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Title Format Published
Privacy, data and technology : human rights challenges in the digital age Short paper 2018
Women, disability and violence : barriers to accessing justice. Key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2018
Women, disability and violence : barriers to accessing justice. Final report ANROWS Horizons 2018
National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) : 2015 data brief NZFVC bibliography 2018
National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) : 2015 data brief Report - US 2018
Mana mātua : being young Māori parents Journal article 2018
Te Tiriti o Waitangi-based practice in health promotion Report 2017
Māori social workers' experiences of care and protection : a selection of findings Journal article 2014
Māori, family group conferencing and the mystifications of restorative justice Journal article 2016
Gender budgeting : a useful approach for Aotearoa New Zealand Working paper 2018
Unmasking sexual harassment : how toxic masculinities drive men's abuse in the US, UK and Mexico and what we can do to end it Report -- US 2018
Masculine norms and violence : making the connections Report - US 2018
Preventing sexual violence against young women from African backgrounds Journal article 2018
The Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool (DVSAT) and intimate partner repeat victimisation Bulletin 2018
Assessing the impact of NSW’s Safer Pathway Program on recorded crime outcomes : an aggregate-level analysis Bulletin 2018
Seen and not heard : children in the New Zealand Family Court. Part two - Lawyer for the child? Report 2018
The prevalence of acquired brain injury among victims and perpetrators of family violence Report 2018
Comprehensive sexuality education as a primary prevention strategy for sexual violence perpetration Journal article 2018
Exemptions from Family Dispute Resolution : Exemptions from Family Dispute Resolution where a party did not participate Report 2017
Without Notice Applications in the Family Court : a report prepared for the Ministry of Justice Report 2017
Family justice reforms : an initial cohort analysis Report 2017
Family justice : an administrative review of family justice system reforms Report 2017
Sexual victimization and mental illness prevalence rates among incarcerated women : a literature review Journal article 2018
Comparing help-seeking behavior of male and female survivors of sexual assault : a content analysis of a hotline Journal article 2018
A land of milk and honey? : Making sense of Aotearoa New Zealand Book 2017
For whom the bell tolls : the sustainability of public social research institutions in New Zealand Report 2018
Iranian New Zealander men’s perception of domestic violence Masters thesis 2018
A systematic review of intimate partner violence interventions : state of the field and implications for practitioners Journal article 2018
Parental reactions to parent- and sibling-directed aggression within a domestic violence context Journal article 2018
Does childhood neglect contribute to violent behavior in adulthood? : a review of possible links Journal article 2018
Estimating the impact of Social Workers in Schools using linked administrative data : working paper Working paper 2018
Tiakina te Pā Harakeke : Māori childrearing within a context of whānau ora Online video 2014
Using evidence to build a better justice system : the challenge of rising prison costs Report 2018
Fighting back on feminist terms : empowerment through self-defence in neoliberal times Book chapter 2018
The red zone report : an investigation into sexual violence and hazing in Australian university residential colleges Report - Australia 2018
Between survival and relevance remaking 30 years of the Ministry of Women's Affairs Journal article 2015
Cumulative prevalence of maltreatment among New Zealand children, 1998 - 2015 Journal article 2018
Role type, risk perceptions and judgements in child welfare : a mixed methods vignette study Journal article 2018
Translating inclusion into influence in New Zealand : the conundrum of engaging gender organizations in public policy Journal article 2018
‘If you could change two things’ : Social workers in schools talk about what could improve schools' responses to child abuse and neglect Journal article 2018
Addressing concerns about child maltreatment in schools : a brief research report on social work involvement in reporting processes Journal article 2018
Ārai Whakamōmori : an exploration of Te Whakaruruhau's suicide prevention strategy Masters thesis 2017
Legal Aid NSW Domestic Violence Unit : process evaluation of the first nine months Report - Australia 2018
Victim stories and victim policy : is there a case for a narrative victimology? Journal article 2018
Economic abuse as an invisible form of domestic violence : a multicountry review Journal article 2018
Safeguarding adults : mediation and family group conferences Online resource 2012
