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Title Format Published
Ethical and safety recommendations for intervention research on violence against women : building on lessons from the WHO publication, Putting women first: ethical and safety recommendations for research on domestic violence against women WHO report 2016
Establishing the connection : Interventions linking service responses for sexual assault with drug or alcohol use/abuse: Final report ANROWS Horizons 2016
National mapping and meta-evaluation outlining key features of effective "safe at home" programs that enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence : final report ANROWS Horizons 2016
Media representations of violence against women and their children : final report ANROWS Horizons 2016
Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women : final report ANROWS Horizons 2016
Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women : key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2016
Examination of the burden of disease of intimate partner violence against women in 2011 : final report ANROWS Horizons 2016
A preventable burden : measuring and addressing the prevalence and health impacts of intimate partner violence in Australian women. Key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2016
Domestic violence and women's economic security : Building Australia's capacity for prevention and redress. FInal report ANROWS Horizons 2016
Domestic violence and women’s economic security: building Australia’s capacity for prevention and redress. Key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2016
Does grooming facilitate the development of Stockholm syndrome? : the social work practice implications Journal article 2016
Supporting transition to parenthood in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2016
Working together to achieve whānau wellbeing in Waitematā Report 2016
Responding to perpetrators of family violence NZFVC issues paper 2016
Electronic screening for lifestyle issues and mental health in youth : a community-based participatory research approach Journal article 2016
Systematic reviews of explanatory risk factors for violence, offending and delinquency Journal article 2016
Disclosure recipients’ social reactions to victims’ disclosures of intimate partner violence Journal article 2016
Dancing around families : neonatal nurses and child protection Journal article 2016
Infusing technology into perinatal home visitation in the United States for women experiencing intimate partner violence : exploring the interpretive flexibility of an mHealth intervention Journal article 2016
The impact of the Canterbury Earthquakes on the temporal and spatial patterning of crime in Christchurch, New Zealand Journal article 2016
Kaupapa Māori models of psychological therapy & mental health services Literature review 2016
He puāwaitanga o ngā tamāriki : West Auckland whānau talk about child wellbeing Report 2016
Young New Zealanders viewing sexual violence : discussion group findings Report 2016
From literacy to fluency to citizenship : digital citizenship in education Report 2016
Guidelines for integrating gender-based violence interventions into humanitarian action : reducing risk, promoting resilience and aiding recovery International report 2015
"Tiakina te Pā Harakeke" : family violence prevention for Māori. Narrative report Report 2003
Supporting young people leaving out-of-home care CFCA paper 2016
Effectively preparing young people to transition from out-of-home care : an examination of three recent Australian studies Journal article 2011
Investing in children legislative reform: Underpinning the new operating model : Transition to independence, 18 to 21 years of age Cabinet paper 2016
Investing in children legislative reform: Underpinning the new operating model : Transition to independence - discretion to support young people up to age 25 Cabinet paper 2016
Policy proposals for the second package of legislative reform to underpin the new operating model for vulnerable children and young people : Paper six: Information sharing Cabinet paper 2016
Public report: Case study of White Ribbon Australia’s Ambassador Program : men as allies to prevent men's violence against women Report - Australia 2016
Evaluative review of Tauawhi Tairāwhiti Men's Centre Report 2013
Guidelines for 'mainstream' crisis support services for survivors Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
"Everything, with us" : working with people with disabilities Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Working with Māori survivors of sexual violence Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Working with Pacific survivors of sexual violence Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Working with male survivors of sexual violence Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Doing our best for LGBTIQ survivors Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Crisis intervention for Muslim women experiencing sexual violence or assault Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
