Postpartum depression and domestic violence linked

Mothers with postpartum depression are more likely to be in a violent relationship than mothers without depression, and new mothers in abusive relationships are more likely to suffer postpartum depression, according to a new survey of women with infants. From the surveys that the mothers filled out, the research team found that one out of four of the mothers appeared to have postpartum depression and one out of 14 was in a violent relationship.

The mothers who screened positive for domestic violence were twice as likely to have postpartum depression. More than 50 percent of women in violent relationships also screened positive for depression, compared to 22 percent of mothers who were not in violent relationships. Similarly, women with postpartum depression were four times as likely to also screen positive for violence at home. Four percent of women without depression and 16 percent of women with depression were in violent relationships.

Read Postpartum depression tied to domestic violence, Reuters, 29/3/12