Family Group Conferencing for older adults : social workers views Journal article 2018
A marriage made in hell : early intervention meets child protection Journal article 2014
The feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness, and effectiveness of parenting and family support programs delivered in the criminal justice system : a systematic review Journal article 2018
Community-led sexual violence and prevention work : utilising a Transformative Justice framework Journal article 2018
Children’s disclosure of sexual abuse : a systematic review of qualitative research exploring barriers and facilitators Journal article 2018
Rapid Review on safeguarding to update the Healthy Child Programme 5 to 19 Report - UK 2018
Improving the effectiveness of the child protection system : overview Report - UK 2017
Child abuse and neglect NICE guideline - UK 2017
Preventing sexual violence through bystander intervention : attitudes, behaviors, missed opportunities, and barriers to intervention among Australian university students Journal article 2018
Children experiencing interparental coercive control Short paper - UK 2018
The impact of childhood abuse on adult male prisoners : a systematic review Journal article 2018
No weight for “due weight”? : a children’s autonomy principle in best interest proceedings Journal article 2018
Uneven progress in reducing exposure to violence at home for New Zealand adolescents 2001–2012 : a nationally representative cross‐sectional survey series Journal article 2018
Reasoning processes in child protection decision making : Negotiating moral minefields and risky relationships Journal article 2011
Factors that determine decision making in child protection investigations : a review of the literature Journal article 2018
Te Whānau Pou Toru : a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a culturally adapted low-intensity variant of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program for indigenous Māori families in New Zealand Journal article 2018
Intimate partner violence : a review of online interventions Journal article 2018
Association of income and adversity in childhood with adult health and well-being Journal article 2018
Engaging high risk families in home visiting programs : a rapid review Report - UK 2018
Domestic abuse and child protection : women's experience of social work intervention Report - UK 2017
The talk : how adults can promote young people’s healthy relationships and prevent misogyny and sexual harassment Report - US 2017
‘Don’t even get us started on social workers’ : domestic violence, social work and trust - an anecdote from research Journal article 2017
Increasing the effectiveness of Stopping Violence Dunedin programmes Report 2017
Understanding and responding to family violence risks to children : evidence-based risk assessment for children and the importance of gender Journal article 2018
Bringing Them Home 20 years on : an action plan for healing Action plan - Australia 2018
Suicides among American Indian/Alaska Natives : National Violent Death Reporting System, 18 states, 2003–2014 Journal article 2018
Young people and sexting : attitudes and behaviours Report 2018
Child migration programmes : investigation report Report - UK 2018
The start of a conversation on the value of New Zealand’s social capital Short paper 2018
The start of a conversation on the value of New Zealand’s natural capital Short paper 2018
The start of a conversation on the value of New Zealand’s human capital Short paper 2018
Wellbeing frameworks for the Treasury Short paper 2018
The Treasury approach to the Living Standards Framework Short paper 2018
Strengthening health systems to respond to women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence : a manual for health managers WHO manual 2017
New WHO Violence Prevention Information System, an interactive knowledge platform of scientific findings on violence Journal article 2018
Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia 2018 Report - Australia 2018
Domestic violence and family law : criminological concerns Journal article 2014
Abuse of older persons with dementia : a review of the literature Journal article 2018
Schools, families, and the prevention of child maltreatment : lessons that can be learned from a literature review Journal article 2018
Technology-facilitated sexual violence : a literature review of empirical research Journal article 2018
Gender transformative approaches to engaging men in gender-based violence prevention : a review and conceptual model Journal article 2018
Coercion, access, and control : understanding drugging Journal article 2018
Policing harm, upholding the right : Victoria Police strategy for family violence, sexual offences and child abuse 2018-2023 Strategy - Australia 2018
Elder abuse community action plan for Victoria Report - Australia 2018
Family violence rolling action plan 2017 - 2020 Action plan - Australia 2017
Ending family violence : Victoria's plan for change Plan - Australia 2016