Working with Asian survivors of sexual violence Good practice responding to sexual violence: Round 2 report 2016
  Childhood adversity abuse and psychotic disorders Evidence-based report 2014
Childhood sexual abuse and bipolar disorder Evidence-based report 2016
Childhood sexual abuse and alcohol use disorder Evidence-based report 2016
Childhood sexual abuse and borderline personality disorder Evidence-based report 2016
Childhood sexual abuse and depressive disorders Evidence-based report 2016
Childhood sexual abuse and trauma-related responses Evidence-based report 2016
Childhood sexual abuse and anxiety disorders : evidence-based report Evidence-based report 2016
Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) Operational guidelines 2016
Formative evaluation of Pacific faith-based family violence services Short paper 2016
Formative evaluation of Pacific provider-based family violence services Short paper 2016
Deciding to tell : Qualitative configurational analysis of decisions to disclose experience of intimate partner violence in antenatal care Journal article 2016
Problem gambling and family violence : family member reports of prevalence, family impacts and family coping Journal article 2013
Calling out sexual harassment : a guide to dealing with sexual harassment and creating safe, respectful workplaces PSA resource 2016
A literature review of strategies for the prevention of intimate partner violence during the childbearing years Journal article 2016
A moa in the room : Māori social workers experiences of family group conferencing Short paper 2012
Technology-facilitated sexual violence victimization : results from an online survey of Australian adults Journal article 2016
Reimagining the movement to end gender violence : Transcript anti-racism, prison abolition, women of color feminisms, and other radical visions of justice Journal article 2015
The helpless protecting the vulnerable? : defending coerced mothers charged with failure to protect Journal article 2014
In the best interests of the abuser : coercive control, child custody proceedings and the "expert” assessments that guide judicial determinations Journal article 2016
Turning mothers into villains : gaps and silences in media accounts of custody abductions Journal article 2010
Protective mothers : women’s understandings of protecting children in the context of legal interventions into intimate partner violence Journal article 2016
The empty nest is refilled : the joys and tribulations of raising grandchildren in Aotearoa Report 2016
Not all behind closed doors : examining bystander involvement in intimate partner violence Journal article 2016
Police initial responses to domestic abuse : a systematic review Report - UK 2016
Managing secrecy and disclosure of domestic violence in affluent communities Journal article 2016
Poly-victimization and resilience portfolios : trends in violence research that can enhance the understanding and prevention of elder abuse Journal article 2016
Gendered violence, intersectionalities and resisting gender neutrality UNSW Law Research paper 2016
Forced marriage : when the family home is no longer safe Journal article 2016
The efficacy of Clare's law in domestic violence law reform in England and Wales Journal article 2016
Gender and children and young people's emotional and mental health : manifestations and responses. A rapid review of the evidence Report - UK 2016
Stronger communities, safer children : findings from recent Australian research on the importance of community in keeping children safe CFCA paper 2016
Non-Government Organisations (NGO) Study Awards : exploring the impact on social work students and social service organisations. Final report Report 2016
Investing in children legislative reform: Underpinning the new operating model : Paper one: Overview Cabinet paper 2016
Investing in children legislative reform: Underpinning the new operating model : Paper two: Foundations for a child-centred system Cabinet paper 2016
Investing in children legislative reform: Underpinning the new operating model : Paper three: Intensive intervention and care support Cabinet paper 2016
Reform of family violence law : Paper 1. Context and and supporting integrated responses Cabinet paper 2016
Reform of family violence law : Paper 2. Family violence civil law Cabinet paper 2016
Reform of family violence law : Paper 3. Prosecuting family violence Cabinet paper 2016
Exploring rape culture in social media forums Journal article 2016
Flexible funding as a promising strategy to prevent homelessness for survivors of intimate partner violence Journal article 2016
Secondary victimization : domestic violence survivors navigating the family law system Journal article 2016
Sexual assault and older women : a critical review of the literature Journal article 2016
