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Title Format Published
Review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 : Te Arotake i te Property (Relationships) Act 1976 Report 2019
He waka noa. Towards a better future, together : New Zealand's progress towards the SDGs - 2019 Report 2019
Ināia Tonu Nei - Te Pūrongo a Te Hui Māori, July 2019 : Kua tai te wā - We lead, you follow Pūrongo | Report 2019
Bringing gender in : a gender analysis tool to help you explore the gender impacts of your policy Online tool 2019
School-based violence prevention : a practical handbook Report - WHO 2019
Intimate partner sexual violence : research synthesis ANROWS Insights 2019
The cost of violence against women and their children in Australia : final detailed report Report - Australia 2019
Te Olaga Ola Filemu - A life embarked with peace and wellbeing : Tuvalu Family Violence Prevention Plan Plan 2019
Survey of working life : 2018 Report 2019
Are we listening? Children's participation rights in government policy Report 2019
Reproductive control by others: means, perpetrators and effects Journal article 2019
Experiences of reproductive coercion in Queensland women Journal article 2019
Gender inequality and restrictive gender norms : framing the challenges to health Journal article - Lancet series 2019
Gender norms and health : insights from global survey data Journal article - Lancet series 2019
Improving health with programmatic, legal, and policy approaches to reduce gender inequality and change restrictive gender norms Journal article - Lancet series 2019
Disrupting gender norms in health systems : making the case for change Journal article - Lancet series 2019
Gender equality and gender norms : framing the opportunities for health Journal article - Lancet series 2019
Data collection and management as a means to create heightened awareness of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity : report of the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity Report - UN Human Rights 2019
Progress of the world's women 2019 - 2020 : families in a changing world Report - UN Women 2019
Our Watch, our journey : independent summative evaluation of Our Watch Report - Australia 2019
Ethnic disparities in childhood prevalence of maltreatment : evidence from a New Zealand birth cohort Journal article 2019
Recommended treatments for “parental alienation syndrome” (PAS) may cause children foreseeable and lasting psychological harm Journal article 2016
Are intensive parental alienation treatments effective and safe for children and adolescents? Journal article 2019
Parental alienation empirical analysis : child best interests or parental rights? Report 2018
Parental alienation, coaching and the best interests of the child : allegations of child sexual abuse in the Family Court of Australia Journal article 2019
Family violence funding approach : building a sustainable future for family violence services Report 2019
Elder abuse : key issues and emerging evidence CFCA paper 2018
Information sharing to support tamariki wellbeing and safety : guidance for sharing information across the child welfare and protection sector. The Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 information sharing provisions Guidelines 2019
Sharing information safely : guidance on sharing personal information under the Family Violence Act 2018 Guidelines 2019
'Relationship status' and the welfare system in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2019
Babies and children entering Oranga Tamariki care Report 2019
A qualitative study on behalf of the Independent Panel examining the 2014 family justice system reforms : [main report] Report 2019
Te Korowai Ture ā-Whānau : The final report of the Independent Panel examining the 2014 family justice reforms Report 2019
Pet abuse as part of intimate partner violence Report 2018
Ethnic inequalities in child welfare : the role of practitioner risk perceptions Journal article 2019
Theorising the signs of safety approach to child protection social work : positioning, codes and power Journal article 2014
Child protection inequalities in Aotearoa New Zealand : social gradient and the 'inverse intervention law' Journal article 2019
Thinking differently in order to see accurately : explaining why we are convicting women we might otherwise be burying. Professor Julia Tolmie Inaugural Lecture, June 2019 Video online 2019
How do sporting organisations conceptualise and operationalise the prevention of violence against women? Journal article 2019
Parenting arrangements after separation study: Evaluating the 2014 family law reforms : Family justice professionals' perspectives. Interim Research Report Report 2019
The water of systems change Report - US 2018
"Shakti Community Council Inc, 1995- " in Women Together: a History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand - Ngā Rōpū Wāhine o te Motu Book chapter 2019