Census of workforces that intersect with family violence : companion report to Building from strength: 10-year industry plan for family violence prevention and response Report - Australia 2017
Responding to Family Violence Capability Framework Report - Australia 2017
Preventing Family Violence & Violence Against Women Capability Framework Report - Australia 2017
Building from strength : 10-year industry plan for family violence prevention and response Report - Australia 2017
Coordinated Community Response Model Online toolkit - UK 2010
Bridging cultural perspectives Report 2018
Power through partnerships : a CBPR toolkit for domestic violence researchers Toolkit - US 2017
Kei a tātou - it is us : state of the nation report Report 2018
What do we know about the effectiveness of social sector freephone helplines? : rapid evidence-based literature review Report 2018
Keeping Ourselves Safe resources for years 11 - 13 Resources for schools 2017
Keeping Ourselves Safe resources for years 9 - 10 Resources for schools 2017
Keeping Ourselves Safe resources for years 0 - 3 Resources for schools 2017
Social norms and violence against women and girls What work evidence review 2017
Supporting grandparent/grandchild contact under the Care of Children Act 2004 : an assessment of current options, and a call for change. Journal article 2017
Beyond colour-blindness : enhancing cultural and racial identity for adopted and fostered children in cross-cultural and transracial families Journal article 2017
Five years in the news : a media analysis of Child, Youth and Family in two daily newspapers (2008–2012) Journal article 2017
Engaging all New Zealanders benchmark survey report : children in New Zealand communities Final report 2017
Operation and experience : formative evaluation of the Transition from Care to Independence Service Report 2018
Evening the odds : modelling wellbeing to drive better outcomes. Seminar presentation 2017
Intersectionality matters : a guide to engaging immigrant and refugee communities to prevent violence against women Resource - Australia 2017
Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women - key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2018
Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women - final report ANROWS Horizons 2018
Kei hea ngā wāhine toa? Challenges for women and tikanga Māori Journal article 2017
Power plays : the meaning of genuine consent in S (CA338/2016) v R. Case note Journal article 2017
Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 Journal article 2017
‘Oku hange ‘a e tangata, ha fala oku lālanga : Pacific people and non-violence programmes under the Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act 2013 Journal article 2017
Insights : informing policies and services for at-risk children and youth Analytical paper 2017
Children in a digital world : the state of the world's children 2017 Unicef report 2017
The sexual assault of older women : criminal justice response in Canada Journal article 2018
Inside Out : evaluation findings Report 2016
Suicide attempts and completions among mothers whose children were taken into care by child protection services : a cohort study using linkable administrative data Journal article 2017
“The animals are all I have” : domestic violence, companion animals, and veterinarians Journal article 2017
Redefining an isolated incident : Femicide Census profiles of women killed by men Report - UK 2016
Campus sexual assault : future directions for research Journal article 2018
“Behind every woman in prison is a man” : incarcerated women’s perceptions of how we can better help them in the context of interpersonal victimization Journal article 2017
Australia : national domestic violence-informed case reading Report - Australia 2017
Children and families experiencing domestic violence : police and children’s social services’ responses Report - UK 2010
A stop–start response : social services’ interventions with children and families notified following domestic violence incidents Journal article 2011
Domestic violence and voluntary perpetrator programmes : engaging men in the pre-commencement phase Journal article 2015
Challenging the pursuit of criminalisation in an era of mass incarceration : the limitations of social work responses to domestic violence in the USA Journal article 2013
Seen and not heard : children in the Family Court. Part one - force Report 2017
Bystander research Snapshot report - Australia 2017
Ageing and homelessness : solutions to a growing problem Report - Australia 2017
Leaving violent men : a study of women's experiences of separation in Victoria, Australia Journal article 2017
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Final report - Australia 2017
Problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours in Australian children and young people : a review of available literature CFCA paper 2017
Coercive control : to criminalize or not to criminalize? Journal article 2017
