Message from the Co-Directors

Family violence is a long-standing and complex problem. It has contributing factors from multiple levels of society. Family violence is preventable, however this will require long-term commitment and sustained action across many sectors. Along the way, we will continue to need high quality responses to those who have experienced violence, and those who have perpetrated it.  

Given both the complexity and the urgency of the problem, there is a critical need to ensure that we respond based on the best available information and evidence. This can save time and resources from being spent on activities that are detrimental, or ineffective.

Information and evidence in the field is still emerging. Further research investment is required as we continue to work toward answers. In the meantime, we are committed to providing a platform for accessible, high quality information about what is currently known, and an ‘institutional memory’ for what has been tried in the past.

Associate Professor Janet Fanslow Associate Professor Robyn Dixon
School of Population Health School of Nursing
University of Auckland University of Auckland