"Te Kākano o te Whānau, 1986-mid 1990s? " in Women Together: a History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand - Ngā Rōpū Wāhine o te Motu Book chapter 2018
"National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups of Aotearoa, 1986-" in Women Together: a History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand - Ngā Rōpū Wāhine o te Motu Book chapter 2018
"National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges, 1981- " in Women Together: a History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand - Ngā Rōpū Wāhine o te Motu Book chapter 2018
Rapid evidence review to inform post-crisis support services for victims of sexual violence Report 2019
Should community health workers offer support healthcare services to survivors of sexual violence? A systematic review Journal article 2017
Couples-based approach to prevention of domestic violence : an innovative initiative in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2019
Collaboration with and for rural Māori with substance use and related problems PhD thesis 2017
Incest survivors’ life-narratives Journal article 2019
Which violence against women educational strategies are effective for prequalifying health-care students? : a systematic review Journal article 2019
An RCT of Dating Matters : effects on teen dating violence and relationship behaviors Journal article 2019
Disguised compliance or undisguised nonsense? A critical discourse analysis of compliance and resistance in social work practice Journal article 2019
Patterns and usefulness of safety behaviors among community-based women survivors of intimate partner violence Journal article 2019
New migrant parents : understanding the experiences and attitudes of new migrant parents Report 2018
"Any evidence" in the Family Court LLM dissertation 2017
Responding to adverse childhood experiences : An evidence review of interventions to prevent and address adversity across the life course Report - UK 2019
Fourteen-year trends in the criminal justice response to child sexual abuse reports in New South Wales Journal article 2019
Even when those struggles are not our own : storytelling and solidarity in a feminist social justice organisation Journal article 2019
Overcrowded housing : one of a constellation of vulnerabilities for child sexual abuse Journal article 2019
Training and confidence in undertaking child protection work as reported by New Zealand paediatricians Journal article 2019
Indigenous peoples’ help-seeking behaviors for family violence : a scoping review Journal article 2019
He waka roimata : transforming our criminal justice system Report 2019
Women’s everyday resistance to intimate partner violence Masters thesis 2018
Precariat Māori households today : the need to reorient policy to cultivate more humane understandings of whānau in need Te Arotahi paper 2019
Care and protection of tamariki Māori in the family court system : Kaupapa Māori models now required to reduce disparities and measure outcomes Te Arotahi paper 2019
Intersectionality 101 Resource - Canada 2014
Making complaints to the United Nations Disability Committee : a guide for New Zealanders Resource 2019
Supporting young people on remand to live successfully in the community Report 2019
Church responses to gender-based violence against women in Samoa Report 2019
Stand by me : the story of Te Whakaruruhau Waikato Women's Refuge Book 2018
Bullying and harassment in the New Zealand parliamentary workplace : external independent review Report 2019
Preventing and responding to bullying at work Worksafe NZ guide 2017
'The safest country: Policing 2021' : four year plan (2017/18 - 2020/21) NZ Police plan 2017
New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey : Key findings Cycle 1 (March - September 2018). Descriptive statistics Report 2019
Tackling violence against disabled women & girls : a toolkit for social care, housing and safeguarding services Toolkit - UK 2019
Assessing intimate partner violence in South Asian women using the Index of Spouse Abuse Journal article 2019
You are not allowed to tell : organisational culture as a barrier for child protection workers seeking assistance for traumatic stress symptomology Journal article 2019
Integrated Safety Response (ISR) evaluation : emerging findings Snapshot report 2019
Animal abuse as a type of trauma : lessons for human and animal service professionals Journal article 2019
Risk factors for future offending in child and adolescent firesetters following a Fire Service intervention program Journal article 2019
Interracial sexual violence in 1860s New Zealand Journal article 2011
A randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of family group conferencing in child welfare : effectiveness, moderators, and level of FGC completion Journal article 2019
Whānau ora : an indigenous success story Book chapter 2019
Risk factors for severe violence in intimate partner stalking situations : an analysis of police records Journal article 2019
Children's experiences and needs in relation to domestic and family violence : findings from a meta‐synthesis Journal article 2019