A consultation journey : developing a Kaupapa Māori research methodology to explore Māori whānau experiences of harm and loss around birth Journal article 2017
Indigenous (Māori) sexual health psychologies in New Zealand : delivering culturally congruent sexuality education Journal article 2017
Look at her : analysing the depiction of women on the covers of women's magazines from 1975-2015 MA thesis 2017
Rape crisis services ‘Standing Alone’ : policy-making as problem representation: The response to sexual violence in New Zealand 1983-89 MA thesis 2017
It's the same old story : rape representation in New Zealand newspapers (1975 - 2015) MA thesis 2017
Closed stranger adoption, Māori and race relations in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1955-1985 PhD thesis 2017
Investigating Māori approaches to trauma informed care Journal article 2017
The everyday lives of young Māori fathers : an explorative study Journal article 2017
Te Whānau Pou Toru : findings from a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of Te Whānau Pou Toru Whānau/Whanaungtanga Kōrero - Māori adaptation of the Primary Care Triple P Positive Whānau/Parenting Discussion Groups. Te Ripoata - report to the Ministry of Health Report 2017
Fulfilling the vision : improving Family Group Conference preparation and participation Report 2017
Insights into digital harm : the online lives of New Zealand girls and boys Report 2017
Getting it right : the Children's Convention in Aotearoa Report 2017
Understanding harm experienced by children and young people in care during 2015/16 Report 2017
The Family Matters report 2017 : measuring trends to turn the tide on the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care in Australia Report - Australia 2017
Balancing the scales : improving Fijian women's access to justice Report - Fiji 2017
Across the colonial divide : conversations about evaluation in Indigenous contexts Journal article 2013
Towards a method of belonging : contextualizing gender violence in Māori worlds Thesis 2017
Investigating adolescent family violence : background, research and directions Report - Australia 2017
The intersection of firearms and intimate partner homicide in 15 nations Journal article 2017
An Australian hospital's training program and referral pathway within a multi-disciplinary health-justice partnership addressing family violence Journal article 2017
Online abuse and harassment : Ipsos MORI survey for Amnesty International on online abuse and harassment Report - UK 2017
Women and their fur-babies : leaving family violence together Thesis 2017
A process evaluation of the ‘Aware’ and ‘Supportive Communities’ gambling harm-minimisation programmes in New Zealand Journal article 2017
Conceptualising historical privilege : the flip side of historical trauma, a brief examination Journal article 2017
Legislation note : the Child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Registration) Act 2016 Journal article 2017
The voices of people in hard-to-reach communities : responsive tailoring of Building Financial Capability services to ensure cultural and social inclusion Report 2017
Improving the effectiveness of social services : the challenge for public administration Short paper 2017
Sexual health knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of Sāmoan youth in Aotearoa New Zealand Thesis 2017
Treated mental illness and the risk of child abuse perpetration Journal article 2017
The vulnerable child in neoliberal contexts : the construction of children in the Aotearoa New Zealand child protection reforms Journal article 2017
‘It just seemed like your normal domestic violence’ : ethnic stereotypes in print media coverage of child abuse in New Zealand Journal article 2017
Doing and denying sexism : online responses to a New Zealand feminist campaign against sexist advertising Journal article 2017
The relationship between child maltreatment, intimate partner violence exposure, and academic performance Journal article 2016
A familiar face : violence in the lives of children and adolescents UNICEF report 2017
Māori and indigenous views on R & R : resistance and resilience Journal article 2014
Āwhinatia tāu Whānau: Kua Wehea ai, Kua Ngaro ai : Māori experiences of reconnecting and rebuilding relationships with kin-based systems of whānau, hapū and iwi Thesis 2017
Correctional alcohol and drug treatment Evidence brief 2016
Cognitive-behavioural therapy Evidence brief 2016
Restorative justice Evidence brief 2016
Therapeutic interventions for victims of intimate partner violence Evidence brief 2017
Working together to achieve whānau wellbeing in Waitematā : progress assessment. Extended version and Summary Report 2017
Break free! : a practical handbook for migrant and refugee youth breaking free from family violence Book 2017
Power and control wheel for rainbow relationships Resource 2017
I didn't put the oxygen mask on first but I came out alive : how women who have lived with intimate partner violence (IPV) talk about the interplay between their vulnerabilities and the decision to change their situation Masters research report 2017