To tatau hokakatanga : action and intervention in sexual and reproductive health Report 2006
Biculturalism as an approach to social work Book chapter 2013
The teaching of Māori social work practice and theory to a predominantly Pākehā audience Journal article 2012
Indirect abuse involving children during the separation process Journal article 2015
What do young people think about their school-based sex and relationship education? : A qualitative synthesis of young people's views and experiences Journal article 2016
Exploring couples’ processes of change in the context of SASA!, a violence against women and HIV prevention intervention in Uganda Journal article 2016
From family group conferencing to Whānau Ora : Māori social workers talk about their experiences Masters thesis 2016
Pacific peoples in New Zealand Report 2016
Literature review of research into the effectiveness of self defence programmes for girls as a sexual violence and family violence prevention strategy Report 2016
Community investment strategy : update 2016 Report 2016
Alcohol and violence against women and child in the home Report 1994
Our voices. Our rights Report 2016
Sexual violence in the digital age : the scope and limits of criminal law Journal article 2016
Substantiation decision-making and risk prediction in child protection systems Journal article 2016
Safe not sorry : supporting the campaign for safer child contact Report 2016
Keeping up appearances : accessing New Zealand's civil courts as a litigant in person PhD thesis 2015
Engaging men : strategies and dilemmas in violence prevention education among men Journal article 2003
Safer sooner : strengthening New Zealand's family violence laws Report 2016
Qualitative evidence and the development of sexuality education materials : the case of Family Planning New Zealand Book chapter 2016
Elder abuse : the health sector role in prevention and response Infographic 2016
Māori cultural definitions of sexual violence Journal article 2016
Gender, sexism & social activism : a youth workshop resource Training resource 2014
Tenth annual report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee : reporting mortality 2014 Report 2016
Media guidelines for the responsible reporting of violence against women : a review of evidence and issues Report - Australia 2016
Walking the tight rope : women’s health social workers’ role with vulnerable families in the maternity context Journal article 2016
New public management and information communication technology : organisational influences on frontline child protection practice Journal article 2016
Shifting power relations in New Zealand child welfare policy : the process and implications of the 2014 amendment to s13 of the CYP&tF Act Journal article 2016
Finally accountable? Social work and the community investment strategy Journal article 2016
Acknowledging the struggle : policy changes for state care leaving provisions Journal article 2016
The triplets : investment in outcomes for the vulnerable - reshaping social services for (some) New Zealand children Journal article 2016
Young people attracted to the same sex or both sexes : findings from the Youth '12 national youth health and wellbeing survey Report 2014
Results for Pacific young people : Youth '07. The health and wellbeing of secondary school students in New Zealand Report 2009
Results for Chinese, Indian and other Asian students : Youth '07. The health and wellbeing of secondary school students in New Zealand Report 2011
Understanding family violence : Pacific peoples in New Zealand Infographic 2016
Understanding who we are : Pacific peoples in New Zealand Infographic 2016
Risk and protective factors for suicidal behaviors among Pacific youth in New Zealand Journal article 2016
Suicide behaviours and mental health in 2001 and 2007 Youth '07. The health and wellbeing of secondary school students in New Zealand Report 2010
Cybersafety for an indigenous youth population Report 2016
Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure Task Force : Judicial Council report summary, Judicial Council report, recommended guidelinea and practices for improving the administration of justice in family violence cases Report - US 2008
Social capital and policy development Book 1997
Exposure to parental separation in childhood and later parenting quality as an adult : evidence from a 30-year longitudinal study Journal article 2016
Youth2000 summary report : report for ACC Summary report 2016
Fono report : Pacific Community Leaders National Fono, Auckland (20-21 June 2016) Report 2016
"What will people think?" : Indian women and domestic violence in Aotearoa / New Zealand PhD thesis 2016
Ending violence against women Short paper - International 1999
Sexual and reproductive health and sexual violence among New Zealand secondary school students : findings from the Youth `12 national youth health and wellbeing survey Report 2016
