Thinking differently in order to see accurately: Explaining why we are convicting women we might otherwise be burying* - Professor Julia Tolmie, Inaugural Lecture - Auckland - 6 Jun 2019

When: Thursday 6 June 2019, 6-7pm. 

Where: Building 301-G050, Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, 23 Symonds Street, City Campus, Auckland Central. Note change of venue

Hosted by Auckland Law School, University of Auckland.

Free. RSVP required by 24 May 2019. Registration closed

It has been suggested that legal professionals/expert witnesses frequently use outdated and inaccurate understandings of intimate partner violence when presenting facts at trial and applying the law to those facts. In this lecture, Professor Julia Tolmie will argue that, as a result, defendants who have committed offences in response to their intimate partner violence victimisation may be automatically precluded from accessing the criminal defences that should be available to them. She will use the facts of a particular homicide case to make this point.** 

*This is a misquote of Professor Elizabeth Sheehy, Defending Battered Women on Trial: Lessons from the Transcripts, UBC Press, 2014, 241.

**The information contained in the case could be emotionally disturbing to some members of the audience.

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