Safety through 'skills first' approach Short paper 2017
Traumatic brain injury of tangata ora (Māori ex-prisoners) Journal article 2017
Exotic dancing and relationship violence : exploring Indigeneity, gender and agency Journal article 2017
Report of the Enhancing Intake Decision-Making Project Report 2017
Mediating young people’s knowledge : framing school-based sexuality education in New Zealand and Canada Book chapter 2016
The origins of cognitive deficits in victimized children : implications for neuroscientists and clinicians Journal article 2017
Moving towards a holistic paradigm : teaching sexuality education in a New Zealand university Journal article 2015
Disorganized attachment in infancy : a review of the phenomenon and its implications for clinicians and policy-makers Journal article 2017
National comparison of cross-agency practice in investigating and responding to severe child abuse : a report to the NSW Ombudsman's Office (Report 1 of 2) Report - Australia 2017
National comparison of cross-agency practice in investigating and responding to severe child abuse : a report to the NSW Ombudsman's Office (Report 2 of 2) Report - Australia 2017
Constructing research from an indigenous Kaupapa Māori perspective : an example of decolonizing research Journal article 2017
What works evidence review : the relationship between poverty and intimate partner violence Short paper 2017
What works evidence review : intersections of violence against women and violence against children Short paper 2017
What works evidence review : preventing violence against women and girls with disabilities in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs) Short paper 2017
Eclipsed: When a broad protection agenda obscures the needs of women and girls COFEM paper 2017
Funding. Whose priorities? COFEM paper 2017
Finding the balance between scientific and social change goals, approaches and methods COFEM paper 2017
Reframing language of "gender-based violence" away from feminist underpinnings COFEM paper 2017
How a lack of accountability undermines work to address violence against women and girls COFEM paper 2017
Ending violence against children Global report 2017
Principled action by young people : R4Respect Journal article 2017
Parricide in England and Wales (1977–2012) : an exploration of offenders, victims, incidents and outcomes Journal article 2017
Family violence perpetrator treatment Evidence brief 2016
Towards an understanding of female family violence perpetrators : a study of women in prison Journal article 2016
Cross-agency plan to deliver world leading interventions for people who use violence within their family Journal article 2016
Trauma hiding in plain view : the case for trauma informed practice in women’s prisons Journal article 2016
New Zealand prisoners' prior exposure to trauma Journal article 2017
Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused WHO clinical guidelines 2017
Family violence in a sample of treatment-seeking gamblers : the effect of having dependent children Journal article 2017
Living under siege : women’s narratives of psychological violence within coercively controlling intimate partner relationships Masters thesis 2017
Binge-drinking & sexual consent in New Zealand : tertiary students' perspectives MASW research report 2015
The changing nature of social work during the 1980s : the journey of a Māori social work practitioner MASW research report 2015
Empowering and enabling families? : social workers' experiences of the FGC process MASW research report 2015
Returning to Pūao te Āta Tū : Pākehā social workers : Fulfilling our side of the agreement MASW research report 2015
Facilitating Incredible Years parenting programmes : the barriers and contributors to achieving successful outcomes MASW research report 2015
Mothering through domestic violence MASW research report 2015
The sustainable delivery of sexual violence prevention education in schools Report 2015
Evaluation of Amokura : an indigenous family violence prevention strategy Journal article 2008
Changing gender and social norms, attitudes and behaviours Short paper 2017
Campaigns to end violence against women and girls Report 2011
What works to reduce victimization? : synthesizing what we know and where to go from here Journal article 2016
Tracking change : midterm snapshot evaluation findings for The Line campaign Report 2017
Slavery in New Zealand : what is the role of the health sector? Journal article 2017
Examples of evaluated social marketing campaigns addressing woman abuse : references and brief descriptions Short paper 2014
The Cook Islands Family Health and Safety Study Report - Cook Islands 2014
2017 Samoa Family Safety Study Report - Samoa 2017
Our ancestors : highlighting the many strengths of our ancestors E Tū Whānau! resource 2017
The cost of family violence in Victoria Summary report - Australia 2017
Voices of hope Report - Australia 2017