The economic costs of family violence Report 1994
Violence against women with disabilities : a report from the National Women With Disabilities and Violence Workshop. Melbourne (February 1998) Report - Australia 1999
Safety 2012 World Confernce : Wellington, New Zealand (1-4 October 2012) Conference proceedings 2012
Providing an integrated response to family violence : governance attributes of local networks in Victoria Journal article 2016
"A whole-of-government approach to family violence reform" : a paper presented at the Family Violence Symposium (Wellington, New Zealand, 30 May 2012) Short paper 2012
Incentivising effective NGO collaboration : literature review and post-disaster practice Report 2013
Parenting : the Public Health Commission's advice to the Minister of Health, 1994-1995 Report 1995
Strengthening Pacific partnerships for eliminating violence against women : a Pacific Regional Workshop Report (Suva, Fiji Islands,17-19 February 2003) Report - Fiji 2003
E Tu Whānau : Programme of Action for addressing family violence 2013-2018 Program of action 2013
Insights into sexual assault perpetration : giving voice to victim/survivors' knowledge Report - Australia 2010
Sex & ethics : the sexual ethics education program for young people Program guide - Australia 2009
A select bibliography of New Zealand research on the needs of victims and the services provided for victims Report 1993
Intimate partner violence surveillance : uniform definitions and recommended data elements. Version 2.0 Report - US 2015
Rape recidivism and sexual violation Report 1994
Emergency department protocols of care for women abused by partners : final process evaluation report Report 1995
Process evaluation of the emergency department protocols of care for women abused by partners : first summary report Report 1993
The sexual abuse of children Book 1981
Experts forum on child abuse : November 9 - 10, 2009 Report 2009
Warriors of truth : adult survivors healing from childhood sexual abuse Book 1994
Power games : confronting others' hurtful behaviour and transforming our own Book 2000
Family violence : guidelines for providers to develop practice protocols Discussion document 1997
When power shapes interpersonal behavior : low relationship power predicts men’s aggressive responses to low situational power Journal article 2016
Connecting through chaos : escape behaviour among sex-working adolescents in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2016
Whose justice, whose alternative? : Locating women’s voice and agency in alternative dispute resolution responses to intimate partner violence Report - International 2016
So you got naked online : a resource for children, young people, their families & whānau Resource 2016
'Hooked up' : te hononga whaiāipo : reducing and preventing violence in taitamariki Māori intimate partner relationships PhD thesis 2015
Brief on violence against older women VAWG resource guide 2016
Kathryn's story : how the Government spent well over $100,000 and 15 years pursuing a chronically-ill beneficiary mother for a debt she should not have Report 2016
Considering family reconnections and reunification after child sexual abuse : a road map for advocates and service providers Guidelines - US 2016
Hear no evil, see no evil : understanding failure to identify and report child sexual abuse in institutional contexts Report - Australia 2015
From best practices to breakthrough impacts : a science-based approach to building a more promising future for children and families Report - US 2016
Perceptions of parenting : mapping the gaps between expert and public understandings of parenting in Australia Report - Australia 2016
Child rich communities : Aotearoa New Zealand's 'bright spots' Report 2016
Understanding intimate partner violence as a sexual and reproductive health and rights issue in the United States Journal article 2016
Domestic violence and abuse : multi-agency working NICE guidelines 2014
Hidden voices : disabled women’s experiences of violence and support over the life course Journal article 2016
Improving mental health service responses to domestic violence and abuse Journal article 2016
Domestic violence and perinatal mental disorders : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2013
Unpacking “sexting” : a systematic review of nonconsensual sexting in legal, educational, and psychological literatures Journal article 2016
Exposing reproductive coercion : a toolkit for awareness-raising, assessment, and intervention Toolkit - US 2016
Going digital to deliver wellbeing services to young people? : Insights from e-tools supporting youth mental health and parenting Superu What works 2016
Online harassment : the New Zealand woman's experience Report 2016
Families and whānau status report 2016 Report 2016
THRIVES : a global technical package to prevent violence against children CDC report 2015
