ANROWS National Research Conference on Violence Against Women - Evidence in Action - Online symposium


1-5 March 2021


Online (Australia based)

Organised by



A$150 (exc. GST - early bird registration until 5 February 2021.

Evidence in Action. Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) will explore how policymakers, practice designers and practitioners are using evidence to understand, respond to and prevent violence against women and their children.

Over five days, the conference will be structured around thematic conversational panels, each including facilitators with diverse backgrounds and expertise. By using specialised online conference technology and limiting the number and duration of sessions on each day, the new program will re-energise important conversations, encourage mutual learning and connections, offer flexible attendance options and ensure you have a chance to truly contribute and share ideas.

This format will offer unique opportunities for conference participants to engage in discussion and to contribute to our understanding of “what works”.


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