Government Responds to Sexual Violence Report

The Government has formally responded to the Report of the Taskforce for Action on Sexual Violence.

The response is being jointly led by Justice Minister Simon Power, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, and Associate Social Development Minister Tariana Turia. In responding Justice Minister Simon Power says “The report provides the most comprehensive roadmap on sexual violence prevention and services that any New Zealand government has ever received. There are no quick-fix solutions when it comes to sexual violence and the Government is grateful for the guidance this report provides."

Actions included in the Government’s response are:

The Ministry of Justice re-prioritising $1 million of funding over two years for sexual violence prevention education programmes
Responding to immediate funding pressures by providing funds to sexual violence service providers through the Community Response Fund ($864,000 provided to date)
A cross-agency stocktake of government expenditure on sexual violence services
Exploring alternative approaches to pre trial and trial processes for victims of sexual violence, including looking at inquisitorial justice models
Improving the level of support available to victims of sexual violence as they go through the criminal justice system. This includes funding for 18 specialist court victim advisers, a discretionary grant to assist with expenses incurred as a result of sexual violence, new information resources, and increased financial assistance for travel, accommodation, and childcare
Funding the Survivor Advocate role for the next three years
Police introducing new Adult Sexual Assault Guidelines
Funding for TOAH-NNEST to enable it to continue its role as co-ordinator for the sexual violence sector
A commitment to continued engagement with the sexual violence sector
For further information:

View Ministers’ press release, full response document (pdf) & Q & A document here:
Browse the response document online here (html):
Information on the related Law Commission-led project “Alternative models for prosecuting and trying criminal cases”