INSPIRE : seven strategies for ending violence against children WHO report 2016
Restorative justice : best practice in New Zealand Report 2011
Overview and highlights NZFVC report 2015
Family violence in New Zealand Infographic 2015
Feminist thought in Aotearoa/New Zealand : differences and connections Book 1998
The effect of trauma on the brain development of children : evidence-based principles for supporting the recovery of children in care CFCA practice resource 2016
Risk assessment instruments in child protection CFCA resource sheet 2016
Shakti Community Council Inc. : annual report 2010 - 2011 Annual report 2011
Snapshot Data summary 2016
Family Violence Deaths Data summary 1 2016
Violence Against Women Data summary 2 2016
Children and Youth affected by Family Violence Data summary 3 2016
Child Sexual Abuse Data summary 4 2016
Adult Sexual Violence Data summary 5 2016
Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence - Perpetration by Gender Data summary 6 2016
Child maltreatment and problem gambling : a systematic review Journal article 2016
Non-fatal strangulation in sexual assault : a study of clinical and assault characteristics highlighting the role of intimate partner violence Journal article 2016
State of care 2016 : what we learnt from monitoring Child, Youth and Family Report 2016
Practice review : young people involved in the death of Mr Kumar Report 2016
Establishing the connection : guidelines for practitioners and clinicians in the sexual assault and alcohol and other drug sectors Guidelines - Australia 2016
Modernising child protection in New Zealand : learning from system reforms in other jurisdictions Report 2016
Modernising child protection in New Zealand : learning from system reforms in other jurisdictions In focus 2016
The Social Report 2016 : Te pūrongo oranga tangata Report 2016
Child sexual abuse and disclosure : what does the literature tell us? Literature review 2014?
Family violence assessment and intervention guideline : child abuse and intimate partner violence Guidelines 2016
Increasing men's awareness of the effects on children exposed to family and domestic violence : Family Violence Men's Education Project. Final report Report 2016
Mana tamariki : cultural alienation Journal article 2010
Practice matters : innovative practice in family violence Journal article 2010
Romantic and "real life" relationships in criminal law : reconstructing red flags for dangerousness/lethality Journal article 2010
Understanding research on risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence NZFVC Issues Paper 2016
Domestic violence, abuse and neglect of disabled people Booklet 2016
Ngā Rāhui Hau Kura : Suicide Mortality Review Committee feasibility study 2014-15 Report 2016
A review of Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services in New Zealand Report 2004
Faces of innocents : a major series about New Zealand's problem with killing its kids News media series 2015
Building Rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violence Report 2016
Attitudes to physical punishment of children are changing Journal article 2016
Research using administrative data to support the work of the Expert Panel on Modernising Child, Youth and Family Analytical paper 2016
A literature review of intimate partner violence among immigrant populations : engaging the faith community Journal article 2016
Relational resilience in Māori, Pacific and European sole parent families : from theory and research to social policy Journal article 2016
Bullying victimization in adolescence and psychotic symptomatology in adulthood : evidence from a 35-year study Journal article 2016
Regional action plan for violence and injury prevention in the Western Pacific : (2016-2020) WHO action plan 2016
The three planet model : towards an understanding of contradictions in approaches to women and children’s safety in contexts of domestic violence Journal article 2011
Women's violence to men in intimate relationships Journal article 2004
Manufacturing 'bad mothers' : a critical perspective on child neglect Book 1995
Body evidence : intimate violence against South Asian women in America Book 2007
Parker & Hulme : a lesbian view Book 1991
Changing frames : the discursive influence of the women's movements of New Zealand and Australia PhD thesis 2004
Early stories from founding members of the Māori Women's Welfare League | Te timatanga tātau tātau, Te Rōpū Wāhine Māori Toko i te Ora Book 1993
Care of Children Act 2004 Seminar proceedings 2005
The influence of parental income on children's outcomes Report 2002
Seen, but not heard : children and the legal decision making processes concerning parental separation and divorce BLaws (Hons) dissertation 1998
Access and other post-separation issues : a qualitative study of children's, parents' and lawyers' views Report 1997
Evaluating service delivery : handbook for evaluating service delivery for services working with children and young people who have lived with domestic violence Handbook - Australia 1999
