New TV series 'Womenpower' to air from Wednesday 2 October

Image: Evert F. Baumgardner

A new TV series 'Womenpower' begins on Wednesday 2 October at 7.30pm. Presented by Catriona MacLennan, it will investigate a range of issues affecting women in Aoearoa New Zealand, including domestic and sexual violence. Topics that that will be covered and people who will be interviewed in the first four episodes are outlined below.

Episode 1 (Wednesday 2 October)

  • The need for a specific plan to improve the position of women in New Zealand
    Interviews: Tania Pouwhare; Sabrina Muck
  • Why are Māori women are almost completely excluded from mainstream media and political debate?
    Interview: Marama Davidson

Episode 2 (Wednesday 9 October)

  • Being a feminist mother
    Interviews: Nicola Elisabeth; Cissy Rock
  • Rape law reform and improving police and court handling of sexual offence cases
    Interviews: Sandz Peipi; Dr Kim McGregor

Episode 3 (Wednesday 16 October)

  • Why is it important to have women in politics? What specific steps can be taken to increase the number of women MPs and women in local government?
    Interviews: Professor Margaret Wilson; Dr Jennifer Curtin

Episode 4 (Wednesday 23 October)

  • Women receiving benefits, solo mothers and poverty
    Interviews: Metiria Turei; Auckland Action Against Poverty

Later episodes will look at domestic violence and women's experiences in the family court. Further details will be posted closer to the time. Each episode will also include news of the week and action points.

Womenpower will be broadcast on Sky Channel 83. It can also be watched free to air in Auckland on Face Television (previously Stratos and Triangle). Anyone in Auckland can view Face Television but if you haven’t watched it before you need to tune for it. The programme can also be viewed online at– click on the Face Television logo. Plase note there is no on demand so the programme can only be viewed at 7.30pm on Wednesdays.

Update: Previous episodes can now be viewed online by clicking on the links above.

Image: Family watching television, c. 1958 by Evert F. Baumgardner. Licence: In the public domain