Co-design for Well-being - Webinar


Monday 24 February 2020





Organised by

Community Research


Free. Please consider a donation when registering

In this webinar, Angie Tangaere and Dr Penny Hagen will describe their work with The Southern Institute empowering whānau to be active participants in their well-being by leading the co-design process to develop systems and services that support their tamariki to have the best start in life.

Angie and Penny will share key insights and discuss the emerging opportunities and challenges of breaking away from traditional expert-led approaches to instead bring together mātauranga, wester science and lived experience of whānau to design spaces, services and supports that enable tamariki to thrive.



Angie Tangaere, TSI Social Intrapreneur, The Social Initiative

Dr Penny Hagen, Co-Design Lead, The Southern Initiative


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