14th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect : Cultural responsiveness in a multi-agency world Conference programme 2015
A chance for children : collection of true stories written straight from the heart Booklet 1999
Rape work : victims, gender and emotion in organization and community context Book 2005
Feminist voices : women's studies texts for Aotearoa / New Zealand Book 1992
The too-hard basket : Māori and criminal justice since 1980 Book 2001
Eliminating violence against children Unicef handbook for parliamentarians 2007
Women and discrimination : New Zealand and the UN convention Book 1989
Hidden exploitation : women in forced labour, marriage and migration Report - Australia 2012
Researching violence against women : a practical guide for researchers and activists WHO guide 2005
Battered women as survivors : an alternative to treating learned helplessness Book 1988
Change from within : diverse perspectives on domestic violence in Muslim communities Book 2007
The violences of men : how men talk about and how agencies respond to men's violence to women Book 1998
Battered women in the courtroom : the power of judicial responses Book 1998
Sex & ethics : young people and ethical sex Book 2009
Violence in gay and lesbian domestic partnerships Book 1996
Breaking the earthenware jar : lessons from South Asia to end violence against women and girls Book 2003
Broken silence Book 2003
Te Puna Roimata : Māori women's experience of male partner violence: 7 case studies Research paper 1993
Violent betrayal : partner abuse in lesbian relationships Book 1992
Keeping women safe : eight critical components of an effective justice response to domestic violence Research paper - Canada 2008
'Fleeing from my ex' : exploring the link between family violence and women survivors' residential mobility BA (Hons) thesis 1995
Sexual subjects : young people, sexuality and education Book 2005
Monitoring report for the Auckland Family Violence Court : the first three months from 27 March 2007 to 30 June 2007 Report 2007
Auckland specialist domestic violence court : a specialist domestic violence court design to be implemented in the Auckland District Court in 2007 Report 2006
Domestic Violence Act 1995 : report to the Family Law Section from the Domestic Violence Special Projects Committee Report 1998
A gap or a chasm? : Attrition in reported rape cases Report - UK 2005
Religion, culture and the politicization of honour-related violence : a critical analysis of media and policy debates in Western Europe and North America Short paper 2010
How to conduct a situational analysis of health services for surviviors of sexual assault Guide - South Africa 2006
The psychological consequences of sexual assault Literature review 1986
An interagency guide to Gateway assessments Guide n.d.
Understanding family violence : reforming the criminal law relating to homicide Law Commission report 2016
Risk and protective factors for suicide attempt among indigenous Māori youth in New Zealand : the role of family connection Journal artticle 2011
Te ara whakapiki taitamariki Youth '12 report 2013
An indigenous kaupapa Māori approach : mother’s experiences of partner violence and the nurturing of affectional bonds with tamariki PhD thesis 2015
What does it mean when Corrections says we will place the victim at the centre of our concerns in the family violence context? Journal article 2015
Sex offenders (Dept. of Corrections data) Topic paper 2015
Family violence offenders (Dept. of Corrections data) Topic paper 2014
Re-presenting battered women : coercive control and the defense of liberty Short paper 2012
Puao-te-ata-tu : the report of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on a Māori Perspective for the Department of Social Welfare Report 1988
Effective multi-agency co-operation for preventing and combating domestic violence : training of trainers manual Council of Europe publication 2016
Reframing the narrative of the battered women's movement Journal article 2013
This girl is mine : reframing intimate partner violence and sex work as intersectional spaces of gender-based violence Journal article 2016
The paradoxes of deliberation : ‘Te Ohaakii a Hine – National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST)’ and the Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence (2007–2009) Journal article 2016
Ecological pathways to prevention : how does the SASA! community mobilisation model work to prevent physical intimate partner violence against women? Journal article 2016
Te Ohonga Ake : the determinants of health for Māori children and young people in New Zealand: Series 2 Report 2016
Community engagement : a key strategy for improving outcomes for Australian families CFCA paper 2016
Training professionals in the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence : a planning guide CDC publication 2010