Problems in the system of mandatory reporting of children living with domestic violence Journal article 2008
Is Edward Cullen a “good” boyfriend? : young men talk about Twilight, masculinity and the rules of (hetero)romance Journal article 2017
(Un)knowing the rules of the game : young men’s precarious talk about “territory marking” in rural Aotearoa/New Zealand Journal article 2019
Inquiry into the Ministry of Social Development’s exercise of section 11 (Social Security Act 1964) and compliance with the Code of Conduct Report 2019
Direct cross-examination in family law matters : incidence and context of direct cross‑examination involving self-represented litigants Report - Australia 2018
Identifying economic abuse amongst women with disability in Victoria : a toolkit for service providers and people affected by family violence. Final report Report & toolkit - Australia 2019
“You look a little bit dark for my liking” : Māori and Pasifika women’s experiences of welfare receipt in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2019
Grandparents battle to be key stakeholders in protecting grandchildren Journal article 2019
Women’s experiences of intimate partner violence in rural Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2019
A whole campus approach to sexual violence : the University of Otago Model Journal article 2019
Measuring Māori children's wellbeing Journal article 2019
Self-report measures that do not produce gender parity in intimate partner violence: A multi-study investigation Journal article 2016
For the wellbeing of New Zealanders : an urgent call for full funding for sexual violence prevention & support services Report 2019
The children's social health monitor ; 2011 update Report 2011
Identification and management of domestic and sexual violence in primary care in the #MeToo era : an update Journal article 2019
Third Action Plan 2016 - 2019 of the National plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010 - 2022 Action plan - Australia 2016
Evaluation of the Second Action Plan of the National plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010 - 2022 : final evaluation report Report - Australia 2017
Delivery of National Outcome 4 of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children 2010-2022 Report - Australia 2017
Section 70A and children Evidence brief 2019
How do welfare and tax settings affect children’s involvement with child protective services? Evidence brief 2018
Whakamana tangata : Restoring dignity to social security in New Zealand Report 2019
The effect of intimate partner violence and probable traumatic brain injury on mental health outcomes for Black women Journal article 2019
Using the Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender version in sexual violence risk assessments : updated risk categories and recidivism estimates from a multisite sample of treated sexual offenders Journal article 2018
Unfinished business - the pursuit of rights and choices for all : state of world population 2019 Report - UNFPA 2019
Ethnic perspectives on family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand NZFVC Issues paper 2019
The second review of the Evidence Act 2006 : Te Arotake Tuarua i te Evidence Act 2006 Law Commission report - Australia 2019
Supporting salon professionals as champions of change : the HaiR-3R’s program and responding in the salon context Report - Australia 2019
A therapist's mandate? : integrating an ethics of care into custody law by recognising and responding to post-separation parental loss of connection with children Journal article 2019
Technology and family violence in the context of post-separated parenting Journal article 2019
An evaluation of Puawaitahi : New Zealand's first multi-agency for child protection Doctor of Clinical Psychology thesis 2017
The role of illicit drug use in family and domestic violence in Australia Journal article 2019
Domestic and family violence, housing insecurity and homelessness : research synthesis Short paper 2019
Mind Of My Own review : extended trial of the Mind Of My Own application Report 2019
Young people's experiences of sexuality education Report 2019
Tika tonu : young Māori mothers' experiences of wellbeing surrounding the birth of their first tamaiti PhD thesis 2018
A systematic review of trials to improve child outcomes associated with adverse childhood experiences Journal article 2019
Strengthening independent oversight of the Oranga Tamariki system and of children’s issues in New Zealand : Ko te whakakaha i te tirohanga motuhake ki te pūnaha a Oranga Tamariki me ngā take tamariki i Aotearoa : post consultation report Report 2018
MSD historic claims business process and guidance March 2019 Guidelines 2019
Claimant engagement on historic claims resolution process Report 2018
Protective factors of children and families at highest risk of adverse childhood experiences : an analysis of children and families in the Growing Up in New Zealand data who “beat the odds” Report 2019
