Safeguarding Children training - Child Protection Leads - Online


Tuesday 7 March 2023


9:30am - 12pm



Organised by

Safeguarding Children



This course will give you a deeper understanding of appropriate responses to child protection concerns by working through scenarios relevant to your sector.

Organisations now recognise the importance of having a child protection lead, also known as child protection officer or designated person for child protection. If you are in the role of child protection lead in your organisation this course will help you understand what the responsibilities of that role are and how to meet those responsibilities.

This course will teach you:

  • A greater understanding of the responsibilities attached to your lead role.​
  • Gain confidence in policies and procedures and embedding them across your organisation.​
  • Recognise the role of your setting in providing early help to vulnerable children in order to minimise and manage risk.​
  • Managing concerns regarding a child in need of protection or regarding an employee or volunteer of the organisation.​
  • ‘Professional dangerousness’
  • Difficult conversations
  • Reporting thresholds and ‘grey’ areas

Safeguarding Children also have tailored options of the Safeguarding and Child Protection training for the following sectors: Youth, School, Early Childhood Education, Primary Care, OSCAR, Social Service Providers.

Follow this link to find more upcoming training from Safeguarding Children, offered in-person in various locations and online.


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