Coercive Control and Social Entrapment: Addressing the violation of family violence by examining systems of power - Online workshop series


Wednesday 7, 14, 21 & 28 October 2020


11.30am-2.30pm, NZST (9.30am-12.30pm, AEST).


Online (Australia based)

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A$176 per person, per workshop

Coercive control within the context of social entrapment allows us to better assess situations of domestic and family violence risks that jeopardise the safety of women and children. The concepts of coercive control and social entrapment provide an in-depth understanding of the complex dynamics that allows perpetrators to establish and maintain control over their partner or their ex-partner. This symposium creates an opportunity to collectively and collaboratively explore these key conceptual models used to understand domestic and family violence.

This workshop series aims to:

  • Explore the implications of criminalising coercive control
  • Highlight the strategic and covert ways that perpetrators disguise their actions and use the systems to further entrap women
  • Work collaboratively as co-ordinated community systems in order to manage perpetrator risk and accountability, and enhance victim/survivor safety
  • Challenge explanations or responses that can medicalise or individualise or ‘incident-focus’ domestic/family violence.

This workshop series will extend our theories & practices for domestic and family violence work. ShantiWorks have gathered together leaders in the field who will share their critical thinking & frameworks on coercive control & social entrapment to advance our individual & systems work.


  • Professor Julia Tolmie, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland
  • Professor Heather Douglas, School of Law, University of Queensland
  • Rosemary O’Malley,  CEO, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre
  • Kate Foord, General Manager, Queerspace
  • Maryclare Machen, Manager, Queerspace’s Q Respect program
  • Roshan Bhandary, Family Violence Principal Practitioner, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
  • Jacqueline Hough, Practice Manager, Family Violence, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

Each workshop in the series covers a different topic.

  • Week 1 (7 October): Foundational session on coercive control
  • Week 2 (14 October): Foundational session on community coordinated response
  • Week 3 (21 October): Foundational session on the politics and practice of intersectionality
  • Week 4 (28 October): Foundational session on Patricia Hill Collins' matrix of domination to contextualise intersectionality

See the website for more details and updates. Follow the link to register for each workshop separately.