Adverse childhood experiences and school readiness outcomes : results from the Growing Up in New Zealand study Report 2019
The health needs of children and young people in State care Report chapter 2018
The determinants of health for Pacific children and young people in New Zealand Report 2013
Police statistics on homicide victims in New Zealand 2007 - 2016 : a summary of statistics about victims of murder, manslaughter, and infanticide Report 2018
Everybody matters : inclusion and equity statement Victorian Government statement - Australia 2019
"I keep that hush-hush" : male survivors of sexual abuse and the challenges of disclosure Journal article 2008
Real lives and lost lives : making sense of ‘locked in’ responses to intimate partner homicide Journal article 2019
Predicting domestic violence : a meta-analysis on the predictive validity of risk assessment tools Journal article 2019
The impact of domestic and sexual violence on the workplace in Solomon Islands : survey report Report 2019
How to report on violence against women and their children Guidelines - Australia 2019
He rau murimuri aroha : wāhine Māori insights into historical trauma and healing Book 2019
He ara uru ora : traditional Māori understandings of trauma and wellbeing Book 2019
Information and advice service guidelines Guidelines 2018
Family-centred services (direct services) guidelines Guidelines 2018
Male survivors of sexual abuse service guidelines : F19 Guidelines 2018
Children's Teams evaluation : final report Report 2019
ACC Mates & Dates : presentation of key survey findings 2018 Short paper 2018
Recognizing the violent extremist ideology of ‘Incels’ Short paper - US 2018
A call for evaluation of restorative justice programs Journal article 2019
Enacting entangled practice : interagency collaboration in domestic and family violence work Journal article 2019
‘Yarn about it’ : Aboriginal Australian women’s perceptions of the impact of routine enquiry for intimate partner violence Journal article 2019
“Made me feel connected” : a qualitative comparative analysis of intimate partner violence routine screening pathways to impact Journal article 2019
Image-based sexual abuse : the extent, nature, and predictors of perpetration in a community sample of Australian residents Journal article 2019
Technology-facilitated domestic and family violence : women's experiences Journal article 2019
Perpetrators of family violence : special collection Annotated bibliography 2018
The Abuse Intervention Model : a pragmatic approach to intervention for elder mistreatment Journal article 2016
State of the science on prevention of elder abuse and lessons learned from child abuse and domestic violence prevention : Toward a conceptual framework for research toward a conceptual framework for research Journal article 2016
Infant removals : the need to address the over-representation of Aboriginal infants and community concerns of another ‘stolen generation’ Journal article 2019
Risk and protective factors for batterer intervention treatment program attrition : how completers are distinct from dropouts and no-shows Journal article 2019
Not just ‘revenge pornography’ : Australians' experiences of image-based abuse. A summary report Report - Australia 2017
Elephant in the therapy room : counselling experiences of ethnic immigrant women survivors of family violence in Aotearoa, New Zealand Research portfolio 2017
How could central government better respond to sexual harm in the public service Journal article 2018
Social security that works for families Journal article 2019
The Ngātahi project : competency development for the vulnerable children's workforce Journal article 2019
When intimate partner violence meets same sex couples : a review of same sex intimate partner violence Journal article 2018
What makes a good life? : children and young people's views on wellbeing Report 2019
Formative evaluation report : specialist sexual harm services Report 2018
Do data from child protective services and the police enhance modelling of perinatal risk for paediatric abusive head trauma? : a retrospective case-control study Journal article 2019
Safety of children in care Quarterly report 2018
He Waipuna Koropupū : Taranaki Māori wellbeing and suicide prevention Journal article 2017
Stories of survival and resilience : an enquiry into what helps tamariki and rangatahi through whānau violence Journal article 2017
“What I reckon is, is that like the love you give to your kids they’ll give to someone else and so on and so on” : Whanaungatanga and mātauranga Māori in practice Journal article 2017
An evaluation of the Ministry of Justice-funded domestic violence programmes Report 2018
Whānau Ora review : Tipu Matoro ki Ao. Final report to the Minister for Whānau Ora Report 2018
Pacific youth and violent offending in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2016
Speak up : use the media to prevent family violence Toolkit n.d.
