Coercive Control, Invisible Walls and Whole of Person Entrapment - ECLIPSE Family Violence Practitioner Training - 3-day online workshop


Monday - Wednesday, 6-8 December 2021


10am-12noon each day



Organised by

ECLIPSE - Family Violence Services Ltd


$65 + gst

ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd is a specialist family violence training provider, that offers services across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We have a targeted focus on increasing whānau safety and well-being by educating on the dynamics and impacts of Coercive Control and the resulting Invisible Walls© and Whole of Person Entrapment©.

This training aims to increase understanding of the restrictions and barriers that surround primary victims and reduce capability to help seek. We also aim to increase sectoral knowledge and empathy and to reduce the unconscious judgement that exists within our sector.

Facilitator: Debbs Murray Debbs brings 20 years experience working across the family violence sector, and is also a survivor of family violence, she recognises and presents the interconnected perspective of survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy and informative manner.

For more information and to find more upcoming workshops, please go to: then click on the "Book a workshop" link.

For more general information please go to the ECLIPSE website: or email Debbs: if you are interested in private training for your organisation.

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