Kids and Gender Toolkit launch - Online


Monday 29 November 2021





Organised by

Rainbow Hub Waikato and White Ribbon NZ



This year, White Ribbon has teamed up with Hohou te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence and Rainbow Hub Waikato to develop a new Toolbox for parents with kids who break gender rules. These kids often get bullied – boys who want to wear nail polish or play with dolls, or girls who refuse to wear skirts and want to play with trucks. Sometimes this means getting picked on at school, or by older brothers and sisters, parents or extended families.

This new Toolbox – Kids and Gender – is primarily aimed at parents of kids who are challenging gender norms.

Parents often have lots of questions when this happens, and don't know where to turn for support or advice. We hope Kids and Gender will help provide safe and helpful information and resources for parents.

This launch will be hosted by Slay Way from Rainbow Hub Waikato. We will hear from several parents who have gone through this journey, sharing what they found useful. Slay will also speak to Toolbox author Sandra Dickson and Rainbow Hub Waikato about the support available to parents and families.

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