Critical Reflections on the Family in the Context of Violence against Women - Webinar - 25 Jan 2018

When: Thursday 25 January 2018, 7-8pm NZDST (4.30-5.30pm ACDST).

Where: Online.

Organised by SVRI (Sexual Violence Research Initiative), University of South Australia, and Raising Voices

Free. Register on the day of the webinar at 

The SVRI, University of South Australia, and Raising Voices invites you to join this interactive webinar to reflect on the systemic influence of male perpetrated violence against women on family roles, relationships, and expectations. The webinar (facilitated by Elizabeth Dartnall) builds on themes explored in the SVRI 2017 Forum in Rio, and will include two brief presentations followed by a rich discussion:

  • Mothering in Domestic Violence: Why look further than attachment theory? (Fiona Buchanan) Questions the popular use of attachment theory that ignores ethnicity, culture, class, and multiple oppressions as it categorises relationships between women and their children. This presentation offers a different way of viewing relationships between women affected by IPV and their babies, based on feminist research which preferences the lived experiences of women.
  • Feminist Perspective on Intersecting Violence (Sophie Namy). Presents a feminist framework for understanding the intersections of violence against women and violence against children, based on lived experiences in Kampala, Uganda. Situates women’s use of violence against children within this family landscape, and offers emerging considerations for prevention programming.

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