5th Childhood Studies Colloquium - 'Childhood and Aesthetics' - Auckland - 4-5 Oct 2018

When: 4 - 5 October 2018.

Where: Te Oro Music & Arts Centre for Young People, 98 Line Road, Glen Innes, Auckland.

Organised by AUT University and Childhood Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Free. Register now for lecture & film screening (4 October). Register now for colloquium (5 October). 

The Colloquium provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences to extend  understandings of children and childhoods in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is intended to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions about childhood, and the impact that these assumptions have on the lives of children and young people, and to provoke alternative practices and opportunities.

The theme of aesthetics has been chosen to guide contributors. Participants are invited to collectively share, revisit and challenge their practices or study of childhood in relationship to this theme. The organisers "suggest that ‘aesthetics’ can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (1714) argued that aesthetics “is the art and means on concentration, attentiveness, abstraction, memory, capacity to create hypothesis and imagination.” More recently, Jacques Rancière (2010) has proposed aesthetics as a form of politics, and with implications for challenging the status quo."

On Day 1, the  Anne B. Smith Memorial Lecture will be delivered by directors of Waru (2017) with a screening of the movie followed by a discussion. Register for lecture and film screening   

Day 2 - Concurrent sessions. 

For more information, contact Janita Craw - janita.craw@aut.ac.nz or Andrew Gibbons -agibbons@aut.ac.nz