year entitled "The Impact on Business and What Employers Can Do". Holly is also a Trustee for Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP.

Resources will also be available from the"It's not OK" campaign:

The "It's not OK" campaign has been working for the last five years to change the way New Zealanders think and act about family violence. The campaign includes TV advertising, website (, information line (0800 456 450), champions, media advocacy, free resources, and support for community action projects around the country. The "It's not OK" campaign has produced several resources about addressing family violence  at work, and has partnered with a number of groups who are taking family violence prevention messages into workplaces.

To RSVP, please email by Friday 26 October.