Silent Injustice: Women's Experiences of the Family Court

Researchers from the University of Auckland Nicola Gavey, Vivienne Elizabeth and Julia Tolmie spoke at a seminar on women's experiences of the Family Court on 7 September 2012. The seminar was organised by Women's Health Action and the Auckland Women's Centre. Family Lawyer Catriona MacLennan writes about the seminar in LawNews here.

Dr Elizabeth has recorded a podcast of an article published in Violence Against Women in April 2012, The Gendered Dynamics of Power in Disputes Over the Postseparation Care of Children. Access the podcast here. Read the abstract of the article here.

Published articles from the research study are listed below. The researchers' submission on the Family Court Review is also available.

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The researchers' Submission in response to the review of the Family Court (March 2012) is available here.