Challenging misconceptions about sexual offending : creating an evidence-based resource for Police and legal practitioners Resource - Australia 2017
Wahine - E rere ana ki te pae hou : women's strategy 2017 - 2021 Department of Corrections strategy 2017
Restorative justice : best practice framework Framework 2017
Restorative justice standards for sexual offending cases Guidelines 2013
Restorative justice standards for family violence cases Guidelines 2013
Māori men, relationships, and everyday practices : towards broadening domestic violence research Journal article 2017
Child protection in New Zealand : a history of the future Journal article 2017
Child sexual abuse prevention opportunities : parenting, programs, and the reduction of risk Journal article 2017
Consequences of child emotional abuse, emotional neglect and exposure to intimate partner violence for eating disorders : a systematic critical review Journal article 2017
Trans and gender diverse responses : building Rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violence Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence report 2017
Responses from disabled sex, sexuality and gender diverse people : building Rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violence Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence report 2017
Bisexual and pansexual responses : building Rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violence Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence report 2017
Private security companies and domestic violence : a welcome new development? Journal article 2017
Immaterial boys? : a large-scale exploration of gender-based differences in child sexual exploitation service users Journal article 2017
Perceptions of community safety in West Auckland Report 2017
Urban poverty, structural violence and welfare provision for 100 families in Auckland Journal article 2014
The prevalence of safe, stable, nurturing relationships among children and adolescents NatSCEV report - US 2017
Children's exposure to violence and the intersection between delinquency and victimization NatSCEV report - US 2013
Children's exposure to violence, crime, and abuse : an update NatSCEV report - US 2015
Ethics, methods, and measures in intimate partner violence research : the current state of the field Journal article 2017
Protective strategies of mothers abused by intimate partners : rethinking the deficit model Journal article 2017
Seeking help for domestic and family violence: Exploring regional, rural and remote women’s coping experiences : key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2017
Seeking help for domestic and family violence: Exploring regional, rural and remote women’s coping experiences : final report ANROWS Horizons 2017
Respectful relationships education in schools Evidence paper - Australia 2015
Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice : how to change the story Our Watch resource - Australia 2017
Essential services package for women and girls subject to violence Core elements and quality guidelines - UN Women 2017
Prevention of child abuse and neglect CFCA resource sheet 2017
Measuring progress and projecting attainment on the basis of past trends of the health-related Sustainable Development Goals in 188 countries : an analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 Journal article 2017
Differential punishment of similar behaviour : sentencing assault cases in a specialized family violence court and ‘regular sentencing’ courts Journal article 2016
Experiences of grandparents raising grandchildren in getting income support from work and income offices in New Zealand Journal article 2017
Grandparent care in New Zealand and the impact of parental drug addiction : Insights from the largest study of social issues affecting grandparents raising grandchildren Presentation 2017
NZ Rugby Respect and responsibility Report 2017
"Don't tell me your problems" : the Family Court complaints and appeals landscape Report 2017
The Backbone Collective. Survey One : findings Report 2017
Better together? : A review of evidence for multi-disciplinary teams responding to physical and sexual child abuse Journal article 2017
Multiagency Investigation & Support Team (MIST) pilot Evaluation report - Australia 2017
Themes in judges' sentencing remarks for male and female domestic murderers Journal article 2016
Progress in implementing the new vulnerable children operating model Cabinet paper 2017
"Whatever it takes": Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services : key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2017
"Whatever it takes": Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services : final report ANROWS Horizons 2017
Changing landscapes : responding to domestic violence in New Zealand Journal article 2010
Pūao-te-Āta-tū : informing Māori social work since 1986 Journal article 2012
Intimate partner violence and intergenerational trauma among indigenous women Journal article 2017