Local government toolkit : family violence prevention for local government Toolkit 2016
Intimate partner violence in Australian refugee communities : scoping review of issues and service responses CFCA paper - Australia 2018
Preventing violence against women through sport : program/initiative compendium table Report - Australia 2017
A team effort : preventing violence against women through sport Evidence guide - Australia 2017
Not our game : family violence prevention toolkit for sports clubs and teams Toolkit 2017
Understanding how domestic violence support services promote survivor well-being : a conceptual model Journal article 2018
Unpacking violence : a storytelling resource for understanding non-physical forms of abuse and the gendered drivers of violence against women Toolkit - Australia 2019
Traumatic brain injuries in New Zealand : national insurance (Accident Compensation Corporation) claims 2012 to 2016 Journal article 2019
Factors associated with induced abortion over time : secondary data analysis of five waves of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health Journal article 2019
Serving teen survivors : a manual for advocates Toolkit - US 2018
Serving teen survivors : a manual for advocates Toolkit - US 2018
Gender, power, and violence : a systematic review of measures and their association with male perpetration of IPV Journal article 2018
Breaking the web of silence : an exploration of Chinese women's experience of domestic violence in New Zealand Masters thesis 2016
Child-centred practice in a bi- and multi-cultural context : challenges and dilemmas Journal article 2019
Dreams deferred : a survey on the impact of intimate partner violence on survivors' education, careers and economic security Report - US 2018
An indigenous approach to the Living Standards Framework Short paper 2019
Acquired brain injury in the context of family violence : a systematic scoping review of incidence, prevalence, and contributing factors Journal article 2019
Assessing the risk of repeat intimate partner assault Short paper - Australia 2018
Intersection of family law and family and domestic violence Short paper - Australia 2012
Whānau resilience : long-term healing and recovery services for people affected by family violence Resources 2018
Guidance note on campus violence prevention and response Report - UN Women 2018
Women and young persons with disabilities : guidelines for providing rights-based and gender-responsive services to address gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights Report - UNFPA 2018
Policing domestic violence : a review of the evidence Report - Australia 2018
Is methamphetamine use associated with domestic violence? Short paper - Australia 2018
Family violence perpetration and mental health Research brief - Australia 2018
Using systems thinking to address intimate partner violence and child abuse in New Zealand NZFVC Issues Paper 13 2019
Sharing information safely : summary of feedback: Guidance on sharing personal information under the Family Violence Act 2018 Report 2019
Te Toka Tūmoana : supporting the navigation of indigenous wellbeing in colonised waters Short paper 2018
Discursive psychology and domestic violence Book chapter 2018
Parenting and pornography report : findings from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom Summary report 2018
Children’s exposure to sexually explicit content : parents' awareness, attitudes and actions Report 2018
Best practice standards for a safe and appropriate culture and environment for law students employed in law firms Standards 2018
The report of the New Zealand Law Society Working Group to enable better reporting, prevention, detection, and support in respect of sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and other inappropriate workplace behaviour within the legal profession Report 2018
Kindness, emotions and human relationships : the blind spot in public policy Report - UK 2018
Maiea te Tūruapō. Fulfilling the vision : supporting young people with at-risk behaviour to live successfully in their communities Report 2018
Developing the power to say no more to violence against women : An investigation into family and domestic violence primary prevention programs in South Australia and the Northern Territory Report - Australia 2018
Engaging men and boys to end violence in the family Toolkit 2018
Living Standards analysis model : the first prototype Report 2018
Providing and receiving sexual assault disclosures : findings from a sexually diverse sample of young adults Journal article 2019
