Police to use new family violence risk assessment tools

toolboxNew Zealand Police has announced that the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) tool will be part of a new family violence situational reporting process which takes an evidence-based approach to information-gathering and risk assessment.

This tool, which is designed to predict the likelihood of re-assault in intimate partner relationships, will become a key part of the Police response to family violence this year.

New Zealand Police says ODARA was selected after significant research. It’s an internationally recognised, evidence-based risk assessment tool that has been through complex and rigorous testing.

It was developed specifically to predict re-assault in intimate partner relationships including heterosexual violence, same sex violence, dating violence, male on female violence and female on male.

New Zealand Police has also developed the Child Risk Factor form (CRF), a risk factor form specifically for children in homes where violence is occurring.

These tools are expected to be operational mid-year after all frontline staff have completed training.

Read the media release, NZ Police Ten One, February 2012-02-13

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