"What's his is his and what's mine is his" : financial power and the economic abuse of women in Aotearoa Journal article 2017
Online sexual violence, child pornography or something else entirely? : police responses to non-consensual intimate image sharing among youth Journal article 2017
He Pūronga Arotake 2: Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri | Evaluation report 2: Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri Report 2009
He Pūronga Arotake: Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri | Evaluation report: Te Whare Ruruhau o Meri Report 2011
Do adult mental health services identify child abuse and neglect? : a systematic review Journal article 2017
Legal systems abuse and coercive control Journal article 2017
Kaupapa Māori evaluation : a collaborative journey Journal article 2017
Indigenous programmes and evaluation ; an excluded worldview Journal article 2017
Families : universal functions, culturally diverse values Fact sheet 2017
Making sense of evaluation : a handbook for everyone Handbook 2017
The evaluation capacity building project : developing an evaluation capacity assessment tool and process for New Zealand NGOs Report 2016
Te Reo Hāpai. The language of enrichment : a Māori language glossary for use in the mental health, addiction and disability sectors Glossary 2017
"In our own words" : student experiences of sexual violence prior to and during tertiary education Report 2017
Ministerial Group on Family Violence and Sexual Violence : progress of the work programme Cabinet papaer 2017
Violent childhood experiences and the risk of intimate partner violence in adults : assessment in a large Health Maintenance Organization Journal article 2003
Family Violence Summit 2017 : summary of views from the day and online submissions Report 2017
On a carousel : the relationship between family violence research and social work practice Journal article 2015
Post-divorce parenting and fatal violence : separate worlds and tense relations Journal article 2015
The Children, Young Persons, and Their Family Act and Māori children Journal article 2015
A literature review : addressing indigenous parental substance use and child welfare in Aotearoa: A Whānau Ora framework Journal article 2015
Social work pertaining to Māori in New Zealand : Ngā Mahi Toko I Te Ora O Te Iwi Māori :1990 - 2017 Bibliography 2017
The case for re-framing Māori suicide prevention research in Aotearoa/New Zealand : applying lessons from indigenous suicide prevention research Journal article 2017
A systematic review of interventions for women parenting in the context of intimate partner violence Journal article 2017
The Domestic Violence Safety Action Tool (DVSAT) : results from the first 12 months implementation Journal article 2017
The role of specialist women’s services in Australia’s response to violence against women and their children Report - Australia 2016
Utilizing complexity theory to explore sustainable responses to intimate partner violence in health care Journal article 2017
Formative evaluation of the Whānau Ora commissioning agency model : an independent evaluation report Report 2016
Whānau Ora annual summary report : 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016 Report 2017
Whānau Ora annual summary report : 1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015 Report 2016
The process of primary desistance from intimate partner violence Journal article 2017
Early Start: Incredible Years Toddler Programme evaluation Report 2017
Gandhi Nivas: Developing culturally specific early intervention through community collaboration for men bound by Police Safety Orders in Counties Manukau : Study One Report 2016
Evaluation of the family violence Integrated Safety Response pilot Report 2017
Out of the frying pan and into the fire : women's experiences of the New Zealand Family Court Report 2017
‘‘What’s in it for men?’’ : old question, new data Journal article 2014
Associations of childhood sexual abuse and mental health conditions Research summary 2016
Vulnerability and marginality in human services Book 2017
Color of violence : the INCITE! anthology Book 2016
Queering sexual violence : radical voices from within the anti-violence movement Book 2016
Domestic violence advocacy : complex lives/difficult choices Book 2014
Engaging with perpetrators of domestic violence : practical techniques for early intervention Book 2015
Oxford textbook of violence prevention : epidemiology, evidence, and policy Book 2015
Picking up the pieces after domestic violence : a practical resource for supporting parenting skills Book 2011
We need to talk about pornography : a resource to educate young people about the potential impact of pornography and sexualised images on relationships, body image and self-esteem Book 2017
Intimate partner sexual violence : a multidisciplinary guide to improving services and support for survivors of rape and abuse Book 2014
Understanding child and family welfare : statutory responses to children at risk Book 2012
