Auckland Regional Networking Meeting, Family and Sexual Violence - Western Springs, September 2012


In March 2012, an Auckland Regional Hui on family and sexual violence prevention was held (more information here). Following the hui, in consultation with the family and sexual violence sectors, Council Officers drafted a series of short term actions that Auckland Council could undertake in 2012/13 within existing resources and budget. One of these was to hold three regional networking meetings per year. The first one will be held on Monday 10 September 2012.

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Information about the day

The Programme from the day is available here.

Morning session: Establishing a Regional Family and Sexual Violence Network

Facilitators: Sheryl Hann, Jessica Trask and Leland Ruwhiu

This session will explore the following questions:

  • What is our purpose?
  • What are our goals?
  • How will we work together?

Please bring along your ideas on the questions below:

  • What networks are you currently part of and how could a regional family and sexual violence network be different?
  • What are you keen to do?
  • What is there interest and capacity for?
  • What are the unique opportunities for working together as a region?


Stella Gukibau and Dr Kim McGregor: Te Ohaakii a Hine - National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST)

Jessica Trask and Sheryl Hann: Establishing a regional family and sexual violence network in Auckland
Download Powerpoint presentation or Word doc

Afternoon session: Understanding our differences

Facilitators: Leland Ruwhiu and Nicola Paton


The Clearinghouse has compiled a range of definitions and perspectives on family violence, violence within whānau and sexual violence, with input from the sectors - thank you to all who contributed. They are not intended to be exhaustive or definitive but to highlight key documents and resources. If there are others you would like included here, please contact Nicola Paton, They will not specifically be discussed in the session but are to provide background for the discussion.

The readings, briefing papers and Whānau tu Rangatira and Caucus presentations from the Regional Hui in March are available here.

Family violence - Policy and legal definitions
Sexual violence - World Health Organisation and legal definitons
Intimate partner violence
Child abuse and neglect
Elder abuse and neglect
Tangata whenua
Ethnic communities
Gendered analysis (tau iwi)
Disabled people


Dr Leland Ruwhiu: Whānau Violence Prevention – A Whānau Ora Journey
Download Powerpoint presentation or Word doc

Plus reading: Whānau Ora: A Critical Engagement
Download PDF (1597 KB) or Word document (962 KB)

Dr Janet Fanslow: Conceptual Models & Frameworks for thinking about violence and violence prevention
Download Powerpoint presentation or Word doc

Peseta Betty Sio: O le tōfā mamao - A Sāmoan Conceptual Framework for addressing family violence
Download Powerpoint presentation or Word doc

Dr Kim McGregor: Sexual violence

Further reading on collaboration

Partnerships Analysis Tool, VicHealth (2007)
Download PDF (473 KB)

Building collaborations to eliminate family violence: facilitators, barriers and good practice, New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse (2012)
Download PDF (297 KB)   Download Word DOC (1.16 MB)

Tools to support multi-agency collaboration,
New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse (2012)
Download PDF (156 KB)   Download Word DOC (386 KB)