Foundational training for non-specialists - ECLIPSE - Online


12 - 13 December 2022


1-3pm, each day



Organised by

ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd


$65 + gst

Dynamics, Indicators and Impacts of Family Violence. Online workshop over 3 days for non-specialist practitioners.

This training aims to increase understanding of family violence dynamics, indicators and impacts. It is developed for more non-specialist practitioners who work across the social sector and wish to develop their family violence knowledge and response capability.

It is recommended that once you have completed the Entry Level training, that you complete the Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC)© and the interconnected dynamics and impacts of Coercive Control-The Umbrella Tactic ©, Layers of Consequence ©, Invisible Walls© and Whole of Person Entrapment©. PVIC will do a deep dive into Coercive control and the aspects of practice are touched on in the Entry Level training - PVIC will ensure a more specialist training to embed all learnings across both trainings.

All practitioners within the social sector will engage with clients who have experienced family violence in some way. This is a great opportunity to gain a baseline knowledge and possibly progress to more intensive trainings.

Facilitator Debbs Murray brings 20 years experience working across the family violence sector, and is also a survivor of family violence, she recognises and presents the interconnected perspective of survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy and informative manner.

This training explores Child Protection in the context of Family Harm and will provide all participants with clear and concise understanding of the multiple aspects of what Child Protection looks like in Aotearoa, New Zealand, governing legislation, our practitioner obligations, and how child abuse is even further complicated when Family Harm is present.

ECLIPSE is proud to introduce Facilitator Keino Smullen from Holistic Supervision and Consultancy, she has been contracted into ECLIPSE to share her specialist knowledge. Keino she is also a victim -survivor of family violence that is dedicated to ensuring that the victim survivor voice is at the heart of all training and is striving to make informed positive change in the sector.

Keino’s specialist career in the social work sector has spanned over 19 years allowing her to establish a high level of theoretical and practicable knowledge, with 17 years of her career spent as a social worker before moving onto social work supervisor for Oranga Tamariki. Keino worked very closely with the multidisciplinary Child Protection Team and other local based agencies to ensure immediate child safety protocols were implemented which led to successful prosecution of offenders and perpetrators of child abuse.

ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd is a specialist family violence training provider that offers specialist and varied content training workshops across Aotearoa, New Zealand. ECLIPSE has the core objective of increasing whānau safety and wellbeing, and a targeted focus to increase workforce capability across the family harm sector.

For more information and to find other upcoming workshops, please go to: then click on the "Book a workshop" link.

For general information please go to the ECLIPSE home page or cotact Debbs: if you are interested in private training for your organisation.

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