Disabled women and domestic violence : responding to the experiences of survivors Book 2012
Domestic violence and mental health Book 2013
Social work & domestic violence : developing critical & reflective practice Book 2013
Domestic violence and protecting children : new thinking and approaches Book 2015
Challenging child protection : new directions in safeguarding children Book 2015
A community-based approach to the reduction of sexual reoffending : circles of support and accountability Book 2011
When men murder women Book 2015
“Institutions are places of abuse” : the experiences of disabled children and adults in State care Report 2017
Rapid review of the Waitematā Safeguarding Adults From Abuse (SAFA) pilot : report for the Waitematā Police Report 2017
Women's experiences of economic abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2017
Kapasa : the Pacific policy analysis tool Tool 2017
Domestic and family violence prevention strategy 2016 - 2026 Strategy - Queensland 2016
A profile of gender-based violence research in Europe : Findings from a focused mapping review and synthesis Journal article 2017
A systematic review of risk and protective factors associated with family related violence in refugee families Journal article 2017
Mapping gender : shedding empirical light on Family Courts' treatment in cases of abuse and alienation Journal article 2017
A systematic review of behavioral health interventions for sex offenders with intellectual disabilities Journal article 2017
Burden of proof begone : the pernicious effect of emergency removal in child protective proceedings Journal article 2003
American perceptions of sexual violence : a FrameWorks research report Report - US 2010
New media and primary prevention of violence against women and their children : emerging evidence, insights and lessons Report - Australia 2017
ReCharge : women's technology safety, legal resources, research and training. National study findings 2015 Report - Australia 2015
Harmful sexual behaviour : service development report Report 2017
Services for individuals with harmful sexual behaviour or displaying concerning sexualised behaviour Service specifications 2017
Harmful sexual behaviour services for non-mandated adults Service guidelines 2017
Elder abuse response services guidelines : F18 Service guidelines 2017
Family violence prevention guidelines Service guidelines 2016
Family violence intervention guidelines Service guidelines 2016
Family violence network guidelines Service guidelines2016
Gateway assessment service Service specifications2017
Sexual harm crisis support service guidelines : F18 Guidelines 2017
Domestic and family violence and parenting: Mixed methods insights into impact and support needs : final report ANROWS Horizons 2017
Domestic and family violence and parenting: Mixed methods insights into impact and support needs : key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2017
Measuring Māori wellbeing Short paper 2006
Young New Zealanders viewing sexual violence - stage 3 research report : interviews with young New Zealanders Report 2017
PAThways and Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working : Collaborative work across the child protection and specialist domestic and family violence interface: The PATRICIA Project. Final report ANROWS Horizons 2017
The collaborative practice framework for child protection and specialist domestic and family violence services — the PATRICIA Project : key findings and future directions ANROWS Compass 2017
Using evidence to inform social policy : the role of citizen-based analytics Discussion paper 2017
Families and whānau status report 2017 Report 2017
Understanding family violence : Māori in New Zealand Infographic 2017
Government response to the Productivity Commission report on More Effective Social Services Report 2017
Government responses to recommendations from the Productivity Commission on More Effective Social Services Report 2017
Fathers who use violence : options for safe practice where there is ongoing contact with children CFCA paper - Australia 2017
Elder abuse - a national legal response : final report ALRC report - Australia 2017
The Child, Youth and Family Review : a commentary on prevention Report 2017
Snapshot Data summary 2017
Family Violence Deaths NZFVC Data summary 2017
Violence Against Women NZFVC Data summary 2017
Children and Youth affected by Family Violence NZFVC Data summary 2017
Child Sexual Abuse NZFVC Data summary 2017
Adult Sexual Violence NZFVC Data summary 2017
Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence - Perpetration by Gender NZFVC Data summary 2017
Supplementary data: Regional data by Police district NZFVC Data summary 2017
Pasifika people in New Zealand : how are we doing? Report 2017
Perinatal risk and protective factors for pediatric abusive head trauma : a multicenter case-control study Journal article 2017
Sexual violence and substantive equality : can restorative justice deliver? Journal article 2017
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