Longitudinal changes in self-efficacy, mental health, abuse, and stages of change, for women fearful of a partner : findings from a primary care trial (WEAVE) Journal article 2019
Problematic pornography use and physical and sexual intimate partner violence perpetration among men in batterer intervention programs Journal article 2018
Experiences of intimate partner violence among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender college students : the intersection of gender, race, and sexual orientation Journal article 2018
Surveys, social licence and the Integrated Data Infrastructure Journal article 2018
What you told us : findings of the ‘Your voice, your data, your say’ engagement on social wellbeing and the protection and use of data Report 2018
"It's an invisible wound" : the disenfranchised grief of post-separation mothers who lose care time Journal article 2018
Harm from known others’ drinking by relationship proximity to the harmful drinker and gender : a meta-analysis across 10 countries Journal article 2018
New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey : Topline report. March - September 2018 (Cycle 1) Report 2018
What to do : a guide for sex workers who have experienced sexual assault Report 2018
The power of four : lessons from the VOYCE collaboration Report 2018
An affront to her Mana : young Māori mothers’ experiences of intimate partner violence Journal article 2018
Health response to family violence : 2017 Violence Intervention Programme evaluation Report 2018
Gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific : baseline and pathways for transformative change by 2030 Report - UN Women 2018
Gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia and the Pacific : baseline and pathways for transformative change by 2030 Report - UN Women 2018
The Good Lives Model : new avenues for Māori rehabilitation? Journal article 2016
Workers’ constructions of the “good” and “bad” advocate in a domestic violence agency Journal article 2018
Intergenerational sexual violence and whānau in Aotearoa/ New Zealand : pedagogies of contextualisation and transformation Journal article 2016
2018 transitions cohort needs assessment : results from Stage Two: 'High' and 'Very high' needs survey Report 2018
Access to Services Trial : an evaluation of service brokerage and direct purchase through Gateway Report 2018
Sexual harassment and assault on campus: What can Aotearoa New Zealand learn from Australia’s ‘Respect. Now. Always.’ initiative Journal article 2018
Denying rape culture : a response to Luke Gittos Journal article 2018
Research briefing : violence against women in Samoa Journal article 2018
Research report : Tatala le ta’ui le Atua: Rolling out the fine mat of scripture Journal article 2018
Inter-agency alignment of family violence programmes Journal article 2018
"For me it was normal" : some initial findings from the family violence perpetrator study Journal article 2018
Development and implementation of trauma-informed training for women's corrections facilities in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2018
The development of the Kimihia Violence Prevention programme : an offence focused programme for women with high and complex needs Journal article 2018
Trauma and psychotic experiences : transnational data from the World Mental Health Survey Journal article 2017
Childhood maltreatment and adult suicidality : a comprehensive systematic review with meta-analysis Journal article 2018
Underreporting sexual violence among 'ethnic' migrant women : perspectives from Aotearoa/New Zealand Journal article 2019
Beijing betrayed : women worldwide report that governments have failed to turn the platform into action Report - WEDO 2005
Preventing violence and reducing its impact : how development agencies can help Report - WHO 2008
A measure of the future : women's sexual and reproductive risk index for the Pacific 2009 Report - International 2009
Taking action to overcome violence : one-day conference report & proceedings held in Auckland, 25 November 2006 Conference proceedings 2006
Report of the Attorney General's National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence Report - US 2012
The ABC kids book of feelings Book 2017
Body safety education : a parents' guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse Book 2015
No means no! : teaching children about personal boundaries, respect and consent; empowering kids by respecting their choices and their right to say, "No!" Book 2015
My body! What I say goes! : a book to empower and teach children about personal body safety, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, private parts, secrets and surprises, consent, and respectful relationships Book 2016